SwiftKey launches SwiftKey Tilt keyboard, just in time for April Fools


SwiftKey has always created revolutionary ideas with their keyboards, and their latest offering, SwiftKey Tilt, continues that tradition. Instead of traditional finger typing, Tilt gets your entire body into the action. There’s a little ball on the keyboard that you “tilt” across letters to spell out your words. If you’ve played the labyrinth games where you guide a ball into a hole at the end of a puzzle, you’ll understand how this a full-body experience. SwiftKey has even put out a video showing it in action.

Unfortunately, there’s no easily available link to try out the next generation of mobile typing, but SwiftKey said it will be available to those “inquisitive enough to find it.” Let us know in the comments if you get your hands on the joke keyboard.
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SwiftyKey’s prediction engine will power the Samsung Galaxy S 4 native keyboard


We had heard that SwiftyKey would be involved with the stock keyboard on the Galaxy S IV, but nothing was mentioned about it during the event. That is because it won’t be the SwiftKey keyboard exactly, but the the prediction engine itself. SwiftKey does have one of the top prediction engines, so this isn’t surprising.

Dr. Ben Medlock, co-founder and CTO of SwiftKey, said from the New York launch: “Following our great success with the SwiftKey 4 launch last month, we are excited to confirm that Samsung has chosen SwiftKey’s innovative keyboard technology to be at the heart of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. This is fantastic progress for our vision of bringing the best touchscreen typing experience to as many people as possible.”

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Source: Samsung Galaxy S IV expected to feature SwiftKey software preloaded



It’s looking like the newest addition to the Galaxy S family is going to feature some software that aims to make our typing experience just a little easier. According to an unnamed source of the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is expected to have SwiftKey keyboard software preloaded onto the smartphone— giving users even more functionality when typing on the device’s screen. Don’t think that Samsung is just tossing the typing prediction software on for nothing either— according to Rob Enderle who is a principal analyst at Enderle Group, Samsung believes “in the Android space where you have a lot of competition, a little thing like [predictive typing] can make a huge difference”. Can’t say we disagree too much with Enderle, though it probably doesn’t hurt that the Galaxy S IV is expected to have some insane features compared to the competition for the time being as well.

Thank goodness we’re literally hours away from the Unpacked event so we can finally see what we’ve all been waiting for. Don’t forget that we’ll be there giving you all the coverage you can handle.

source: Wall Street Journal

SwiftKey Flow now out of Beta and part of SwiftKey 4, Promo price of $1.99 to celebrate


I know a lot of you have been testing the Beta version of SwiftKey Flow, but it’s now available to all as part of the new SwiftKey 4. Now if you’re already a user of SwiftKey Pro, you don’t need to worry about the promo price since it’s a free upgrade to existing users. If you are one of those that hasn’t tried it yet, now is your time to grab it for half the price and get one of their biggest upgrades. I personally love their stock keyboard and I’m not much of a swiping type of guy, but the fact that you get both in one package makes SwiftKey 4 one of the best keyboard replacement apps available for Android.

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SwiftKey Flow Beta updated with a handful of fixes and a new installer


If you’ve been using the SwiftKey Flow Beta, SwiftKey has a new release for you that’s going to make your experience just a little bit better. There’s been a lot of work done under the hood, so there’s not too many new features in this beta, but there is a brand new installer for the keyboard to better match the Flow theme. Hit the links below to check out the changelog and get your hands on the new app, and remember that this is a third-party application, so you’re going to have to install it like you would any other app outside of the Play Store.
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Swiftkey Flow beta gets updated with better corrections and predictions

Swiftkey has released a new beta of their awesome Swiftkey Flow app with several awesome improvements. Your predictions and corrections work in more places, (think email subjects, passwords, etc.) the corrections have improved and expanded, and a host of other bug fixes and enhancements.  Great improvements to an already great keyboard replacement for your device. Hit the break below for the full changelog and a link to download the new beta.
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Best Android keyboard replacements for phones and tablets [January 2013]

Keyboards are important. They’re easily the most used application on your Android phone, so having one you actually like can go a long way towards enjoying your phone. Sometimes, you’ll get stuck with an OEM keyboard that you don’t really care for; that’s where this guide comes in. We’ll go over all the best keyboard replacements for your device to help you pick one the right one for you.

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SwiftKey Flow Beta Updated To

SwiftKey’s take on the swipe keyboard, SwiftKey Flow, has been in public beta for about a month now.  An updated beta was all but guaranteed as the version it replaces,, had a limited license for use set to expire January 7, 2013.  Today’s release,, has a relatively short limited license, expiring on January 30, 2013, and comes with a host of improvements. The short beta window could be an indication SwiftKey is nearing the end of beta testing or is at least prepared to quickly launch another updated version.

The update brings performance and battery improvements and addresses a few bugs causing force closing and memory leaks. It will also allow for “flow” in landscape on tablets. Hit the source to see the full change log and download the update. I’ve been using it for weeks and have been very happy. Go get it!

Source: SwiftKey

SwiftKey “Flow” will be an update to the existing SwiftKey app

There is much excitement about SwiftKey’s new “Flow” keyboard that will be released in the very near future. However, equal to the amount of excitement is the amount of confusion: Is this a separate app? Or an update with an added feature? SwiftKey only added to the confusion when it released a Beta Version of a “SwiftKey Flow” app for beta testers to download. Even in its marketing strategy, SwiftKey seems to be promoting Flow not as a feature, but as a full-fledged application. Well, thankfully for us all, one confused customer used Twitter to ask SwiftKey for some clarification…and here was SwiftKey’s response:

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