T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S 5 (SM-G900T) allegedly found in UA profile

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samsung-logoThe Samsung SM-G900T, supposedly one of the many variants of the upcoming Galaxy S 5, is real. More specifically, the SM-G900T, the T-Mobile version of the S5, had its User Agent profile  discovered on Samsung Mobile’s website earlier today. The UA profile is incredibly similar to the SM-G900A, which is believed to be AT&T’s S5. The Sprint S5, the SM-G900P, was also found on Samsung Mobile’s website today.

Samsung should announce the next version of their flagship phone at MWC later this month during an “Unpacked” event on February 24.

Source: Samsung Mobile
Via: PhoneArena


T-Mobile 4.4.2 update for Moto X ready to be pushed to devices

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T-Mobile has approved the latest KitKat update for their version of the Moto X, bringing the device up to Android 4.4.2. It’s an incremental update from 4.4, but it brings a few extra features including better wireless printing options, improved battery life, and a fix for delayed emails.

It makes sense that this model of the Moto X was the first to see this update, as T-Mobile’s variant of the Moto X is just an unlocked Moto X, so it doesn’t have to go through the carrier for any approval. Motorola handles pushing the updates directly to the device. You should begin seeing the update notification on your device soon, but you can manually go into settings and check for the update to speed the process along. » Read the rest

Bluetooth SIG listing shows what could be the HTC M8 heading to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

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If you were a bit uneasy regarding the HTC M8 being available on your carrier, this may allow you to take a breath. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) certified an HTC device with the design model number “0P6BXXX, HTC6525LVW.” It is not confirmed that this is the HTC M8; however, it is very likely so. Under the software version number, Verizon is joined by AT&T and T-Mobile as the carriers. Unfortunately, Sprint is nowhere to be found. But, you may recall that @evleaks was tipped that all four of the United States’ big carriers would be getting the HTC M8 by the end of Q1 2014. So if this is indeed the real deal, it looks like everyone will be getting HTC’s upcoming flagship device.

Source: Bluetooth SIG
Via: Phone Arena

Court rules that magenta and plum are T-Mobile’s colors

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Almost anyone will associate magenta with T-Mobile. The federal court agrees. T-Mobile announced today that a Federal Court in Texas has ordered AT&T and Aio Wireless to stop using the plum color you see in their logo above, as it is ”confusingly similar” to T-Mobile’s own trademark magenta. According to court documents, T-Mobile claims the Plum in question, Pantone 676C, is so similar to its own Pantone Process Magenta that it “dilutes its strength and likely causes confusion among consumers.”

AT&T can no longer use magenta, plum, or any other ”confusingly similar shades” in advertising, marketing and store design.

Source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile continues Tebow fun with bloopers and behind the scenes videos

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As the Super Bowl hoopla dies down, T-Mobile took the opportunity today to continue to capitalize on their Tebow themed ads with the release online of a couple videos showing how the athlete fared as an actor. In case you didn’t watch the Super Bowl or bailed before the end, T-Mobile was running some ads playing off of Tebow’s lack of a contract this past season and the company’s own no-contract strategy. » Read the rest

SoftBank/Sprint to meet with FCC today, T-Mobile may be on slate

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A report from the Wall Street Journal today indicates Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse are scheduled to meet with the FCC. Sources indicate that one of the topics of discussion is a possible merger with T-Mobile. During January, it was revealed that Sprint obtained some proposals from different banks that demonstrated how a merger of the two carriers could be made to work financially. That would only be one hurdle to be jumped if the merger is ever going to happen. It is looking more and more like regulatory approvals will be the bigger problem, which would be a good reason for the two CEOs to spend some time during a face to face meeting with FCC officials to discuss the merger.

According to different sources, the Department of Justice appears reluctant, if not being outright against the idea, to see the number of “major” carriers being reduced from four down to three. SoftBank and Sprint are likely to counter that argument by pointing out that Verizon and AT&T  are the heavyweights in the market and the weakness of the third and fourth largest carriers is actually hurting competition, a situation that could be corrected by allowing the merger to occur. By meeting with the FCC, SoftBank/Sprint may also be able to get a government agency on board with the concept to help in the battle with the Department of Justice.

source: TmoNews

Tim Tebow finally makes it to a Super Bowl courtesy of T-Mobile

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TMobileTebowCommercialFor those of you who don’t pay attention to the NFL, Tim Tebow has had a pretty up and down career so far. Currently, he’s a free agent with no contract with any NFL team, and his chances of seeing a Super Bowl are slim to none. However, thanks to T-Mobile, Tebow will see a Super Bowl sooner than any of us dared to dream. Pushing its no contract carrier approach to mobile phones, T-Mobile goes tongue-in-cheek, by showing us what Tim Tebow has been doing without a contract. From delivering a baby to playing football on the Moon, the former quarterback has been quite busy.

We have the commercials for you after the break. The first two are shortened snippets of the full commercial, so you can skip to the third video if you want. Otherwise, if you’re not wanting to spoil the reason we all watch the Super Bowl to begin with, you can wait until the big game airs this Sunday.

» Read the rest

AT&T offering $100 bill credit for new lines on all new and existing customer accounts

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If you’re considering adding a line onto your existing AT&T account or starting up a new line of service with the carrier, now’s a good time to do it. Until March, AT&T is offering $100 in bill credit to all add-a-lines on both new and existing accounts.  AT&T calls this a way to reward loyal customers and to give something back to customers who switch from other carriers. Definitely seems like an indirect reaction to some of T-Mobile’s remarks in the past few months.

$100 isn’t a ton of cash, but it’s clear that AT&T is willing to work at keeping customers from switching to T-Mobile (or other carriers). Since this offer stacks with AT&T’s current offer of up to $450 for switching carriers, it’s a good time to consider switching if you’re looking for a new wireless carrier. Looks like all of T-Mobile’s antics are finally paying off for consumers, both on T-Mobile and on other carriers. » Read the rest

T-Mobile press release celebrates AT&T customer buyback offer with Star Wars references

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T-Mobile’s latest press release is a little different compared to what they normally do. The Uncarrier actually complimented some of AT&T’s practices, instead of taking shots at the carrier. AT&T’s latest move is to offer T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch back to AT&T, which T-Mobile is celebrating as the “greatest T-Mobile trial offer in history.”

In the press release, T-Mobile “quotes” AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega, saying AT&T finally stepped out from the dark side and dismantled the Death Star (seriously) to support to the Uncarrier consumer revolution. For the first time ever, AT&T decided to wake up and put the customer first, de la Vega “said.” The buyback program allowed AT&T customers to test out T-Mobile’s network, since they could switch back if they were unhappy. » Read the rest