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Rovio brings Rovio Accounts to Android, allows syncing game data for Angry Birds and The Croods


Rovio has finally debuted their game data-syncing solution on Android, called Rovio Accounts. The premise is simple; you create a Rovio account, and it backs up and restores your data across devices for some Rovio games. Unfortunately, there are some limitations in place. Rovio Accounts, as of right now, only supports syncing two games, including The Croods and the original Angry Birds game. Rovio’s other 7 mobile games don’t qualify yet. Hopefully we’ll see them in the future, but as of right now, you’re going to be limited just a bit.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction for cross-platform cloud syncing, which seems to be much more popular now than it used to be.

source: Rovio

Rovio’s “The Croods” Now Available in the Play Store


A week ago we told you that Rovio would be bringing “The Croods” to a mobile screen near you. The makers of Angry Birds proved that they were up for the task of bringing featured films to the super small screen with Angry Birds: Rio. Unlike Rio, there will be no angry birds to the rescue this time. Instead, you will see more Sim-City style game that will include the ability to:

● Trap & tame 10 evolutionarily mixed- up creatures! You’ve never seen anything like the Girelephant or Molarbear! Think you can catch them all?
● Create wacky inventions with Grug to open and explore new areas!
● Decorate your pre-historic world with the latest in caveman fashion accessories!
● Meet your favorite characters from the feature animation film from DreamWorks Animation!

If this seems like a game that’s up your alley you can hit the break to find your Play Store link and QR Code. Be warned though that even though you can play the game for free they have an IAP system for those premium goodies. Enjoy!

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Rovio launching The Croods in the Play Store on March 14th



Team Rovio is at it again bringing the world yet another cool and catchy title called The Croods for the masses to become immersed in. The game is based off of Dreamworks’ animated film and has players playing as Grug who will try to hunt and gather resources for his family. Set in a fantasy world, Grug will need to find and make the various wild animals his own in order to grow the world. The premise of the game is fairly straightforward, but it quickly becomes complicated when Grug has to encounter a variety of creatures and deal with in-laws that are just as much of a threat as the wild animals.

The game is due out next week, but while you wait to get in on the gameplay, feel free to check out the trailer below to get a better feel of the game.


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Rovio releases teaser video for The Croods


Fans of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise may be interested in a new movie tie-in the company has in the works. Later this month Dreamworks is releasing The Croods, an animated look at pre-historic humans. Rovio has partnered with Dreamworks Animation to release a new, free game based on the motion picture. Not much information is provided regarding game play for the new title, but Rovio’s teaser text indicates the Croods will “Hunt & Gather their way through spectacular new landscapes as they tame fantastic and never-seen-before creatures.” Rovio lists the game as being available for phone and tablet devices running both Android and iOS on March 14th. You can check out the teaser video after the break. Read more