Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 LTE rumored to be coming to T-Mobile


While the WiFi version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 was released in the U.S. back in February, we didn’t see the LTE version. It seems like that might change, with the device rumored to be coming to T-Mobile.

The rumors suggest that the device will be coming to T-Mobile “later in the summer”. There’s no word yet on pricing, but we know it probably won’t be cheap. The LTE version of the device will allow users to make phone calls, but apart from that it likely won’t be too different from the WiFi version.

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T-Mobile moves Uncarrier 5.0 event to new location


T-mobile announced today that they would be ditching plans to host their June 18th Uncarrier 5.0 event in Los Angeles, and instead moving it to Seattle.

While we still do not know exactly what will be announced at the event, rumors have been floating around. T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plans tend to be permanent and industry changing, so announcements about plans and payment are expected.

T-Mobile Moto X gets Android 4.4.3 update


Moto X users on T-Mobile will be happy to know that the latest version of Android is being rolled out to their device. If users haven’t already received a notification to install Android 4.4.3, they should check their settings for software updates and the update will likely appear. The update includes a number of bug fixes, as well as improved camera quality and the ability to pause video recording. It also includes an updated phone dialer.

Source: TmoNews

John Legere to remain CEO if T-Mobile successfully merges with Sprint

John Legere

One of the nation’s most badass executives will not be going anywhere even if his company goes through a merger. I’m talking about John Legere, T-Mobile’s very vocal CEO. If T-Mobile and Sprint successfully merge after agreeing to a deal, Legere will remain at the helm of the conglomerate. We have already heard Sprint CEO Dan Hesse would have no problem stepping back and allowing someone else leadBloomberg is reporting that negotiations are ongoing and Legere is at the forefront of the future.

If there is anything the mobile industry needed from carriers, it is a firecracker and that is certainly what T-Mobile has in John Legere. His Un-carrier movement has forced other carries like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint to rethink strategies. In fact, T-Mobile is even paying early termination fees (ETFs) for consumers to jump ship from rivals. With Legere leading the nation’s third and fourth place carriers, there would likely be some more force coming at Verizon and AT&T.

Source: Bloomberg

T-Mobile introduces Underground for limited stock devices


Today T-Mobile announced a new program called “Underground”, which they introduced to sell limited-stock devices. This would include devices like the Porsche Design BlackBerry’s and the Vertu.

T-Mobile described Underground as a place for “exclusive and performance-centric devices reserved for the true enthusiast”. They also mentioned that the devices sold through the program will be limited stock. Currently the only device being sold is the gold Samsung Galaxy S5. While a number of carriers will have the gold Galaxy S5, the hope is that the program will evolve and go on to offer some truly limited-stock devices.

Source: +T-Mobile

Sprint and T-Mobile merger finally a reality


The Wall Street Journal is reporting the often rumored Sprint and T-Mobile merger is finally moving forward. The two companies have agreed to “broad outlines” that put T-Mobile’s value at $32 billion, or about $40 per share.

This deal isn’t official, but it’s expected to be during the early part of the summer. Of course, negotiations could fall through, but unlikely as it seems as though both companies really need this deal to happen. Sprint and T-Mobile are the 3rd and 4th largest wireless operators in the U.S., and it appears a deal between these two companies has the best chance of clearing the FCC.

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Android 4.4.3 factory images released for Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10


T-Mobile recently tipped off the media that the Android 4.4.3 factory image would be released to Nexus devices, and it looks like that tip-off was right. Google released the factory images for the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 on their images and binaries pages. You can hit the source link to download it for yourself, or you can wait for the over the air update.

Source: Google (Factory Images), Google (Binaries)

Android 4.4.3 could start rolling today


We have been anticipating Android 4.4.3 for a while now, but today could finally be the day that it starts rolling. We have no idea if it’s premature or not, but T-Mobile says the Nexus 5  and Nexus 7 (2013) are going to get the update starting today. The builds are KTU84M (Nexus 5) and KTU84L (Nexus 7 2013) and include many bug fixes. The changelog isn’t posted, but we suspect that it will include fixes to the camera, Wi-Fi issues, and numerous other annoying bugs.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 getting Galaxy S 5 features in latest update, including Kids Mode and Download Booster


T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 3 is getting a small update that patches in a few really useful features from the new Galaxy S 5. The update includes Download Booster, the controversial feature that allows users to download files over both WiFi and 3G/4G simultaneously, and Kids Mode, which sets up a safe environment for kids to play around with on a device. It’s pretty crazy that T-Mobile and Samsung have backported Download Booster, a Galaxy S 5 feature, to the Note 3, when other carrier-branded Galaxy S 5s still don’t have Download Booster. Way to go, T-Mobile.

T-Mobile doesn’t have a changelog up for the update just yet, but keep checking your notifications and let us know if you see anything.

source: Phone Arena

Un-carrier 5.0 slated for June 18


T-Mobile’s campaign of redefining the carrier industry continues with Un-carrier 5.0 on June 18 in Los Angeles. What can T-Mobile possibly reveal at this event? The only clue we get from the invite is “We don’t play it safe and sound,” which can only mean that AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless will be watching and hoping that T-Mobile doesn’t force them to re-think what they are doing yet again. Keep hoping guys!!