Nexus 5 to be available through T-Mobile web store starting November 14th, in stores on November 20th

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Earlier this week information leaked indicating the Nexus 5 could be coming to T-Mobile’s retail stores starting November 20th. T-Mobile confirmed the date this afternoon and added that it will be available online starting October 14th. The Nexus 5 will sell for $449.99 through T-Mobile, which is the same price that Best Buy started selling the device for off-contract. However, customers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s installment payment plan, and instead of dropping the full price up front, they can pay $41.99 down followed by 24 monthly payments of $17.

If you want to be first in line for a Nexus 5 from T-Mobile, you can sign up now using the source link.

source: T-Mobile

Android 4.4 KitKat build leaks for T-Mobile’s Moto X

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We have good news if you’re eager to get your Moto X to run Android 4.4 KitKat as soon as possible. Over on the XDA Developers Forum, a leaked build of the software has been made available for owners of T-Mobile’s Motorola flagship. As you know, Motorola plans on updating the Moto X and their line of DROIDs on Verizon.

This is the first leak for a KitKat build available for the Moto X, so proceed with caution (especially if you do not have the T-Mobile variant). After you decide to dive in, you’ll be greeted with the KitKat that everyone is yearning for. The person who created the post says the build “should have updates to Touchless Control, Active Display, Camera and has a home screen selector. It does seem to have most of the standard KitKat features, including SMS with Hangout, updated keyboard, etc.” Hit the source link for directions and the file itself.

Source: XDA Developers Forum
Via: XDA Developers

Nexus 5 Could Sell in T-Mobile Stores Starting November 20th

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The Nexus 5 was a heavily rumored device for a long time building a lot of suspense around the product. Now that it’s been announced many people are wondering how they can get their hands on it. Apart from buying it directly through Google Play, it looks like the Nexus 5 might be available directly through T-Mobile‘s retail stores starting November 20th according to a leaked retail plan. This information also falls in line with T-Mobile’s tradition of releasing products on Wednesday or Thursday.

Information about pricing and availability is still unknown, but those who want a Nexus 5 for their very own can only hope that T-Mobile won’t be putting a big premium on the Nexus 5 when it is finally available from T-Mobile stores.

Source: TMonews

MotoMaker might become available on T-Mobile this Friday

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The Motorola Moto X is a coveted phone by many, especially because of the fact that it’s highly customizable and able to be easily personalized. Despite this, that customizability has really only been available for customers on AT&T. We knew that MotoMaker was set to become available to other carriers in the near future, but we didn’t know exactly when until just recently.

Twitter user @evleaks, which has been responsible for a number of accurate leaks in the past, today announced that T-Mobile customers will be able to customize their own Moto X starting this Friday. This news comes with little surprise due to the fact that MotoMaker will supposedly be available to those using Verizon and Sprint starting on November 11, and will be welcomed news to those of us who use T-Mobile.

Source: @evleaks

T-Mobile takes step back from free data plan for tablets bought with no money down

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T-mobile tablet data ad

Since announcing plans to offer consumers up to 200MB of free data if they buy a tablet device as part of their “Uncarrier” campaign, the company has had to address a few problems with the strategy. The latest is an admission that new customers will actually have to sign-up for at least a $20 per month plan if they want to buy their new tablet device with no money down. If there is any silver lining to this clarification it is the fact that the $20 per month plan includes 500MB of data in addition to the base 200MB of data T-Mobile is providing for tablet devices. » Read the rest

Sprint to offer Nexus 5 on Nov. 8, device to come to T-Mobile ‘in the coming weeks’

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It looks like Sprint is going to be offering the Nexus 5 come November 8th, according to the press release below. The device will go for $149.99 with the Sprint Unlimited Data Guarantee for Life.

Separately, T-Mobile’s website says that the device will be available on its own service in the coming weeks. The company has a sign-up page which promises to notify you once information comes out regarding release date and price.

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T-Mobile giving away free Prepaid SIM card kits with free shipping

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If you’ve been considering trying out a T-Mobile prepaid plan, now’s your chance. T-Mobile is giving away SIM card kits to literally anyone, current customer or not, and shipping them for free. There’s a limit of two per customer, but you can’t complain about free. The kits are available in regular, micro, and nano SIM sizes, so you’ll be able to stick one in just about any phone.

T-Mobile offers some awesome prepaid plans, and with the Nexus 5 (which is a perfect candidate for testing out T-Mobile) looming closer and closer, you may want to snag one of these before they’re all gone.

source: T-Mobile

MotoMaker Moto X Now At $479.99 Off-Contract, A $100 Price Drop

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Motomaker MotoX

Hey, who doesn’t love a good discount nowadays? Well, you’re in luck. The MotoMaker Moto X has now dropped to a mere $479.99 for a no-contract version of the handset. If you want to own your device right out, we think this is a pretty fair price to go the hassle-free route of not being locked into a carrier. The original drop to $99 for the on-contract device is still available should you want to go the subsidized route. However, at this time the offer for the non-contract device only extends to the AT&T version through the MotoMaker site. The off-contract price is good for the 16GB model while the 32GB will run you $529.99. Stay tuned as we’ll keep an eye out should the offer extend to T-Mobile customers which would be ideal since the device is currently a whopping $599.99 for a 16GB (Dev Edition $649.99/32GB). It would probably be in Magenta’s best interest to get the ball rolling on a price drop to take advantage of the upcoming holidays. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: MotoMaker

T-Mobile now offering hotspot capabilities and domestic data roaming in “Simple Choice” prepaid plans

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T-Mobile Prepaid

If you were a prepaid customer on T-Mobile last week, the only way for you to utilize hotspot capabilities (legally) was to pay $15 a month. However, over the last few days, things have been shaken up a bit:

Starting Oct. 20, T-Mobile will give pay-in-advance customers access to domestic data roaming across the U.S. for the first time. Additionally, pay-in-advance customers that sign up for our Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will also have access to 2.5GB of Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (i.e. tethering).  Only T-Mobile gives pay-in-advance customers data roaming AND Smartphone Mobile Hotspot at no extra charge with their Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.

That’s right— free hotspots for prepaid customers, as well as some domestic data roaming. The moves are made as part of their re-branded “Simple Choice” prepaid plans seen in the picture above.

It’s great to see that prepaid customers are getting some of the features that those with regular and unlimited plans have been receiving in the past. It’s a big step forward for the company and carriers overall. Expect others to follow suit.

Source: AndroidCentral

Nexus 7 With LTE and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for $0 Down Coming To T-Mobile

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T-Mobile continues to make waves in the industry by undercutting its competition with great deals. And while most “great deals” don’t include high-end devices, T-Mobile appears to be doing away with that, extending most of their deals to super devices like the Galaxy S 4 and GS Note III. To continue the momentum,, Magenta is set to offer the Nexus 7 with LTE (2013) and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with the low low price of $0 down. Sure beats the typical $99/$199 down doesn’t it?

The announcement was made on the heels of their “Unleash the tablet” campaign, in which the company announced they’re offering 200 mb’s of free data per month on all tablet data plans. Your options, should you opt for the N7, would be a 24-month payment plan at $16/mo and for the Tab 2 10.1, $19/mo for 24 months as well. In addition to these data offerings, T-Mobile is also including options such as boosting up to 500 mbs on a one-day pass at only $5 or a whopping 1GB weekly pass for $10. And if you tap a hair over that you’ll just be throttled, so no fear of overage charges. You can snatch the Tab 2 10.1 up now as it’s already available however, the N7 won’t be ready for consumers until Nov 20th. Hit the break for the full presser and if you have any thoughts feel free to leave them in the comments below.   » Read the rest