New Christmas-themed update allows you to run as Santa in Temple Run 2


Temple Run fans might want to check out the lastest update for Temple Run 2. It adds a water slide and mysterious artifacts, but it also adds a little Christmas fun. You can now run as Santa and get Santa hats for your characters. It might cost you though. You will need 60 gems to unlock Santa, so hopefully you have them. If not , you will will have to break into your wallet. You can also unlock the Santa hats by finding all the Christmas artifacts. Download links after the break.

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Temple Run 2 Hits The Play Store, Brings Even More Action And Bigger Monkeys


We know that you all can’t get enough of the original Temple Run, so we are happy to report to you that the anticipated follow-up to the hyper-addictive original has officially made its way to the Play Store. While gamers are treated to the same usual allotment of treacherous mazes filled with all sorts of obstacles that was found in the original game, Temple Run 2 brings some snazzy new graphics that highlights some awesome colors and details, new powerups, new special powers for each characters and wait for it– bigger monkeys. All of this equates to possibly hours of productivity lost because yes friends— the game is that good.

The game is available now in the Play Store and ready to land on your Android device. But before you grab the new game, be sure to hit past the break to check out some images from the game as well as a nifty little trailer vid that’s sure to tickle you just a little bit.

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Temple Run 2 dropping onto the Play Store on January 24th

Temple Run is one of the biggest mobile games to hit the market ever, ranking right up with the likes of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Unfortunately, Android users had to wait quite a long time to have the game ported, but it looks like we won’t have to wait as long for the much anticipated sequel. The Guardian reported that Temple Run 2 should sliding into the Play Store on January 24th. Developer Imangi said they wanted to make the game cross-platform right from the start, so that played a huge role in getting it to both app stores so quickly. From the stunning new visuals and gameplay elements I’ve seen (which include a zipline and a mine cart) waiting at all is torture, but better late than never, right?

source: The Guardian