Fleksy updates keyboard app to version 3.0 with new look and features


In the Android world, the third-party keyboard apps segment is a crowded one for app developers. That has not stopped developers from Fleksy from continuing to work on their version of a keyboard. The latest update that takes it up to version 3.0 introduces some new features and according to Fleksy, positions them to transition the keyboard to the iOS world when iOS 8 is released later this year.
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Travel back in time with themes for Android Keyboard


If you have a new device with Android’s stock keyboard or you happened to install the Google Keyboard standalone app on your device, but you thought you liked one of the older style themes, we have some good news for you. Apparently Google never bothered to remove the “theme” code from previous versions of Android as the keyboard app has matured over time and these old themes, and one other, can be accessed with a little work on your part. 
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Download black themed Play Store and other Google apps


If you’ve decided that you aren’t a fan of Google’s color scheming in the latest Play Store redesign, we might have the answer for you. A “blacked out” themed version of the Play Store has surfaced on RootzWiki, and it definitely has a stylish appeal to it, especially if you aren’t a fan of all the white that Google uses.

Installation is simple, but you’ll need to be rooted to be able to flash the file in a custom recovery. For those unfamiliar with the process, you’ll download the packaged zip file on your phone, then reboot to recovery, flash the zip, and reboot. If you’re a little more tech savvy, you can manually push the modded .apk to your device, but recovery flashing does the trick.

In addition to the Play Store, tons of other Google Apps have gotten the sleek, dark redesign, so if the idea sounds interesting to you, hit the link below to check out the other apps.

source: RootzWiki

Falcon Pro gets update and adds white theme and multi-window support

Falcon Pro made our list of best looking apps a few weeks ago, and today the popular Twitter app got an update making it look even nicer. Today’s update adds a beautiful new white theme to the mix, along with multi-window support for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III devices. Besides the new theme there is the normal gamut of bug fixes and minor UI tweaks as the developers of Falcon Pro continue to make the app better and better. No wonder it’s one of the best Twitter apps around.  Check out the screen shots and the QR code/download link after the break.

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Check Out This Awesome Metro UI Theme for All ICS and Honeycomb Tablets

Now here’s a cool one for you tablet users that like to tweak the appearance of your UI! XDA member BroBot175 has created a Metro UI theme for all tablets running Honeycomb or ICS! The theme is a fully functioning replica of Windows 8 that allows you to create your own tiles, and organize them however you want.

I flashed this theme over a week ago on my Galaxy Tab when the project was in its infancy and now its gotten polished enough for daily use. BroBot175 has even recently added support all ICS and Honeycomb tablets because he was getting so many requests for added support. Just like any other theme you simply flash in ClockworkMod Recovery and will then have to transfer over the tile images to get started. Set-up can take a while because you have to plot out every single tile using Desktop Visualizer widgets but if you follow the devs step by step instructions you should have no problems at all. So for those of you who like to customize the look of your device and want something completely different than the ICS or Honeycomb layout, you really should check this theme out! Hit the source link below to get started.

source: XDA

Custom Controls and Themes Added to CyanogenMod 9′s Music Player

The other day we brought to you a preview of CM9′s brand new launcher, Trebuchet. Well today we bring you news regarding CyanogenMod’s take on the stock music player. While Ice Cream Sandwich‘s music player is no slouch, the Cyanogenmod team is slated to have a host of features on top of those already there. The folks over at The Verge, were able to wrangle out the details on the music player by one of CM9′s developers, Andrew Neal.

There is a whole slew of customizations and features that make the music player that much more awesome. There will be a custom shake action feature that you can set up to go to the next song or play/pause for example. They will work through out the OS and even while the screen is off. You will see custom  notification area controls with the ability to add or subtract controls to your heart’s content. There will be an ability to search the Android Market, set ringtones, and you will see swipe-gestures through out. It’s also planned for a full theme engine addition that will allow you to customize both the look and feel of the app. 
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Themes For Your Smartphone Just Got A Whole Lot Easier (Video)

If you’re quite the themer like myself then you probably go through quite a bit in a week’s time.  And searching the entire Android Market for a theme compatible with your launcher can be daunting.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the themes on the Android Market could be organized for you despite what launcher you’re using?  Look no further. N3xGen Theme Manager, by Bentotbox, has provided just what you’re looking for.  If you are sporting any of the following launchers, you’re in luck:

  • ADW
  • ADW Ex
  • Launcher Pro
  • Launcher Pro Plus
  • T-Mobile Theme Chooser
  • And custom roms that support Theme Chooser

If you enjoy theming your phone as much as I do, then this is an app for you! The current Android Market does not support the wide array of themes that it could. This is where N3xGen Theme Manager steps in. It takes the chaos of themes in the market and organizes them into an application dedicated to themes.

Thanks to N3xGen Theme Manager, searching for themes has never been easier.  If you’re ready to give it a go you can head on over to our popular apps database for the download along with a QR code or you can snag it on the Android Market.  Keep in mind that this application is currently still in beta so supply the developer with as much feedback as you can, so as to improve the application for better daily use.  And as always, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break for a few more screen shots and to check out a video demo of the app in action.  
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Google, Listen Up! Here’s A Few Things We’d Like To See In Gmail For Android 2

Last week I couldn’t help but rant about all of the missing features that Gmail for Android was lacking.  The post was extremely well received and a bunch of you guys had no trouble adding, via the comments, what else you thought was missing.  I wanted to take the time, in hopes that Google just might be listening, to post some of those ides below.  Without further ado, here are some other added features mentioned in the comments by you, the ever awesome Talk Android fan.  Even as I write this, the comments just keep flooding in, reflecting how much Android users want to see these features implemented.  Check it out for yourself and don’t hesitate to share any other features you think Gmail might be missing.  Anything in blue is a feature I especially want to see added some time in the near future.  
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Google, Listen Up! Here’s A Few Things We’d Like To See In Gmail For Android

As a person who uses Gmail, both on the desktop and on my Android device, I can honestly tell you there is no better Gmail experience on a mobile device than what Android offers.  However, there are a few things I’d like to see implemented in the near future, and by that I mean, very near please.  First and foremost, where in the world is pinch to zoom in the Gmail client?  We’re not sure why this is taking so long to implement, and I’m not a programmer but it doesn’t seem like it’s that entirely difficult to do.  In addition, I would love to see the ability to place different skins and themes over the Gmail client itself much like we can do with the desktop version.  This is just one man’s opinion, but I think developers would jump on board at the opportunity to create some stylish skins for the app.  And heck, I’d even pay a whole buck for one if it was really good.

One of the many other features I would love to see implemented is a “Labs” feature.  Right now, Google navigation offers several items you can try out in Labs for Android smartphones.  You can try out a ruler for measuring distance and a scale bar.  Im sure there are a ton of cool features that would make Labs for Gmail if given the opportunity on the Android OS.  How about some of the features the desktop offers?  Such as changing the color of stars, vacation responders and a snippet option?  Those are just a few things we’d like to see for the time being.  Got anything else you’d like to add. How do you think we can improve or enhance Gmail for Android?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

XDA Dev Brings “Modern” Facebook Theme to Android

The mod community over at XDA loves very few things more than customizing their devices. Hacks, mods, ROMs, skins…redesigning, overclocking, customizing launchers, creating new icons…this is what the dev community is all about, and the main thing that Android gets “oh so right.” XDA member adam2010 has brought a couple of new themes for the Android Facebook app that might interest you. One gives it a Windows Phone 7 feel (perfect if you run the WP7 Launcher), and the other two are considered “modern” themes, with a pretty slick look. Hit the source link to check ‘em out and get download instructions.

[via xda]