Philips announces a new UHD television powered by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

by Justin Herrick on
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Philips’ new Android-powered television is certainly one to gush over. It features an eye-popping Ultra HD display and the smart TV runs Android 4.2.2 right out of the box. The televisions join Philips’ 8000 series. While the 48-inch and 55-inch models have a 1080p resolution, the 8800 is the UHD model that has the 3840×2160 resolution. Expect the 8000 smart TV series to hit shelves later this year with a slew of applications thanks to Android being at its core.

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Some LG Google TV devices receiving Android 4.2.2, finally saying goodbye to Honeycomb

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Finally fulfilling a promise made back in May, some of LG’s Google TV devices are receiving the long-awaited Android 4.2.2 update. While updates are always welcome, this one takes away some of the finer treats of a Google TV device. The Chrome browser has been switched from the PC to Android version, leaving users without access to services like Hulu, watchESPN, or Crackle because Adobe Flash is gone. The update is 297.8 MB, so sit tight if you plan on grabbing it right away. Hit the break for the full changelog and another image of the update. » Read the rest

Aereo television streaming service now available in Play Store, available only in select regions

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Aereo, a service which allows users to stream live television from their computers, phones, or tablets, is finally coming to Android after an iOS-only release back in May.

The app hit the Play Store today, and the beta is available to download on devices running Android 4.2 or later.

However, Aereo is only available in certain markets at this time: New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Salt Lake City, Houston, and Dallas.

If you’re from one of the above regions and want to give it a try, you’ll get the service free for a month until the trial ends and you’ll have to pay $8/month. Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store as well as screen shots.

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AT&T launches U-Verse app on Android, allows you to watch clips and schedule DVR recordings on the go

by Jared Peters on
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AT&T is now offering an Android companion app for their U-Verse TV service. Users will be able to watch over 100 live channels on a phone or tablet, plus manage scheduled DVR recordings. You can also browse channel listings to check out what’s going to be on later when you’re home.

Unfortunately, watching and streaming shows isn’t available on all devices because of restrictions with licensing agreements, but if you’re a U-Verse subscriber and have one of the few supported devices, this is an app you should check out. » Read the rest

Google Now updated with new features: car rentals, concert tickets, NCAA scores and more

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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For many, Google Now has been a very handy tool since its release last year, and today Google is adding new features via an update to their interactive search service. The improvements include a car rental card, a concert ticket card, improved public transit cards, a commute sharing card, the ability to set reminders while searching, an updated TV card, and NCAA football scores. Once again, you’ll obviously need to be running Android 4.1 or later in order to get the update, as Jelly Bean is a requirement for Google Now. You’ll find the full post after the break, or you can go directly to it in the source. » Read the rest

Google may be working on traditional TV service over Internet

by Jeff Causey on
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According to a recent report, Google is working on offering a traditional TV programming service that would be delivered over the Internet in competition against typical cable or satellite TV providers. For several years now, companies have been working to add a variety of Internet services to their TV hardware leading to things like Netflix coming preloaded on Blu-Ray players or directly on televisions. Google would turn this model on its head though, taking the hardware people typically use for Internet services and offering TV programming on it. » Read the rest

Verizon’s FiOS Mobile TV and VOD comes to Android

by Jack Holt on
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Verizon took to its web site today to announce that it would be bringing an Android app to its FiOS customers. The app will allow you to stream 75 different TV channels, access Video On Demand, and manage your DVR programs. You’ll also be able to view your Flex content as well as have access to over 40,000 different titles. You can even use the app as a remote for your FiOS box when you’re relaxing at home.

From what we can see and from what Verizon says most Android devices are supported. Those include the Droid RAZR M, Galaxy S 4, and Galaxy Note 10.1. The Moto Droid X and Galaxy 10 (don’t worry we’ve never heard of it either but one can assume that they mean the Tab 10.1) are even supported. So if you’re an owner of any of these devices and use the service you should hit the break for your download link and QR codes.

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Haier Introduces HXT 3D Smart TV Series, Comes Fully Loaded With Quad-Core Snapdragon Chip And Jelly Bean

by Roy Alugbue on
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TV manufacturer Haier may be a mainstay in many living rooms out there, but it is using CES to introduce itself and its brand into the Android world by launching its HXT 3D Smart TVs. The special line of TVs will arrive in a super slim profile, but come packing a major punch featuring a built-in quad-core Snapdragon processor and operated by the latest version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2). Additionally, the television will also feature a specialized WiFi Direct QWERTY remote, giving users of the device all sorts of additional functionality and umph.

Unfortunately, Haier is staying mum on how much the Android-powered TV set will cost or when it will be available, but we suspect that both will be known sooner than later.

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BBC iPlayer updated with Android 4.2 support, fresh UI and improved video quality

by Colton Kaiser on
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After unleashing a breadth of information regarding future plans for its iPlayer Android app, the BBC has released an official update, bringing numerous fresh features to the radio and TV-streaming application.

Users can now experience a polished UI, keeping in line with Google’s very own Holo style guidelines. Support has also been added for Android 4.2 in version, something that many fans had been complaining about since the initial release of the Nexus 4. Perhaps one of the biggest changes, though, is much improved video quality, which should help soothe the eyes of visually picky viewers.

The app is available to download now from Google Play via the download link below.


Play Store Download Link

Cablevision customers can now control their TV with new Optimum app (if your device is compatible)

by Alexon Enfiedjian on
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In our smartphone saturated society, more and more companies are releasing apps that allow your smartphone to control their hardware. Today cable television provider Cablevision jumped on the bandwagon and released their new Optimum app which allows subscribers to control their TVs and even stream shows directly to their devices via the app. Besides being able to control your DVR box, schedule recordings, and stream shows, watch on-demand movies, there is also a useful channel guide built in with the ability to search for shows by name or category. You even have the option to rate programs after you’ve watched them. According to the Cablevision’s site, to use the app you’ll need to be connected to your home network through an “Optimum authorized modem”.

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