Gamescom 2011 Rumor – HTC Evo 4G getting OnLive for smartphones first

While not officially confirmed, OnLive dropped strong hints today that its streaming game service is likely to make its debut on smartphones at some point in the future. The first handset to receive the device is also unconfirmed but the HTC Evo 4G was mentioned by name during discussions with the firm.

Despite having a 4.3″ screen, 4G , and a kickstand for viewing, the Evo 4G may seem like an odd choice – considering other options, such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S II.  However, it does stand to reason that an HTC product may get the coveted first spot, especially in light of HTC’s $40M investment into OnLive back in February 2011.

For those who may not be aware, here’s a description of OnLive from their website:

“OnLive delivers high-end video games from the cloud to your PC, Mac®, TV and even mobile devices at blindingly fast speeds, so you can play the games you want, the second you want them. No discs. No downloads. No fancy hardware. Just you, the Internet and the games you love. “

Cloud gaming at blindingly fast speeds on my Android?  Yeah, you can count me in.

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Halloween, Freddy Krueger, and Night of the Living Dead are coming to Android

Halloween, Freddy Krueger, Night Of, the Living Dead, and Android – what doesn’t belong in this list? If you said Android, think again. Thanks to the game development studio In-Fusio, they are all coming to Android in the form of games that will be available on the Android Market later this year (no word on pricing just yet).

In-Fusion has been making games for quite some time and are finally gearing up to jump into the Android scene with three games based on the horror movies above.  Additionally , instead of only having one game re-skinned with different themes, each horror classic will be a different type of game as well:

  • Halloween will arrive as a 3D pinball game.
  • Freddy Krueger, of Nightmare on Elm Street fame, will arrive as a wall breaker game (essentially an Arkanoid type of game).
  • Night of the Living Dead will show up as a tower defense game which seems like a logical genre considering the movie on which it is based.

Unfortunately, that is about as much as we know right now as In-Fusio is keeping quiet regarding any other details.  Keep checking back as we will make sure to post any updates we receive on this trio of horror movie themed games.

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Vodafone aunches direct network Android App Payments (UK and Germany)

Vodafone-using Android fans are getting some excellent news today with the network becoming the first in the UK and Germany to launch over-the-air direct operator payment options for Android.  Vodafone users can now have their app purchases added straight to their mobile bill instead of fiddling with Google Checkout and credit card details.

Here’s Vodafone’s summary of the new tool:

“Vodafone UK and Vodafone Germany will help consumers purchase their favourite apps and games on Android Market with ease. This will give direct access to millions of Android users who can now charge their Android Market purchases straight to their phone bills.

According to Vodafone, the service will “initially be available” to users who bought phones through its online and physical stores adding that it “greatly improves” the likelihood of buyers completing their purchases.

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GetGlue update brings a fresh UI, smaller download size

Rarely do you see an update that brings with it new features and a significantly reduced download size, but that’s what we have with the latest release of GetGlue.

GetGlue, the social network for entertainment, has added some nice changes with its latest update:

  • Fresh UI around entire product
  • New Quick Rate to build up your profile
  • Sports Check-ins
  • Quickly jump between sections of the app using your device’s menu button and search from anywhere using your device’s search button
  • Significantly reduced download size
  • Now runs on more devices, including tablets and supports landscape mode

In addition, push notifications and support for Foursquare are coming soon!

Want to give the latest version a shot while out this weekend?  You can use the source link below to download, or just hit our apps database for the QR code.

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Google Reader for Android Update has New Look, Now Tablet Optimized

Google Reader for Android has received an update that adds a new look & feel as well as optimization for tablets.

With new buttons at the upper right of every story, Google Reader makes it easier to share or star an article in your feed.   Additional changes include moving the  “Mark Previous as Read”  into the Context menu (press and hold on an item to use this feature) and new transitions when browsing through articles one at a time.

The tablet optimization is a welcomed update for tablet owners who use Google Reader.  We should expect more applications to move in this direction as the number of tablet owners continue to increase.

The update is free for download at the source below or you can hit our apps database for the QR code.

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Shareholder sues Motorla Mobility, Says Google underpaid

John W. Keating, a Motorola Mobility shareholder, has sued Motorola Mobility, its CEO Sanjay Jha, nine members of its board of directors, and Google for failure to get a fair price on the Google acquisition.

In Keating’s own words:

“The offered consideration does not compensate shareholders for the company’s intrinsic value and stand-alone alternatives going forward, nor does it compensate shareholders for the company’s value as a strategic asset for Google.”

