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Clove stops selling the ASUS Transformer Prime due to availability and ‘faults’

Clove Tehnology stopped all sales of the ASUS Transformer Prime because of “complaints of faults with the model.” As we know, the availability of the Transformer Prime has been scarce, and Clove didn’t expect to have sufficient stock levels until February/March. They were able to get some stock sooner than expected, but because of these complaints, they decided to test their stock. What they found, we don’t know, but at this time, they aren’t satisfied that all units are working correctly.

They decided to stop all sales and to cancel any impending orders. They did say they will return to selling the Tegra 3 beast as soon as they’re satisfied that the situation has been resolved.

We already know about complaints of WiFi and GPS issues, as well as lock-ups, but ASUS claims the units in the UK aren’t affected, not to mention other retailers in the UK haven’t taken any action.

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ASUS is Aware of the Transformer Prime ‘Lock-up’ Issue, Plans to Release a Fix in February

According to an XDA thread that has over 400 replies, the ASUS Transformer Prime‘s recent Android 4.0 update has left many users experiencing random lock-ups. Fortunately I personally haven’t had any issues with my Prime freezing up, but the widespread forum complaints have definitely gotten ASUS’ attention. ASUS technical manager Gary Key has confirmed company plans to hopefully “have a fix available in early February.” So if you are one of the folks having problems, help is reportedly on the way.

Along with the lock-up acknowledgment, ASUS is also aware of an issue with Wi-Fi degradation when streaming media to a connected Bluetooth device. It seems that when both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios are working simultaneously, they don’t play well with the others presence. And just like the lock-up issue, a fix is in the works and is also due out early next month.

It looks like February will be a big month for the Transformer Prime because if you will remember a bootloader unlock tool should be released as well. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more, but in the meantime if you are having any issues with your Transformer Prime, why don’t you sound off in the comments below. If you want to join in the conversations over at XDA, you can discuss lock-ups here, and WiFi/Bluetooth here.

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ASUS Says Transformer Prime Unlock Tool Will Be Available In February

Well well, what have we hear? Looks like some promising news to me! According to ASUS’ Twitter handle, they are planning to release an official “root tool” (later corrected to “bootloader unlock tool”)  for the Transformer Prime’s

I know we have already heard about this mysterious unlock tool in the past, but this is the first we have heard about its release date.

Although you can still root the device even with the latest OTA update on board, its going to be a sigh of relief once that bootloader is accessible. Hopefully we see something in the beginning of February as opposed to later. I know my Transformer Prime is just dying to be unlocked! How about yours?

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ASUS UK Offers An Extension On The Transformer Prime and Says Their New 700 Series Device Is Arriving In June

The Transformer Prime news is still quite a buzz around the interwebs even though there are quite a number of buggy issues still going on with the device.  For instance, we’ve seen a number of issues on several devices regarding WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.  However, the newly Tegra 3 empowered monster recently received the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and for the most part it’s gone smooth.  In addition to the Transformer Prime, CES 2012 revealed the addition of a new 700 series being added to the ASUS lineup.  If you haven’t caught our CES coverage of the device you can check it out here.  The TF700 is actually quite impressive touting a 1920 x 1200 HD display with crisp color and contrast throughout its User Interface.  Asus UK has stated that both devices are in line for decent warranty updates as well.  The original Prime will be receiving a warranty update from 12 to 18 months for those currently in possession of one.  In addition, if you’re not completely happy with the way the GPS performance has been, Asus says they’ll take it back for a full refund with no questions asked.

The 700 series also dubbed the “Prime HD” has a redesigned rear panel that’s said to improve the overall functionality of the WiFi and GPS radios and will go for just around $100 bucks more than the current price of the Prime.  No ultimate release date has been provided by Asus but it looks like it’s geared for a Q2 (possibly June) launch or as Asus likes to put it, “coming soon”.   As for an official US release date, stay tuned as we dig a little deeper on that for you.  For now, check out our hands-on with the 700 series from CES 2012 and get your salivation on.

Tranformer Prime 700 Series Hands-On Video from CES 2012

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ASUS Nearing Fix For Transformer Prime’s Android 4.0 Update Bug


ASUS is finally out to appease the scores of Transformer Prime owners… sort of. While it still hasn’t acknowledged the wacky behavior caused by the recent Android 4.0 update for certain owners, ASUS has in fact acknowledged a specific bug affecting another select group of owners. This bug presents itself in the Transformer Prime software which doesn’t allow the OTA update to recognize the tablet’s serial number. You know what that means— no serial number, no dice.

