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Pops for Android Brings Notifications with Onscreen Videos and Animations [video]

Pops for Android brings a new style of customization to your notifications with themes. Each theme includes different animations and videos to signal a notification on your Android device. Pops is constantly updating their gallery of notifications, but users can also create their own from personal photo or video galleries. This may be a gimmick app whose charm will wear off, but I’m interested to see where this app will go. One good thing going for it is that the “pops” only come up when the screen is off, though this could be a battery killer (unless it could be configured to fire only for certain contacts). It’s also a refreshing change from just a sound and notification light blinking. Yeah, I’ll probably get sick of it, but for now I’m having fun playing around with the Space Invaders theme.

Pops currently supports Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and text massages notifications and is planning to expand to more services soon. Be sure to check out the video after the break and grab the app for free over at our apps database here. Gimmick or interesting? Hit us up in the comments.

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Text, Speak or Paint Your Notes Using Note Everything For Android

Note taking apps are a dime a dozen on the Android Market, but every once in while there’s one that sticks out with a decent UI and makes for entering a quick note fast and easy, just how we like it.  Note Everything for Android offers a variety of different features while still keeping that classic notebook style theme.  The application allows you to enter a note in a variety of ways for added convenience.  You can simply speak a note, type in text manually which also allows you to enter links like URL’s, email addresses and links to other notes or you can even draw one if you need.  The latter is a handy feature especially if you need to draw directions out for an event while on the go or take down a license plate number.

In addition, you can create as many folders as you need to categorize your notes for easy access.  And for those lengthy notes there is a search feature so you can spot the key words you’re looking when necessary.  Furthermore, you can share notes, post them to your calendar or sync them with your Google Docs account.  There’s also a ton of widget options so you can make the best of your screen real estate.  Ready for the download?  You can head on over to our popular apps database where you’ll also find a QR code or you can easily snag it on the Android Market.  Hit the break for more screen shots and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   Read more

Swiftkey X beta available for download – it’s Personal!

swiftkey x

Swiftkey is already hugely popular on Android devices, with many users paying the $2 just to get the full version, because it’s just that good! Now, Swiftkey has been listening and watching user feedback for some time, and based on those comments and ideas, they have released Swiftkey X beta for Free in the Android Market.

The new version in TouchType’s Swiftkey  offers some UI improvements, cloud personalization where you can tell the app to learn your speech from your facebook, twitter and gmail accounts, as well as texts. You can tell the app what style of typist you are as well so it can customize the predictability features as you type to suit your style from the heat signature left behind on your touchscreen as you type. This allows the app to tell if you type sloppy or precise.

Read more below, video below. follows in ESPN footsteps, refuses to text to Sprint

At least ESPN can take refuge in the fact that they aren’t the only ones not texting customers on Sprint. is now joining those ranks, thus shunning some customers on one of the largest 4 carriers in the US. According to

We are no longer able to offer SMS messages on the Sprint/Nextel network and will suspend service on 4/12. For more mobile products and apps, go to

Who do you think will be the next to follow suit? Let us know in the comments.

New Android app “autowipe” clears your phone data before you get a chance to forget to

We all want it: remote wipe for our phones. Can we do it through terrific apps like Lookout? Of course we can – and we do! But, sometimes we need a little extra help… like to wipe our device automatically when it gets into the wrong hands. How about a device wipe after too many wrong password guesses from the lockscreen? Or after receiving a special password via text? Or how about after the SIM card is changed (my personal favorite)!?

Well, thanks to the genius minds over at XDA (who else?), we now can say “yea… my phone does”. The app is called Autowipe, and – while not new to the community, it has been out since July of 2010 – is now complete with a test mode, allowing users to test out functionality without, you know…. killing everything on your phone.

Be sure to hit the source link below to check out the full thread at XDA. Was there ever a time you could have used autowipe? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Sprint Makes A Statement Regarding ESPN Text Alerts

Sprint has posted some interesting information over at the Sprint Community Announcement section of their blog.  Below is the statement in its entirety.  If you’ve been wondering what happened to the coveted free text message feature, wonder no more.  In addition, Sprint is pointing the end user to several alternative methods for you to choose from if you still want to receive or retrieve alerts and ESPN content from your data enabled device.  Hit the break to check out the statement as Sprint points the finger at ESPN as to why you’re no longer receiving your alerts.   Read more

Android App Go SMS Updated to v2.19


For those that like to spice up the stock android messaging application, you can find many different flavors out there in the Android Market. Just to name a few, Handcent SMS, ChompSMS, and Go SMS. All of which have their own unique messaging experience. Our own Joe Sirianni wrote on Go SMS eariler this month in his personal app review.

Today Go SMS has been updated to 2.19. Check out the screenie below for the details!


GO SMS Gives Handcent A Run For Its Money

Most Android users today hoping to give their SMS application a fresh makeover know all about Handcent SMS for Android.  The app allows you to “switch it up” a bit by offering several tweaks along with a variety of new UI’s for your threaded conversations.  Well, if anyone is getting bored with the app or doesn’t find the UI as clean and streamlined as it once used to be, there’s another contender on the block.  I’ve been using GO SMS for several days now and I love it.  It offers that nice fresh contemporary look instantly giving your device an update in the SMS department. There is a theme for every holiday known to man (pics after the break) and the functionality is excellent and intuitive.  The developer, Go Dev Team, has done an excellent job continually adding new themes all of the time.  And yes, just in case you were wondering, that highly coveted iPhone threaded theme is one of them.   Read more

All Allegations of Angry Birds Stealing Your Identity Have Been Dropped

Recently, there had been some panic as to why Angry Birds needed access to your SMS. Well you can now rest assured, they don’t. At least not yet. Permission to access your SMS is for a new payment feature (Bad Piggy Bank) to upgrade your Angry Birds game. The feature still isn’t available in the U.S., and the SMS permission has since been removed in the latest update (

Personally, I’m not too sure why everyones blood pressure went up over SMS access anyhow. I can’t remember the last time I sent a text with my social security number, blood type, mother’s maiden name… I’m certain the guys at Rovio are not concerned about what you think about that guy that sits behind you in third period or that your mom was sending a friendly reminder that she left your diarrhea medicine on the counter where you can find it. But for now your grandmother’s recipes and knitting club meeting times are safe from the prying eyes of the developers at Rovio. At least until the next update.

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HeyTell for Android turns your smartphone into a Walkie Talkie


What do you get when you put voicemail, phone calls, and text messages into an Android App blender? You get HeyTell for Android, which will turn your smartphone into a Walkie Talkie! With this app, you can send voice messages to other HeyTell users just like you would send a text. It’ll go to their phone and sit just like a voicemail until they decide to listen to it later. Pretty cool app for people who don’t want to be bothered actually having to call someone and get stuck on a longer call than expected. Or even for those who don’t like to text because their thumbs are too big!

The app is Free for regular use, and has some added features available for purchase through the app such as voice effects, broadcast a message to multiple recipients, etc. Setting up your list of friends can be tricky, but once you got them added (usually by email invites), it’s gold.

Give it a try by scanning the QR below or hitting the link.

heytell QR

Android Market Link

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