Is the $12.5 billion Google paid for a much needed patent portfolio (roughly 17,000), increased control of the Android Ecosystem, and an entryway into the hardware market an unfair price? The legal protection the patent portfolio brings alone would make it appear that Google did indeed get a good deal.

However, at $12.5 billion, Google paid about $40 per share, or 63% over Motorola Mobility’s August 12th closing price. It would seem odd to think that Motorola Mobility could get a 63% markup and still be unfairly priced, but its an opinion held by Keating and one he is taking the legal steps to pursue.

Keating’s complaint has been filed on behalf of all Motorola Mobility shareholders and he is seeking class action status for the lawsuit (in fact, he’s seeking an order to prevent the deal from completing). Neither Motorola Mobility nor Google has issued a reaction to the suit so far.

The case is Keating v. Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc., 11CH28854, in the Cook County, Illinois, Circuit Court, Chancery Division (Chicago).

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Locked Bootloader part of T-Mobile’s G-Slate 3.1 Update

If modding is your cup of tea, you might want to hold off on updating your T-Mobile G-Slate with the 3.1 update that’s currently rolling out as it is being reported that the new update carries with it a locked bootloader.

With a locked bootloader making the flashing of ROMs impossible, is the “update” even worth it? Is the 3.1 update better than what can be accomplished now with 3.0.1 + a custom ROM? It comes down to whether or not you value the access that an unlocked bootloader gives you and whether or not that access is worth the price of an update.

Prior to this update, G-Slate had been one of the more developer friendly tablets on the market. Its both sad and frustrating to see this happen when other manufacturers are taking positive steps in the opposite direction.

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Best Buy planning to increase staff August 17 and 22 but details are scarce

Best buy is planning for increased traffic on August 17th and August 22nd – a request that includes that Mobile managers and leads to be scheduled wherever possible. The only indication of how much of an increase is a statement that says to expect “weekend-like traffic and activity levels”. Outside of the two days mentioned and the expected traffic levels, not much else is known at this time.

Could it be a new phone? There are several highly anticipated devices on the horizon but the information available on them at the time would seem to rule them out for the dates mentioned:

iPhone 5 – Way too early.

Galaxy S II – This looks like it is going to be announced by Samsung on August 29th in New York.

Any phone by Verizon: Verizon has a very long trend of releasing new phones on a Thursday. The 17th is a Wednesday and the 22nd is Monday.

Motorola Bionic – Very Doubtful – still looking like a September time frame for release.

It’s fun to play the guessing game but in the end thats all we have – only a guess. The only thing we know for sure is that with this being only a few days away, we won’t have to wait long to find out what Best Buy has planned for the extra people showing up for work on the 17th and 22nd.

Update: Its has been mentioned that a number of Best Buy folks are under the impression that this will just be one of their uper-cheap deal days.

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Amazon will show Apple what is Magical with a $249 high-end Android tablet

We know that Amazon will be launching a tablet or tablets soon, and most analysts are predicting that they will have the best chance at putting a dent into Apple’s dominance with the iPad.

How do they plan on doing it? Well their name for starters, but lets be serious, if you want to come out with a splash then you severely undercut your competition with price. Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin thinks the Amazon tablet will cost $300, but they will discount the price to $249 with the hopes of getting their money back with sales from the Amazon app store. It is expected that they could recoup the loss from each tablet within 6 months and make a profit of 10 to 30 percent per tablet over the next 18 months.

Not only would this effect Apple, but it would also affect all Android manufacturers. Pricing like this make sense because I am still asking myself why anyone needs to pay $400 to $600 for a tablet that gives you nothing more than a smartphone except for screen size.

I have already predicted that Android will own the tablet market share by March 2012. If Amazon decides to go with this lower price, it may happen by the end of 2011.

Are you guys ready to jump on board with Amazon if they come in at $249?

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Motorola confirms the Bionic for September, 1 more LTE phone, and 2 LTE tablets for 2011

Yesterday, Motorola had their quarterly earnings call, and CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed that the Droid Bionic would be coming in September. There was so much back and forth this week, but earlier in the week, we declared that September would be the time frame. Other sites attempted to uncover things that still pointed to the original rumor of August 4th, but none of it made sense.

So what else did Sanjay have to say? It looks like there are plans for 1 more LTE phone, 2 LTE tablets, and some enhancements to the Webtop interface, all in 2011. Earlier today we showed you what might be the Atrix 2, and recently we showed you another rumored device codenamed the Dinara. I am thinking the rumored Atrix 2 might be the other device he is referring too. I don’t think there will be another Moto LTE phone for Verizon Wireless in 2011.

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