The Galaxy S 5 and Samsung unpacked teaser icons explained… sort of


Back in February, about two weeks before Samsung’s annual Unpacked event that showcases the company’s new devices, the company took to its Twitter account teasing the event. In that teaser, we saw a  possible new set of icons that could be on the Galaxy S 5. Well the announcement has come and gone — with the official announcement of the S5 that’s already gone on sale — with nary a mention about these new icons. Well the folks at Samsung Tomorrow took some time and broke down what exactly that teaser image showed us, regarding both the icons and the phone in general.

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New smartphone lineup from LG teased for MWC



A new trailer from LG has surfaced giving hints to the next lineup of their smartphones. LG has used the letters “L” which (possibly) stands for style, “G” which stands for greatness, “V” which stands for view and “F” which stands for freedom. The trailer also pays special attention to tags which could mean the inclusion of NFC in the devices which would make use of the NFC tag stickers we’ve never seen before. Stay tuned for LG to make their announcement at MWC and find out exactly what each of these letters mean and in the meantime, check out the trailer below.


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Amazon Releases Teaser Promo Of New Kindle Fire Before Today’s Announcement

Looks like we won’t need to wait any longer for the new Kindle Fire since Amazon has “leaked” a teaser promo highlighting the newest addition to the Amazon family. Amazon subtly displays an obvious tablet, one with no sort of identification and no branding. Instead, Amazon highlights the potential a consumer can do on a simple tablet– reading shopping, viewing sports content, etc. The ad effectively highlights Amazon’s concern of making consumers’ lives just a little better.

Of course the teaser left many who saw it wanting much more. Fortunately we won’t need to wait too long as we’re just hours away from Amazon’s big announcement later today.

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