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T-Mobile announces major expansion of Binge On service

T-Mobile’s Binge On Brings More Cowbell: Now Over 80 Video Services Stream Free Without Using Your Data

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced this morning that T-Mobile was adding several new video streaming services to their Binge On platform. Binge On is the carrier’s option to not have video data from partner platforms count against a user’s monthly data allowance for high speed data. Binge On is similar to Music Freedom which does the same thing for streaming music services. With the latest additions, T-Mobile now has over 80 video services participating in Binge On. Read more

T-Mobile launching new round of deals for family plans


If you are in the market for a family plan, T-Mobile is hoping to entice you to jump over to their network with a new Simple Choice family plan launching on May 11th. Consumers do have to sign up for at least four lines of service, but if they do they will get 6GB of LTE data on each line at a cost of $30 per line per month, or $120 per month for a family of four. Additional lines can be added for only $20 per month. Read more

T-Mobile rebels against the DeATTh Star with new Chrome extension


Making the most of what seems like an unofficial holiday, May the Fourth recognizing all things Star Wars, T-Mobile has revealed their own fully functional Chrome extension as the latest weapon in their battle with other carriers. Portraying T-Mobile in the role of the Rebel Alliance fighting against the Evil Empire represented by the major carriers and epitomized by AT&T, John Legere announced the Chrome extension that promises to “reveal the real AT&T” when users point their browser to any site that includes “AT&T” text. Read more

MetroPCS offering new deal on family plans


T-Mobile’s prepaid division MetroPCS launched a new family plan deal this morning for consumers who are interested in the prepaid route for their wireless service. Starting today, buyers who sign up for at least two lines of service with MetroPCS can get a 6GB plan for $60 per month and each additional line, up to five lines, adds $30 per month. To get the full 6GB of available 4G data, users do have to port over a number. Otherwise, they will get a plan with 3GB of data. Read more