OnePlus One to be released in 16 countries including Austria & Germany

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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The OnePlus One has garnered quite a lot of attentions in the past few weeks. Just two weeks left to its announcement, the company has now posted a teaser image on its official Facebook account hinting that the device will be released in Austria and Germany along with 14 other unnamed countries.

According to the image posted, the device will be released in a total of 16 countries, two of which have been already mentioned. We expect more countries to be announced before the launch and undoubtedly, China will make it to the list. The company previously hinted on the “Ask Me Anything” Reddit session that it will launch the device in the US as well and will start selling the smartphone in the second quarter of 2014 in more than 10 countries. » Read the rest

Samsung releases teaser video for new DESIGN.SAMSUNG.COM site

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Samsung is frequently the target of criticism for design choices related to their smartphones and tablets with many seeing manufacturers like Apple and HTC producing much nicer devices, especially in terms of material selections. Samsung has claimed in the past that they have very good reasons for the choices they make, mainly related to things like durability and cost savings. Now it appears they want to focus more on design choices they make for all of their products with a new web site,, slated to be available on March 27th. » Read the rest

HTC M8 dual camera gets starring role in latest PR image

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Undeterred by the appearance over the weekend of a leaked video of the HTC M8, HTC’s marketing team released a new teaser image today that highlights the device’s dual camera. The image is a collage of images of items appearing in pairs. HTC’s message to go with the image is “Life is about to become twice as beautiful. Coming March 25th.”

The capabilities of the camera were revealed to some extent at MWC 2014 by Corephotonics. According to the company, the dual lenses will provide better zoom capabilities for users and permit adjustments to depth of field after the image is captured.

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Oppo says the Find 7 will be ‘greater than’ Samsung’s Galaxy S 5

by Justin Herrick on
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HTC isn’t the only company getting a kick out of taking shots at Samsung. Above, you are looking at a teaser that Oppo is using to hype its upcoming Find 7 handset. On the left is probably a shadowed corner of the Find 7 that resembles the number itself. On the right is Samsung’s Galaxy S logo tilted to represent the number five which is for this year’s Galaxy S 5.

Hit the break for a video and another teaser image from Oppo. » Read the rest

Oppo confirms Find 7 smartphone, mid-range Find 5 mini could be in development

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Oppo doesn’t plan on stopping with their N1 smartphone. The company has confirmed that the rumored Find 7 handset does exist via Twitter. The image above is a teaser that Oppo posted and confirms that their next device will be the Find 7. According to the previous leak, the Find 7 will have a 2560×1440 resolution on a 5.7-inch display. Interestingly, it will also have Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM. A 13MP camera will be on the back with a 5MP one facing the user. And 4G LTE connectivity will finally be available in China with the Find 7. For now, the Find 7 could be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January; however, nothing is confirmed at this time.

If the Find 7′s specs were a little too much for you, then the Find 5 mini may be the device for you. It is the rumored smaller sibling to their Find 5 smartphone that launched last December. Unlike other devices with the “mini” name, the specs will indeed be lowered. The Find 5 mini is said to have a 4.7-inch display with a 960×540 resolution. A quad-core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM is packed inside. The camera will be set at 5MP. Stay tuned for updates on these two.

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More DROID tablet clues via Verizon’s @DROIDLanding Twitter account

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As we continue to wait to see what Motorola may be planning as far as a new tablet device, our latest clue comes from their exclusive partner for DROID devices, Verizon, and the @DROIDLanding account on Twitter. Verizon has used the account in the past as a way to build up buzz for forthcoming device releases. Over the course of the past week Verizon has been tweeting using the account, asking fans to submit their #DROIDtheory in response to a video that is linked in the tweet. As an inducement, Verizon is offering those responding a chance to attend their next commercial shoot in October. » Read the rest

HTC starts teasing new device, likely the HTC One Max

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HTC’s marketing department is getting busy again, this time apparently starting to feed the rumor mill concerning the HTC One Max. Over the weekend a couple images leaked of the HTC One Max, a phablet type device intended to compete against devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Not to be outdone, HTC released a Vine video today that says “Here’s to change” and “Big things ahead.” At the end of the video you can catch the image of a gentleman in a suit carrying a briefcase hopping of a helicopter. This could possibly be the first hint of Robert Downey, Jr. in an HTC ad since he was signed by the company in June as an ambassador.

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Verizon starts countdown, releases augmented reality DROID video

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Surfacing from a long period of inactivity, the Twitter account @DroidLanding reappeared with activity this afternoon. At this point, the tweets are rather vague, though there are enough hints dropped in to stir the rumors of a new DROID device getting ready to show up on the Verizon network. That seems like a bit of a stretch unless Verizon renames the mysterious Motorola X Phone. Whatever Verizon may have up their sleeve, it looks like it will involve an augmented reality scavenger hunt game based on the latest teaser video to surface.

@DroidLanding‘s initial tweet merely announced the resumption of activity with the lead “Reactivation protocols initiated.” That was followed by another tweet announcing:

“Augmented Reality imaging matrix is online ::: Scavenge mode detected…”

The latest tweet from the account points to a YouTube video that shows footage of Transformer type combat DROIDs. The tweet mentions “wARriors” with the AR capitalized. The video includes “DROID Combat/D:COM” in the title. The last time the AR moniker was used was back in 2011 when the Droid Bionic ARena augmented reality scavenger hunt game was made available. That title was also created by MunkyFun, the developers mentioned in this latest video. Back then, the goal of the app was to win a DROID Bionic.

If Verizon is preparing to unleash a new augmented reality scavenger hunt game, what could the prize be? Hit the break for the video.

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ASUS teases us once again in preparation for Computex 2013

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Earlier this month ASUS released a teaser video in preparation for Computex 2013 making use of the tagline “We Transform.” The company is at it again, this time releasing just a picture, seen above. There is a bit too much room for speculation here as this could be pretty much anything, ranging from a tablet, phone, both, or something entirely different. Only time will tell. Check back for updates as Computex 2013 approaches. Be sure to drop your predictions below in the comments.

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ASUS releases “We Transform” teaser video in preparation for Computex 2013, more to come

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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As Computex 2013 approaches, ASUS prepares to make a pretty big splash at the trade show.  The company recently released a teaser video showing their newest, sleekest innovations and how they impact daily life.  Using the tagline, “We Transform,” ASUS hopes to attract plenty of attention at Computex this year.  On ASUS’ site for the event there are spaces for other future videos and we’ll be sure to keep you updated when they add anything new.

Check out the video after the break. » Read the rest