Using an official thread on XDA, ASUS has given a simple recommendation for owners. A simple factory reset or reboot should correct the bug. While these options doesn’t guarantee a solution, they do seem to help in some cases. Moreover, Gary Key of ASUS mentions that they are “very close to finalizing a fix”. Hopefully it’s not too much longer before you Transformer owners get to enjoy that Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

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Hands On With the Transformer Prime 700 Series

At CES the other day it was announced that the Transformer Prime would be coming an a fully HD resolution variety. While those that recently bought the Transformer Prime, the original, may feel slighted as this tablet boasts a 1920×1200 (1080p) 10.1 inch display. For those that missed it, here are the device’s specs:

  • 10.1” Tablet with an emphasis on Entertainment, Media, Gaming and Productivity. Thin and Light chassis design with a 1080P capable display screen.
  • MSRP – $599~$699          Availability – Q2 2012 in North America
  • Processor-  NVIDIA Tegra 3 Mobile Processor (1.3 GHz Quad core Cortex A9, 12 core GeForce GPU)
  • Display – Brilliant 10.1” HD (1920×1200), 178 degrees ultra-wide viewing angle Super IPS+ panel display with Gorilla™ Glass
  • Camera – Rear facing 8MP Auto-Focus camera with dedicated LED Flash, 2.0MP Front Facing camera for Video Chat
  • Storage – 32GB or 64GB internal memory plus 8GB of ASUS Web Storage2
  • Media Capabilities – 1080p MPEG-4/H.264 High Profile, High Bit Rate video decode and playback
  • Media Capture – 1080p MPEG-4/H.264 video capture
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
  • Ports – 2-in-1 3.5mm jack, micro-HDMI output, microSD card reader
  • Audio – Built-in stereo speakers, microphone
  • Dimensions – 263 x 180.8 x 8.3mm, 586g
  • Battery – 25WHr Lithium-Polymer Battery Read more

Folks Report That ICS Update for the Transformer Prime Causes Freezes, Lock-Ups and Possibly Bricks Devices?

As you know by now Nvidia recently announced at CES that Ice Cream Sandwich for the Transformer Prime would be available Monday night. We even reported that the new update breaks root. Well it appears that this update is causing a lot more problems than lack of root access for some. Multiple forum threads have been started over at XDA in regards to these problems. As of right now it’s a small percentage of folk having these problems but the number appears to be growing.

Folks are reporting that after downloading and installing the ICS update they are receiving a number of lock-up and reboot problems, like six times in under an hour. Regardless of if they are rooted or not people are having this issue. This in turn is causing folks to return their device. Right now there is no official word from Asus on the entire deal but one person at XDA reported that a customer service rep reported that the file isn’t from them and it’s a malicious OTA update. I don’t know how accurate this is considering the word came straight from Nvidia.

There also appears to be two sets of Transformer Primes going out to people according to one XDA thread. There is a bad model that has the WiFi/GPS issues that we reported on a while back and then there is the updated and fixed consumer model. If you are concerned or have one of the ones with WiFi problems you can head on over to this forum here to report your issues. It appears that Asus will exchange these models but I don’t know the details for sure.

With that being said I would advise caution in updating the tablet to ICS until this mess is sorted out or we hear some official word from Asus on the matter. Are you guys having problems out there?

A big thanks to reader Jeff Hamstra for bringing this to our attention.

[via XDA 1, 2, 3]

WAIT! Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Update Breaks Root, Here’s How to Prevent That

Photo Courtesy of Droid Life

So you have yourself the fancy Transformer Prime and after reading about the fact that Ice Cream Sandwich is now live for your device you now want to install it. Well don’t do that just yet as the ICS update will break root if you already rooted your brand new tablet. Before hand, download the app OTA Rootkeeper (see the link or QR code below) and run that. Afterwards, download the OTA file and you should be good to go. While there aren’t detailed instructions just yet, I’m sure there will be here in the coming weeks. So with that, head past the break to download the Rootkeeper app and get your taste of ICS goodness.  Read more

Action-RPG SoulCraft in Android Open Beta, Available in Android Market

Nvidia continues to announce more and more awesomeness at CES this year. Fresh off Multiplayer Shadowgun, the 7-inch Transformer Prime and the release of ICS for the Transformer Prime today they announced yet another awesome game to play. SoulCraft THD is in open beta and your feedback will help shape the game. This game is free2play with in-app purchasing and has the following features: Read more