New Data Suggests That There Will Be More Mobile Devices Than People Soon… Very Soon



We know that more and more people are using devices, but a new report suggests that mobile devices will eventually outnumber the world’s population by the end of 2013. According to a report by Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, not only has society’s demand for mobile devices grown– but the number of connected devices and mobile data usage is growing at a record pace as well. A major example is the increase in usage for mobile tablets: the number of tablets being used grew 2.5x to 36 million and generated 2.4x more mobile traffic than the average smartphone did.

So all-in-all it appears that we have not only embraced mobile device usage, but it’s growing faster than we could have ever imagined. Hit the source link for additional details.

source: Mashable




30 Million Smartphones Featuring NFC Shipped In 2011, Number Could Possibly Grow Up To 700 Million In 2016

If you’re a non-believer when it comes to embracing Near Field Communications yet, here’s a reason why you may want to start: NFC-based smartphone sales increased— a lot. According to Berg Insight, the global sales of NFC-based smartphones increased ten-fold in 2011 to 30 million units. That’s right folks— 30 million units. Berg Insight believes NFC-equipped devices are only now scratching its surface too as it forecasts NFC-based smartphone sales will reach 700 million by 2016.

The reason for the astounding forecast? It’s simple really: Berg Insight looked at the global rise in smartphone adoption which also drives higher attach rates for other wireless connectivity technologies in handsets including GPS, Bluetooth and WLAN. The connectivity technologies are already a standard feature on high-end smartphones and most medium- and low-end models, so declining costs will also enable broader integration in the featurephone segment that is rapidly gaining smartphone-like functionality. This basically means more and more wireless technologies (including NFC) are becoming more and more standard, while more and more people are buying smartphones faster than ever before.

Guess this means we’ll be seeing more services such as Google Wallet and of courseĀ “Beaming” info to your friends or family. Hit the break for the full presser. Read more

Web based Android Market adds installation trend charts

The Android Market has been making all kinds of changes lately. They completely revamped the mobile site and added support for multiple APKs. The web version added device compatibility checks, and now they have added a visual chart showing the installation trend for the last 30 days for each app.

To me the most important gauge is how many downloads an app has. That is how you know if a lot of people really dig it. Of course, you have to factor in how long the app has been out.

These trend charts might also be helpful because, in theory, it could give you an indication that it might be time to give certain apps a try, especially after major updates. You can see an example of this with the above chart for Evernote, which recently had a major update supporting tablets.

[via androidpolice]

Adobe Releases Max Companion App for Max Conference

Adobe Max Companion for Android

Adobe is really showing people what can be done wth Adobe Air development for Android. Another highlight is an app Adobe put togther to help people stay connected and organized at their Adobe Max Conference taking place now through Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The Adobe Max Conference is meant to unite those within the technology field to discuss the current state of technology and emerging trends. Those typically seen at this event include developers, corporate businesses, designers and anyone considering themselves part of today’s technology.

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