Future handsets from Samsung will offer support for enhanced themes

SamsungThemeIt’s no secret that Samsung has been toying with the idea of offering the ability for users of its smartphones the ability to theme their devices. Much like that of third party launchers, users would be able to set a general scheme complete with themed icons for TouchWiz. It looks like the company will be making theming a priority in future devices with Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship, the S6 leading the charge.

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CM 9 Nightlies Get Theme Manager Support, AOKP Will Soon As Well

One of the most coveted things about CyanogenMod 7 was the ability to customize the heck out of the ROM. This included the much loved Theme Manager which until now was absent from the CM 9 Nightly builds. So once again users of this ROM will be able to change colors of just about everything. However rather than have it in a Theme Chooser app it’s now in a place that makes much more sense: the Settings Menu. Lockscreen shortcuts have been added as well so you can access your favorite apps straight from the lockscreen.

If you’re on another ROM and feel that you are missing out, worry not. One of the developers of AOKP made it known via Twitter last night that their ROM will be seeing theme manager support here soon. You can always check the CM 9 Nightly page to see if your device is supported and if it is enjoy theming it until your heart’s content. As if that wasn’t enough we also have a video of said theming in action after the break. Enjoy!


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Transparent Gmail, Google Voice, Pandora, Market and More [courtesy of XDA]

We’ve seen some transparent mods of popular Android apps before, but you have to check out the latest from XDA member fenando sor. He has been doing theming apps for over a year, and his latest includes transparent themes for Gmail 2.3.5, Google Voice, the Market, Pandora, XDA app, and Facebook. You will also find colors in addition to the transparent versions which include blue, cyan, orange, red, pink, emerald, and black clear.

Hit the application thread for downloads links and instructions. One more pic after the break.

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