MetroPCS issues a statement confirming current talks of a T-Mobile USA merger

This was definitely news that I was surprised waking up to. It appears that T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS are in heavy talks in a merger where T-Mobile will absorb MetroPCS in hopes to compete against Sprint’s #3 spot among US providers. What’s even more surprising is that both T-Mobile and MetroPCS are confirming such talks! MetroPCS has released an official statement regarding the merger:

MetroPCS today confirmed that it is in discussions with Deutsche Telekom regarding an agreement to combine T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS.  There can be no assurances that any transaction will result from these discussions, and the Company does not intend to comment further unless and until an agreement is reached.

It seems that talks are indeed going on, but no deal has yet been finalized. Sometimes it’s great when companies are straight forward right? Once this deal comes into fruition, we’ll be sure to let you all know!

source: MetroPCS

Mysterious Samsung SGH-T699 for T-Mobile teased

What you’re looking at above is a leaked user agent string which, at a glance, appears like some dull lines of code. It’s what’s within that code that gets exciting. It looks like T-Mobile US is all set to bring a new phone to market, codenamed the SGH-T699. What we can also see from the code is that the device is set to sport a 720p display and an ARM11 processor in the engine room.

With all the speculation around the Exynos processor and its supposed absence from the US version of the Galaxy S III, could this be the model number for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III variation? Whatever the T699 turns out to be, the good news is that a high end device looks to be on the way to T-Mobile. Keep tuned in to TalkAndroid and we’ll be sure to bring further news as soon as it breaks.


Source : TmoNews

T-Mobile USA Going Straight to LTE, Skipping Over 84Mbps HSPA+

T-Mobile USA‘s Andrew Sherrard took to MWC this morning to announce that the carrier will proceed to the recently announced LTE network after finishing up their deployment of 42Mbps HSPA+. The network that will sport the upcoming devices like the One S by HTC or the Galaxy S Blaze 4G by Samsung.

T-Mobile previously announced at CES 2012 that they would be moving to the 84Mbps HSPA+ speeds, a move that would require more antennas and a refarming of some 2G spectrums in the 1900MHz PCS band. It could be that the LTE announcement supersedes that of its 84Mbps HSPA+ plans or perhaps it was used as a place holder for LTE. Perhaps it was until they evaluated the possibility of a successful rolling out of an LTE network in the ever shrinking space of said spectrum.

Given that 84Mbps and LTE require the same surgical refarming of PCS right from the get go, skipping 84Mbps for LTE seems logical. Either way it will reduce the network’s total 2G capabilities but as T-mobile sells 3G supporting phones the 2G load on the network will lessen over time. Even though HSPA+ technology still has some milage to go, LTE looks to have more. It again makes more sense to move to LTE as it costs a serious chunk of change for the refarm operation to begin with.


source: The Verge


Sprint wants us to know they don’t support AT&T T-Mobile merger – officially


Many may see the points that Sprint is raising with the problems that the mobile industry may face if the US has a mobile carrier as large as AT&T and T-Mobile may become after they merge. It’s starting to look like a political campaign where the mud-slinging is just about to get ugly. To start it off right, Sprint has issued a press Release about the opposition they intend to hold in regards to their competitions’ merger plans. Who’s surprised by this…anyone…anyone?

Of course they are against it! They could get swallowed up by a big massive mobile whale never to sell another WiMAX device again. But, Sprint isn’t concerned over those little details, they want you to know how this may affect the consumers….right…the consumers. It’s ok Sprint, we know it’s a big deal, but more for you than us.

Check out the full press release below.

LG Optimus 2X coming to T-Mobile in March?

The LG Optimus 2X was announced just a few days ago, but a release of the Android device stateside was conspicuously left out. The Optimus 2X is becoming available in Europe, but we still have hope that the device will make its way to the US.

RCR Wireless is reporting that it has “rather good authority” that the powerful Tegra-2 LG device will be launching in the US on T-Mobile around late February or March.

With a Tegra-2 processor, HSPA+, and the promise of a Gingerbread update, the LG Optimus 2X is bound to be successful on T-Mobile, the carrier that started it all with the G1 back in 2008.

[via engadget]

T-Mobile USA announces myTouch HD

T-Mobile USA just announced another HSPA+ phone to their lineup, the myTouch HD by HTC.  It will stand beside the G2 (which just became available) as their 2nd phone capable of 4G speeds.  This is great news and looks to be an excellent alternative for those of you who may not need or want a physical keyboard.  It’s no slouch either.  The myTouch HD packs a 1GHz processor that can do 720p recording, and features a front-facing camera which can be used for video chat in 3G, 4G, or wifi.

Specs & Features:

  • Second-generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 1GHz Snapdragon MSM8255 CPU
  • 3.8″ WVGA display
  • 5 megapixel camera (back)
  • Front-facing camera – VGA? (front)
  • Pre-installed 8GB microSD card
  • T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network
  • Android 2.2
  • Swype® for easy text input
  • Genius Button™, powered by Dragon Dictation from Nuance
  • DLNA – wireless screen broadcast to compatible HD TVs

The myTouch HD will also be available in four colors – White, Black, Plum, or Red.  T-Mobile USA hasn’t given a specific release date but states that it will be available in time for the holidays.  Hit the jump to read the full presser and see another pic of the backside (white version).

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