Ice Cream Sandwich finally finds its way to HTC’s Thunderbolt


Yes folks, this post isn’t a flashback to a year ago. The HTC Thunderbolt is actually receiving the much elusive ICS update for the device. This update upgrades the Thunderbolt to Android 4.0.4 with Sense 3.6. Head to Settings > About phone > Software update to see if your update is ready.

Considering ICS came out almost a year and a half ago, I’d like to say it’s better late than never… But this is as late as you can get. Anyone still using this as their primary device?

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HTC Thunderbolt finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich update

No, pigs aren’t flying. HTC and Verizon have actually, finally released the ICS update for the Thunderbolt. Sure, it took longer than it should have, but if you’re still using a Thunderbolt, your wait is over. The 380 MB update packs Sense 3.6 on top of Android 4.0.4, and comes with the standard Ice Cream Sandwich awesomeness we’ve all grown to love, as well as some slight device improvements. Verizon even removed a few bloatware apps with this update. If you’re a Thunderbolt owner, keep checking your notifications to get your hands on this OTA update. Just… don’t ask about Jelly Bean.

source: Verizon

HTC Thunderbolt Official Ice Cream Sandwich build leaks, Hackers rejoice

An official Ice Cream Sandwich build for the HTC Thunderbolt just leaked. What does this mean?  All of the adventurous Verizon-ites out there can flash the ROM before Verizon gives the official thumbs up.  The  build number is 7.00.605.2 which bumps the device up to Sense 3.6 and greatly improves the user experience.  HTC even includes an awesome “Quick Settings” tab and a completely revampted settings menu.

The ROM itself is stock and deodexed, but does include root.  HTC’s “spyware” was also removed.  You can grab the file from the source link below.

Until HTC and Verizon finalize everything in the hopes of meeting their self-imposed August deadline, this will have to do.

source: teambamf

HTC Admits Security Exploit Affects Specific Handsets, Says Fix is Already Out for Most Affected Devices

It seems that HTC is always in the news for one security scare or another. Well you can add this to the pile as HTC has acknowledged that a bug/exploit can expose security credentials on wifi networks when their devices handle specific Android requests.

It was found that applications on affected HTC devices with the android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission would be able to exploit the .toString() command via the WifiConfiguration class to view all of a wifi network’s credentials. Combine this with the android.permission.INTERNET permission and hackers could have a field day in harvesting these details and sending them off to a remote server. These exploits happened to be found by researchers Chris Hessing and Bret Jordan.  Read more

Deal: Verizon Now Offering Free HTC Thunderbolt Until January 26th

With all the bad juju surrounding Verizon’s very first 4G phone, the HTC Thunderbolt, I am pretty sure no one is looking to pick one up anytime soon, especially with so many great options these days. Well what if I told you it was now being offered for free, would that make a difference?

Big Red has just lowered the cost of the Thunderbolt to nada, as long as you’re willing to sign a new 2-year contract. I know this isn’t considered a top-tier phone anymore, but for those people who just want an affordable option that will get them into the world of LTE, this may be a reasonable option. Too see the device in action, and to freshen up on its specs, check out our full review. If this sounds interesting to you, you better act quick as the deal ends on Jan. 26.

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HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update (2.11.605.5) is back and ready to go

HTC Thunderbolt owners have been teased, but not pleased with the promised Gingerbread update. It was finally released a month ago only to be dropped for issues. Trust me, that was a good thing. I am sure a lot of you thought you might not even see it in 2011, but it looks like HTC has come through as the support docs are up. This update will bring you to build 2.11.605.5 and baseband,

It’s too bad Thunderbolt owners weren’t able to enjoy some Gingerbread loving before the SDK for Ice Cream Sandwich was released, but as the saying goes, “It’s never too late.” Lets hope this update goes a tad smoother.

Full changelog after the break:

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HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update “Anticipated To Be Coming Soon” (Again)

We can’t blame you if you’re a Thunderbolt owner and still a little PO’d at the failed OTA attempt to push Gingerbread your way. HTC and Verizon want to make it up to you.  Word on the Twit over at @HTC revealed the following:

“VZW & HTC anticipate the update being available soon.  You will be notified directly on your device when it is ready to d’load”

Here’s to hoping “soon’ is within the next couple of weeks and that all of the bugs will be squashed when the release rolls out.  Talk Android will be keeping our ears open and or eyes peeled when word breaks of the OTA hitting devices.  At that time you’ll be the first to know.  Though it’s not required, your best bet for a successful download is to wait until you are sitting pretty in a WiFi hotspot.  Good luck and don’t forget to report back when the OTA hits your device.  Enjoy.

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HTC Sense Security Scare – Should you be worried?

So maybe you’ve heard that HTC has a bit of a security issue on its hands. Should you be worried? Let us take a moment to explain the situation and asses its severity to you.

Here’s the situation. When you initially set up a Sense enabled phone you’re presented with multiple preference choices. Specifically, your preference on HTC’s right to collect data from your device is the root of the problem, in this case. When you allow HTC to collect data, you give them the right to record things like what apps you use, where and how you use them, your account names, location, and call logs. It’s no secret that apps exist in the market that collect data such as this, but that’s just the problem. It’s no secret because those apps are required to express what permissions they require. In a somewhat similar fashion you voluntarily allow HTC those permissions when you check the box but they aren’t required to be explicitly expressed because Sense is essentially the operating system, rather than just an app. Alright, so despite how all that sounds, that isn’t the problem. The problem is that HTC has failed to sandbox their collected data meaning that currently the data is potentially accessible to other apps without them having to expressly declare permissions for collecting and using it.

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CyanogenMod 7 gets updated for the HTC Thunderbolt

The HTC Thunderbolt finally received some Gingerbread love, so how about a CyanogenMod 7 update? This update brings Bluetooth calling, better audio with the camcorder, and new lockscreen options. You should still expect a lot of bugs, so if you don’t mind being a tester and helping with the development, hit the source link to get started.

Known issues with this release are:

  • Possible Data/Voice bugs and issues.
  • GPS Not being accurate.
  • GPS Not starting. 
  • Flash Videos in browser only work with Flash version 10.2
  • Speaker Phone in Skype broken

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