LG G3 available for pre-order at T-Mobile, arriving July 16

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We are finally starting to find out when carriers in the United States will make the LG G3 available. While the handset has been put on sale in some places outside of the United States, LG has remained quiet on anything further. But T-Mobile has decided to come forward and put the G3 up for pre-order starting today. Customers can then pick up the handset on July 16 on T-Mobile stores (or presumably shipped to their homes).

For other carriers, the rumored release dates are July 16 and 17.

Source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile adds speed-testing apps to data limit exemption

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Earlier this month as part of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 6.0 announcement, the company indicated they were not going to count data generated by several music streaming services against customers’ data caps. Going a step further, the company has now announced it will also exempt speed-testing apps from the limits. T-Mobile uses network throttling restrictions on user data when customers exceed their monthly data limit in lieu of charging overage fees.

T-Mobile indicated the popular Ookla Speedtest.net app in particular would be exempt, but other similar apps would also be whitelisted. According to T-Mobile, their goal with this move is to show off the data speeds available on its network. Of course, by removing the throttling restriction on speed-testing apps, this means customers will not be able to measure how much T-Mobile has slowed down data speeds for traffic that is not exempted from the restrictions.

source: Fierce Wireless

Un-carrier 5.0 and 6.0 off to great starts

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TmobileMusicFreedomT-Mobile unveiled Un-carrier 5.0 and Un-carrier 6.0 the other day and so far have been a hit. Over 12,000 have decided to give the #7NightStand a try while over 75,000 people have voted for their favorite music service to be the next service that gets streamed at no cost to users’ data. Simple Choice plan customers are now able to stream from iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, and Slacker Radio as much as they want without any hits to data. However not all services have made that cut just yet.

So far in a vote for which service should be added next to  Music Freedom, Google Play All Access is at the top, just behind Xbox Music. There’s still time to vote and you can do so by going here. On Sunday, June 22, Rhapsody unRadio will be going live. It’s free to those customers that have the unlimited $80 Simple Choice plan, otherwise it’s $4 per month.

T-Mobile flips the switch for VoLTE on a few devices

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Right after boasting its wideband LTE and VoLTE networks, T-Mobile has turned on voice over LTE (VoLTE) for a few devices. The devices come from both Samsung and LG. The update to enable VoLTE is appearing on the Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 3, and G Flex.

Technically, the update only matters (right now) if you are in one of the 16 markets that the carrier’s VoLTE network has been launched in. Until then, just enjoy the update and wait until your market gets VoLTE.

T-Mobile’s John Legere apologizes for comments at Uncarrier event

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John Legere

T-Mobile’s John Legere had some pretty explicit words for other carriers at last night’s Uncarrier event, some of which were pretty offensive. Not only did Legere drop a few f-bombs, he compared other carrier’s actions to “raping customers.” Pretty harsh words. However, today Legere tweeted a much needed apology, saying he realized he sometimes needed a filter during his speeches:

The drawback to having no filter when I speak… sometimes I need a filter. Genuinely apologize to those offended last night

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T-Mobile boasts wideband and VoLTE network presence, removes music streaming from data limits

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John Legere and the folks at T-Mobile have done it again. Tonight in Seattle, Washington, Legere threw more punches (with some intense language) at the wireless industry. The carrier announced the entry of wideband LTE in sixteen markets across the country ranging from coast to coast. They also proudly proclaimed that their voice over LTE network (VoLTE) has a presence over 100 million people in the United States. Pretty impressive considering how far behind other carriers are in terms of getting VoLTE networks off the ground. Also, the carrier’s VoLTE support is being extending to the Samsung Galaxy S 5 tomorrow. In addition to this, its VoLTE network will go live in even more markets.

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T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 5.0 strategy to entail simplified, tax-included pricing

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Everyone hates taxes. They are just about everywhere and the consumer has to always take into account this extra expense. And more often than not, taxes still surprise the consumer when making a purchase. With T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier 5.0 phase, that is all going to change.

At the June 18 event, which moved from Los Angeles to Seattle, T-Mobile is going to be unveiling simplified pricing. The carrier is going to be altering all post-paid customers bills to represent a price that includes all taxes and fees. Carrier bills are a complete mess right now and T-Mobile is aiming to clean it up.

Source: Phone Arena