Motorola launches the Test Drive software program, starts with the DROID RAZR M

by Justin Herrick on
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Motorola is taking active members within Motorola Feedback Network one step closer to software updates. With Test Drive, Motorola is giving the keys to the software update car to members that have remained active and participated in previous soak tests. And being active in the Motorola Feedback Network is not the only area you need to have a checkbox in. Quality feedback previously provided is also key.

So what device gets the nod to start the Test Drive program? The DROID RAZR M. According to the person that tipped Android Police, the device is going to receive Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Why the DROID RAZR M can have KitKat and the Galaxy Nexus cannot, I will never know (but just blame Texas Instruments).

Source: Android Police

Motorola introduces ‘Test Drive’ feature for select few to test future software updates before release

by Sean Stewart on
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Right on the heels of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update on the DROID RAZR M today, Motorola has introduced a feature they’re calling ‘Test Drive.’ This feature will allow a select group of registered users to have access to the latest software and provide feedback before it goes public. There’s no mention of how or when those users will be selected however. Tenure maybe? The first group of “a few hundred consumers” that get to be a part of this new feature will be when Android 4.2 begins to roll out. This no doubt will be a pretty sweet, distinguished group of folks, so we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

source:  Motorola Blog

Select Devices Get Beta Version Of “Test Drive” With New Amazon Appstore Update

by Joe Sirianni on
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The Amazon Appstore has recently pushed out an update bringing it to version 2.6.53.  In addition to bug fixes, Amazon has now added their popular Test Drive capabilities to the little screen. For quite some time now you’ve been able to test drive an app on your PC in an emulator to see how it runs, looks and feels.  Well, Amazon is now bringing it to a select few devices.  Obviously, and for good reason, Amazon isn’t telling anyone how they’re pulling this one off and speculation is that it’s running off of their servers somewhere and not actually on your handset.  We’re not sure what the list of supported devices are just yet, but if you’ve happened to stumble upon it and it works, then please do sound off in the comments as to what device you’re using.

From the change log:

- Enabled the Test Drive feature.  Test Drive is a beta feature that lets you instantly try apps before buying them.  Test Drive is initially available on select Android phones and for a limited selection of apps. 

As of now, I’ve yet to see a Test Drive feature on my T-Mobile Galaxy S II.

source: Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore Lets You Test Drive Some Android Apps in Virtual Machine on Your Desktop

by Michael Murphy on
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With last week’s launch of the Amazon Appstore, we heard talk about a feature that seems to still be kind of hit-or-miss. Amazon has given you the capability to “test drive” some of their games in an Android virtual machine right there from your desktop’s browser. While I am not yet sure of the logic (if there is any) to which apps have this capability and which don’t, it’s nice to be able to get a feel for some of these games before you download them. Especially in light of the many paid apps they have at the Appstore, it’s nice to be able to check them out. Of course, you’ll be using your mouse instead of a touchscreen, and at this point the virtual machine doesn’t support keyboard input, but the basic concept is solid.

So far we’ve only seen it working with a few games (Finger Bowling and Paper Toss, for example), but we expect it to roll out to encompass the majority of the library in the near future.

[via amazon]