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Sorting Out the Truth on ASUS’ Tablets

The Inquirer recently claimed to have received word that perhaps some of Asus Android tablets wouldn’t ship in quite the situation that was initially stated at CES. ASUS will be releasing several tablets later this year, and they were originally said to be released running Android 3.0, Honeycomb. But, according to the Inquirer, they would only be shipping with Gingerbread, 2.3, and wouldn’t make the ship dates cited at CES.

Well, TechInStyle contacted ASUS directly, who backed up their original statements. John, Project Manager over the Android dev team, stated “his team are [sic] still on course to launch the tablets with 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’, they are just waiting on Google’s release schedule now.” He also confirmed that pending Google’s official release of Honeycomb, they should be on track to make the stated release dates given at CES, of April, May and June, and confirmed that they will have full Android Market integration. Hit the source link for the full story.

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Android Tops iOS in Mobile Ad Impressions


For the first time, Android is now the king of mobile Ad Impressions across smartphone use, and dominating the market with 46%, while rivals iOS sit at 32% and RIM at 16% as of the end of December 2010. While this was certainly expected given the huge increase in Android device activations, it’s also noteworthy that this includes tablet devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and others.

Android ad requests grew 141% from Q3 to Q4 in 2010, where they have seen a total of 3130% increase since January 2010! Apple iOS ad requests grew 12% from Q3 to Q4 2010, increasing 14% for the entire 2010 year. RIM requests increased 280% from Q3 to Q4, no doubt from their BlackBerry Torch and Flip campaigns, while having a total growth of 224% for the whole 2010 year.

So what does this all mean? It means that Android is maintaining steady growth, while the competition increases slightly by comparison. In time, with transitions like that in metrics, it’s only a matter of time before Android OS dominates, just as we’re seeing now. Only other question left is how will the release of the Verizon iPhone4 impact these numbers? It won’t really. While they start activating iPhones, They’ll also be activating Android tablets and the next wave of 4G Android smartphones, thus flooding the market again with new devices and even more ad impressions.

We’ll see how this looks at the end of February. What are your thoughts? Will the Verizon iPhone make an impact? Will the Sprint event make a difference?

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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab marked down to $299


The Samsung Galaxy Tab with Sprint has been marked down to $299 with a two-year contract. This is for new activations of the device along with a contract signing. Upgrades may be available to some Sprint customers in “good standing for 22 consecutive months” and should see in store for upgrade details otherwise.

This offer also states that it’s valid until February 26th 2011 while supplies last, so if you’re thinking about it, best make a quick decision.

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LogMeIn Update for Android brings Tablet support, Remote Wake and Sound

LogMeIn - Ignition for Android

After CES and the huge amount of Android tablets announced, it’s only going to be a matter of time before we start seeing majority of applications in the Android Market adding support and customization options for tablet devices, of all shapes and sizes. LogMeIn Ignition for Android has now updated their application, and added customization for tablet devices, Remote Wake capabilities, Remote Sound and multi-monitor support. These were most likely the most logged requests for improvements from users everywhere, and they came through for us! LogMeIn Ignition for Android lets you remotely access one or more computers anywhere, anytime.

The update is available now through the Android Market, or head over to our Apps page for more info and the QR code. If you don’t have it yet, the app is $29.99.

Full Press Release below.

App 2 SD for Android helps you install more apps


So you’ve got an Android device, running Android 2.2 or up, and you want to move some of your apps to your SD card, but you don’t want to start digging around in your settings. What’s an Android enthusiast to do? How about going and downloading App 2 SD? This app allows you to have a UI for the built-in storage choice of internal or external. All you have to do is install this app on your Android phone running 2.2 or higher, and it will tell you what apps you have installed that can be moved to external storage. Sure, you can do this through the settings menu on Froyo or above, but this will make your app moving much easier.

On top of giving you the UI for your already installed devices, the app will also run in the background, and – when you install an app that can be moved to the SD card – will tell you so in your notification bar. Hit the break for all the features, and be sure to check out App 2 SD on our app database here.

Check out these features;

Polaroid Unveils 9.7″ Tablet At CES (Video)

It looks like the latest company to join to the “ahhh, what the heck” mentality when it comes to the ever growing production of tablets, is none other than Polaroid, remember them? The video below, courtesy of Android Central, shows off Polaroid’s 9.7″ tablet running android 2.2.1 (Froyo)  Overall, it doesn’t look like a bad device, aside from the huge Polaroid logo stamped on front.  The device sports ARM’s Cortex A8 1GHz chip, 4GB of ROM and a 2MP camera.  We didn’t notice a front facing camera on the tablet, but it does come with a pretty hefty battery, running at 6800 mAh.  And based on a couple of apps on the device, it doesn’t appear that the tablet  is slated for any carrier in the US at the moment.   Hit the break to check out the video and let us know what you think of the device in the comments below. Read more

Samsung to Show Off Dual-Core Phones and Tablets at Mobile World Congress

Next month in Barcelona there be a big event in the world of wireless devices: the Mobile World Congress. At CES today, Samsung mobile president announced that they have big things in store for MWC. They will be showing off dual-core phones and tablets and talking about their push to more 4G devices.

“We will continue to keep our technology leadership this year. In terms of dual-core applications, we already have a program, and next month at Mobile World Congress we will unveil it…[and] we will unveil our next-generation tablet device portfolio in detail.”

As always, keep your browser pointed at TalkAndroid, and we’ll bring you the news as it develops.

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Sling Media announces subscription for Verizon LTE devices


Sling Media and Verizon have announced that they are launching a subscription service for LTE devices “beginning later this year”. The service will be a fee based subscription bringing the SlingBox experience to Verizon customers. The fee will appear on the customers bill, but is currently not yet announced. We’ll keep tabs on it for you!

“Users can enjoy their TV while having their oil changed, waiting for a flight or taking a study break,” reads the press release. “Verizon Wireless customers will be able to sign up for the offer through V CAST Apps, Verizon Wireless’ mobile storefront, beginning later this year.”

Full press release below.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Only $299 On Contract Through Best Buy

The price drop wars regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Tab just keep coming in, and the average consumer is certainly not complaining.  For those of you who have had your eyes on a Galaxy Tab for a while and currently have an active account with Sprint, here’s your opportunity.  According to a Best Buy source who tipped off the guys over at BGR with the pic above, the device will be available for $299 on a new two year agreement.  The Tab will remain $499 on a month to month activation and $549 off contract.  It’s unclear at this time whether or not both Best Buy and Sprint will be advertising for this, or by via Best Buy channels only.  Either way, this has been by far the lowest we’ve seen the device drop on any carrier.  What do you guys think?  Is this enough of a price drop for you to run on out and grab one today?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Dish Network app available for Android tablets and smartphones


With all the hype at CES about new tablets, here’s something to add as Dish Network has added support for Android tablets on top of smartphones for the “Dish Remote Access” app available now in the Android Market. The app is free and gives you the ability to watch TV from your Dish Network at home. The app takes advantage of the tablet size screen as well, making the viewing experience even better.

One catch, this works over broadband connection or Sling-enabled devices and adapter. Regardless, it’s TV freedom outside the living room. Just make sure you lock the adult channels out so your kids don’t hide watching them on your new LG G-Slate tablet.

Scan the QR code

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