Archos 70 Android Internet Tablet Released for under $350

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archos-70 internet tablet

Archos has released another tablet, this time its another rendition of the Archos 7 Home Tablet, but this one has many things improved since the Home tablet was launched. In fact, the Archos 70 Internet Tablet beats the Home tablet in every way at least twice over, still with a great price!

Biggest features over the Home tablet can all be compared here, but to put in a nutshell for you, the Archos 70 internet tablet runs Android 2.2, has a 250GB HDD, Wi-Fi b/g/n, graphics accelerometer, bluetooth, 3G tethering and a 1GHz Processor. The 7 Home tablet comes with 660MHz processor, Android 2.1, 802.11 b/g, and up to 8GB onboard storage. Big differences to say the least. Check out some more pics in the gallery.

Here’s more specs and the Press Release below.

Motorola XOOM is the new Honeycomb tablet to debut at CES

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It looks as though the name of the new Motorola tablet we saw a cool video for a few days ago may be called the Motorola XOOM according to the buzz online today, along with some global trademarks seen in the wild. The tablet will be anounced at the CES 2011 show in a weeks time, and will be running Android Honeycomb, as hinted in the Motorola Promo teaser. Also noted, this tablet may not be coming with 4G LTE built in, but rather, hopes are that it will have available USB ports for 4G sticks instead.

If you can’t wait for CES, check out the unofficial specs here, and watch the video teaser below.
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Dell Looking Glass Tablet Passes Through FCC, Sim Card And SD Card Slot Revealed

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Well, looks like the up and coming Dell Streak 7, or now the “Looking Glass”, is still responsible for multiple accounts of extreme and excessive salivation.  The tablet just passed through the hands of the FCC after being there for quite some time, and after spotting some Dell commercial spots, it shouldn’t be long before this baby is in the hands of the masses.  The Looking Glass is possibly headed to AT&T or T-Mobile land, now that it’s been approved for 3G data.  This info is based off of the device’s internal UMTS band specifications.  We’re still not sure if either carrier will have support for voice calls, but it seems like all of the necessary hardware is certainly there.  Hit the break for more info on the device and its internal specs, and get your drool on even more. » Read the rest

Motorola Marketing for Android Tablet Debut at CES 2011

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motorola tablet CES

You may have all heard about the video that Motorola sent out last week teasing about their highly anticipated, Area 51 secrecy-like, Android tablet. This week, Motorola has begun its email marketing campaign to continue on the push towards CES 2011. If you aren’t sure when CES is, you need look no further than Motorola’s website showing a ticker as well.

I know I’m excited to see what it’s all about, including the features Honeycomb will enhance on the new wave of tablets for 2011. How about you?

If you missed the video we’re discussing, don’t be left out and give it a watch below.

Dell Streak 2/Opus One Gets Wifi Certification

by Michael Murphy on
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The Wi-FI Alliance just granted Dell certification for a “mobile internet device.” The model number is M02M — which is one number from the Streak (M01M), their 5-inch tablet. While we know this isn’t a variant of the current Streak (which is pictured above), we’re not sure exactly what the device is…perhaps a sequel? There’s been talk of a 7-inch Streak on the horizon, and that’s my best guess. There have been other rumors of Dell tablets though, and it could be one of those. Perhaps the dual-core Opus One, or maybe the Looking Glass tablet that was rumored recently over at Engadget. Personally, though, I’d bet on the Streak sequel. The current streak is 5 inches, with a 1GB processor, and has been pretty popular. I’d expect this model to up the CPU a bit and go with a 7-inch screen. More details are likely to be forthcoming soon, and we will definitely stay on top of this one.

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Motorola puts up CES teaser site with countdown

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CES is rapidly approaching, and while some of our staff begins mentally (and physically) preparing, Motorola has taken the liberty of putting up a little teaser page complete with a countdown. The caption reads “ready to skip a generation?” and features a link to a tablet video about the evolution of tablets.

We know that Android tablets are going to be big news at CES this year, and Motorola will also be in on the action with several devices, including the heavily covered Honeycomb tablet. You can check out the new Motorola page here, and in case you missed the CES teaser video, we’ve included it after the break.

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T-Mobile has Fastest Speeds in Top 100 US Cities

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T-Mobile has sent out a press release stating the findings from third-party research which states that T-Mobile has the fastest speeds in the top 100 US cities, beating our Verizon’s LTE network of all things. The speeds were shown as hitting 21Mbps, which T-Mobile now states they will double those speeds in 2011!

OK T-Mobile, talk is cheap…let’s see you make 42Mbps happen in 2011. For Reals.

It would be pretty sweet to get speeds like that for some video conferencing as the T-Mobile G2 Android ads have been touting against AT&T’s iPhone facetime lack of usability due to AT&T’s slow network. After CES, and we see a bunch of 4G smartphones and tablets launching for 2011, this will make things even sweeter, which kicks off the argument again, why would we really need home internet when we can get 42Mbps (unless you’re doing that torrenting illegal thingy)?

Let us know what you think!

Full Press Release below.

NEC to showcase a wide range of Android products at CES

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CES is just around the corner, and we’re already starting to hear more and more about what Android goodies will be on display. Tablets are likely to be a main attraction, and Japanese manufacturer NEC is slated to have a whole flock of new stuff to showcase, including a Dual-screen Cloud Communicator Tablet, Single-screen Cloud Communicator Tablet, and a Personal Products’ Mobile Notebook.

We’ll be on hand at CES to bring you the latest and greatest, so stay tuned. For now, continue after the break for the full presser.

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LG Plans to spend $18 Billion to Save their Business in 2011

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lg logo

LG needs to pull it together to save the South Korean business, specifically within its handset sector. LG is the fourth largest business in South Korea, but has been experiencing a downturn and hopes to increase their investment by 12%, totally a record $18.2 billion.

LG seems to be placing all its chips into the smartphone and tablet divisions, as it did see large success after releasing its LG Optimus One Android smartphone, its biggest selling handset to date. This comes as great news to LG after reporting record losses in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Here’s what they had to say;

The focus for 2011 will be bolstering our core businesses of smartphones, tablets, TVs and large-sized displays and also supporting new growth engines such as solar cell, new types of displays and small-sized display panels for smartphones and tablets,

It’s clear that LG plans on boosting their mobile technology, and its probably safe to say they’ll stick with Android as the OS to run its mobile technology after the successful launch of the Optimus One.

[via Reuters]

New Motorola Tablet Video Teases Android Honeycomb OS for CES 2011

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Motorola Released a video today about their new Android Tablet we saw Andy Rubin with at the D: Dive Into Mobile Conference a couple of weeks ago. The video walks us through a museum of our history of tablets dating back centuries of great tablet ideas, which unfortunately missed the mark in some way. Included in this walk through memory lane is the iPad, referring to it as a “giant iPhone”. Then we see a bee fly across the screen landing on Motorola’s new red logo, then a reference to the CES 2011 show in January.

Hmm, a red Logo could mean its going to Verizon, and will announced at CES 2011…we’ll have to wait and see. Let us know, do you think this is the iPad killer?
YouTube Preview Image

[via Engadget]