New leaked press render suggests the LG L90 will head to T-Mobile


Thanks to @evleaks over on Twitter, it looks like the recently announced LG L90 will be joining T-Mobile’s device lineup at some point. He tweeted the image above which is a press render of the L90 along with some T-Mobile branding on the backside.

From our previous post, here are the LG L90 specifications:

  • 4.7-inch qHD IPS Display (qHD 960 x 540)
  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 clocked at 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor with 512MB of RAM
  • 8GB of memory
  • 8MP rear camera / VGA front camera
  • 3000mAh removable battery
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 3G (HSPA+21Mbps)

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T-Mobile moving the chains, adds 4.4 million customers in 2013


Hop on board, the UnCarrier is about to take off.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has done a great job talking up the merits of his company in recent months, and it seems to be working.

The re-branded mobile carrier was on a steep decline when Legere hopped on board, and he’s done an excellent job of turning the train around, as the company announced today that it added roughly 4.4 million customers in 2013.

With its UnCarrier, Jump and Simple Choice programs, it has made things a whole lot easier for customers, and the numbers prove it. Although the company lost $20 million in Q4, it added 1.6 million customers— the money should come back in the long term, though.

Excellent news for the carrier, and here’s to the hope that others take notice and follow suit. (Cough, cough, Verizon.)

Source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile adds $15 Stateside International Talk & Text offer to avoid unforeseen roaming fees


T-Mobile is done surprising their customers with roaming fees. The new Stateside International Talk & Text offer builds upon the usual $10 plan. In a company blog post, T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert says “we’re introducing a new $15 Stateside International Talk & Text offer that includes all the great features of the $10 plan, plus adds unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling from the U.S. to more than 30 countries and up to 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes to Mexico.” But don’t worry if this new offer does not appeal to you. The $10 plan will stick around.

T-Mobile provided this solution since many customers are unsure whether they are calling another mobile phone or a landline. Sievert finished by saying “It’s simpler. It’s a whole lot less hassle. And it’s a whole lot more Un-carrier.”

Source: T-Mobile

Glove app now available in Google Play to help users find best wireless carrier


With all of the wireless carriers battling for subscribers, many people may be tempted to give a new carrier a try. This could be for a variety of reasons, but probably anyone making a switch would like to know they will not regret a change due to poorer service compared to their current provider. Developer tawkon hopes to help with this situation with the release of the Glove app to help users find “a network that fits.” tawkon claims three out of four people could be getting better service than what they currently have.
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T-Mobile is changing its JUMP! plan to allow unlimited upgrades and include tablets as well


A few days ago, we reported that T-Mobile would be changing its JUMP! plan to include tablets and unlimited upgrades. The rumor turned out to be true as T-Mobile officially announced that the change will take place starting on February 23.

After the change, JUMP will no longer restrict customers to 2 upgrades per year. Instead of requiring customers to wait up to six months before upgrading their phone, they can now upgrade whenever they want without any restriction. However, they will have to pay off at least 50% of the cost of the device to be eligible for an upgrade. In addition, customers can now purchase tablets with a JUMP plan.

This means that if you frequently upgrade your device, it will cost you more after the changes take place. The incentive behind this move by T-Mobile might be to stop a few customers who took advantage of the opportunity by frequently upgrading their device.

Source: The Verge


T-Mobile JUMP! changing to include tablets and unlimited upgrades


T-Mobile has a number of big plans for February 23rd, and we now have a better idea of what those plans might include. We already knew that the company would introduce their Stateside Talk and Text feature, but today we have learned that they will also make JUMP! much better.

Starting on February 23rd, JUMP! will no longer have time restraints dictating when you can update your phone. Customers will have no more than 6 months waiting period, and the service will also expand to tablets.

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T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S 5 (SM-G900T) allegedly found in UA profile

samsung-logoThe Samsung SM-G900T, supposedly one of the many variants of the upcoming Galaxy S 5, is real. More specifically, the SM-G900T, the T-Mobile version of the S5, had its User Agent profile  discovered on Samsung Mobile’s website earlier today. The UA profile is incredibly similar to the SM-G900A, which is believed to be AT&T’s S5. The Sprint S5, the SM-G900P, was also found on Samsung Mobile’s website today.

Samsung should announce the next version of their flagship phone at MWC later this month during an “Unpacked” event on February 24.

Source: Samsung Mobile
Via: PhoneArena


T-Mobile 4.4.2 update for Moto X ready to be pushed to devices


T-Mobile has approved the latest KitKat update for their version of the Moto X, bringing the device up to Android 4.4.2. It’s an incremental update from 4.4, but it brings a few extra features including better wireless printing options, improved battery life, and a fix for delayed emails.

It makes sense that this model of the Moto X was the first to see this update, as T-Mobile’s variant of the Moto X is just an unlocked Moto X, so it doesn’t have to go through the carrier for any approval. Motorola handles pushing the updates directly to the device. You should begin seeing the update notification on your device soon, but you can manually go into settings and check for the update to speed the process along.
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Bluetooth SIG listing shows what could be the HTC M8 heading to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile


If you were a bit uneasy regarding the HTC M8 being available on your carrier, this may allow you to take a breath. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) certified an HTC device with the design model number “0P6BXXX, HTC6525LVW.” It is not confirmed that this is the HTC M8; however, it is very likely so. Under the software version number, Verizon is joined by AT&T and T-Mobile as the carriers. Unfortunately, Sprint is nowhere to be found. But, you may recall that @evleaks was tipped that all four of the United States’ big carriers would be getting the HTC M8 by the end of Q1 2014. So if this is indeed the real deal, it looks like everyone will be getting HTC’s upcoming flagship device.

Source: Bluetooth SIG
Via: Phone Arena

Court rules that magenta and plum are T-Mobile’s colors

aio wireless


Almost anyone will associate magenta with T-Mobile. The federal court agrees. T-Mobile announced today that a Federal Court in Texas has ordered AT&T and Aio Wireless to stop using the plum color you see in their logo above, as it is “confusingly similar” to T-Mobile’s own trademark magenta. According to court documents, T-Mobile claims the Plum in question, Pantone 676C, is so similar to its own Pantone Process Magenta that it “dilutes its strength and likely causes confusion among consumers.”

AT&T can no longer use magenta, plum, or any other “confusingly similar shades” in advertising, marketing and store design.

Source: T-Mobile