T-Mobile adds 14 new markets to its LTE coverage


John Legere really does deserve to defend his company’s reputation. After buying some network spectrum from Verizon, T-Mobile has announced that its LTE coverage has expanded to fourteen new markets. This is likely going to be something Legere & Co. highly tout at their press event on Wednesday (in addition to other things).

Here are the new markets:

  • Ocala, FL
  • Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL
  • Punta Gorda, FL
  • The Villages, FL
  • Valdosta, GA
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID
  • Bay City, MI
  • Holland, MI
  • Saginaw, MI
  • Gulfport-Biloxi, MS
  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Thomasville-Lexington, NC
  • Olympia, WA

Source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile to purchase unused Verizon network spectrum to improve LTE coverage


T-Mobile’s UnCarrier approach to the cell phone carrier market has pretty bold and successful so far, but when you’re looking at the big picture, T-Mobile’s network still just isn’t on par with what Verizon and AT&T offer, especially in terms of coverage. Looks like 2014 might be the year that changes, though, as T-Mobile is going to pay Verizon over $2 billion for some low-end A-Block spectrum to improve their LTE network. This was some of the spectrum used when Verizon rolled out their LTE network.

This extra spectrum should greatly help T-Mobile’s network, including improving coverage and quality in several markets. T-Mobile anticipates that this block of spectrum should cover about 158 million people in several top markets around the country, which is a pretty significant improvement.

The biggest reason I’ve kept from using T-Mobile is the poor coverage in my area compared to other networks, but if they can keep up this network expansion that may not be a problem for much longer. Have any of you already made the switch to T-Mobile, or have you been waiting for some big move like this?

source: Business Wire

John Legere fires back at AT&T on Twitter for trying to win back customers


Earlier today, AT&T announced a new incentive that pays customers if they ditch their current carrier to join them. This is AT&T’s answer to whatever John Legere & Co. have up T-Mobile’s sleeve. But in true Legere fashion, the T-Mobile CEO has fired back. In a tweet issued today, Legere says #Randall – you gave us cash & spectrum AND we took your customers with #Uncarrier moves, do you really think you can buy them back?” Who is this Randall guy he is questioning? AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Legere is calling out Stephenson for attempting to win back customers that already jumped ship for T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier ways.

But the chatter did not stop with Legere’s tweet. In an email with Re/code, he states that AT&T must be scrambling “a terrible Q4 and holiday.” Then T-Mobile’s CEO added that he is “flattered that we have made them so uncomfortable” and reminds people to “wait until CES to hear what pain points we are eliminating next. The competition is going to be toast!” We certainly will be waiting as T-Mobile’s next phase is announced next week in Las Vegas.

Hit the break to see what else T-Mobile’s CEO had to say.
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AT&T takes shot at T-Mobile with offer of up to $450 to switch carriers


Tension between AT&T and T-Mobile has been ratcheting up in these weeks leading up to CES 2014 when T-Mobile is announcing Uncarrier 4.0.  In tweets hinting at the next stage of their strategy, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has made it a point to poke at AT&T. That goes along with recent T-Mobile television advertising that specifically calls out AT&T. T-Mobile has been promising Uncarrier 4.0 will be big and the main rumor to surface is that it will involve T-Mobile paying early termination fees for users that switch to their service. AT&T may have had enough as they announced today a special deal to help customers make a switch, especially if they are switching from T-Mobile.
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Press image of the LG G Flex for AT&T, T-Mobile leaks

evleaks_LG_G_Flex_leak_ATT_TMobileA few weeks ago, the LG G Flex leaked in an image in which it carried Sprint’s name. Now, courtesy of @evleaks once again, the G Flex has been caught with AT&T and T-Mobile branding. The Sprint variant’s model number is LS995 while these new ones are D950 and D959. As you can tell, the difference comes when you look at the status bar. AT&T’s name is located there, as is its 4G LTE icon. T-Mobile’s name appears near the bottom while also giving a unique 4G LTE icon.

Another area worth noting is the dates displayed on the two different handsets. On the left, for AT&T, March 17 is the date listed. For T-Mobile, February 12 is labeled. That could be a release date for those respective carriers. Who knows, maybe there is a chance LG unveils the United States variants next week at CES in Las Vegas?
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T-Mobile CEO John Legere posts 2014 resolutions after checking off a completed list from last year

Legere Resolutions

If T-Mobile hadn’t been so successful as of late, CEO John Legere’s antics wouldn’t be as entertaining. And he knows it too.

In a recent post, Legere let us all know how he did with his 2013 resolutions. Unsurprisingly, all were completed— he followed up with a second image, this one of a list of his brand new resolutions for the upcoming year. (If only all of us could be as successful with our New Year’s goals…)

In 2014, Uncarrier 4.0 will be unleashed to “transform the wireless industry.” Legere promises to “remove customer pain points” and bring faster 4G LTE service after expanding the coverage last year.  The next list item, “unshackle the family from those other guys,” is definitely interesting.

What it could mean, is that T-Mobile will let customers from other carriers the ability to “escape” their current contracts by paying off early termination fees. 

Expect some of these announcements to be made official at CES 2014 next week.

Source: TmoNews

GoSmart Mobile partners with Facebook to offer unlimited Facebook access without data plan

banner_facebookFor a long time, we’ve been able to get certain phones for free, provided we agree to a binding two-year contract. T-Mobile is taking free stuff to a new level this time, offering free data! Free data as long as you are trying to use Facebook, or Facebook services. That’s right, users of T-Mobile’s GoSmart prepaid plans (which don’t have data included in the first place), will be able to access Facebook through their browsers or through the app for free without having to pay for a separate data plan.

We haven’t really seen something like this before, and it’s interesting to see what kinds of deals could spring off of this in the future. You can check out the full press release past the break.

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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 to be announced at CES on January 8th


When T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted last week that it was time for the company’s next Uncarrier event, we figured CES would make a good venue. T-Mobile has not disappointed as they have announced Uncarrier 4.0 will be held on January 8th during CES. According to their promotional materials, “This one you aren’t gonna believe.” We have already heard one rumor that involves T-Mobile helping people move to the network by paying for early termination fees customers may owe with other carriers. Would doing that qualify as something unbelievable? What other changes do you think T-Mobile could make to the way people buy wireless service that would really shake up the industry?

Could Uncarrier 4 cover ETF for users switching to T-Mobile?


A couple days ago T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted about Uncarrier 4, the next “release” planned as part of the company’s Uncarrier strategy that has slowly been unfolding before us. Although Legere used a few characters to take a shot at AT&T, he did nothing to give us any hint as to what T-Mobile might have planned for their next step in disrupting the mobile carrier landscape. One unidentified source claims Uncarrier 4 is an initiative called “houdini” that involves payoffs of early termination fees and hardware credits.
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John Legere, dressed as Santa Claus, gives the other carriers coal for Christmas


To send you off into the final weekend before Christmas, T-Mobile has posted a Vine that shows what AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are going to get for Christmas. One by one, the jolliest man in the world gives the aforementioned group coal! After he finishes dropping the coal into their stockings, he reveals himself. T-Mobile CEO John Legere pulls down his Santa beard and gives not a “ho ho ho,” but an evil “ha ha ha.” Now if only we knew what Uncarrier 4 is all about.

Hit the break for the Vine.
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