SwiftKey adds a bunch of new stuff with latest update and is now Free for all


Back in December, SwiftKey launched a Beta 4.5 that included a number row and emoji. We expected those features to make its way to the full app a lot sooner, but better late than never right? Today, SwiftKey released version 5 bringing all these features plus a lot more.

With version 5, you will not only get the optional number row and over 800 emoji, but you will also get a SwiftKey store with new downloadable themes, a new default theme, emoji predictions, improved prediction engine, new languages, and improved flow trails. Best of all, SwiftKey is now Free for all.

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Best Android keyboard replacement apps [April 2014]


Over a year ago, we covered some of the best available replacement keyboards for Android devices. Many of those keyboards are still fantastic options, but they’ve been updated to include great new features, and other keyboards have hit the Play Store that are just a little better than what was available a year ago. Keyboards are still just as important as always, so we’re going to give you an up-to-date guide on the best of what’s available.

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New Swiftkey Beta includes Evernote and Google+ personalization

Swiftkey beta

Swiftkey has issued a new beta update, and it’s including a few new personalization features as well as typical bug fixes and optimizations.

Swiftkey has always been able to learn predictions and typing patterns from some social media sites and your personal texts and emails, but the keyboard will now be able to check your Google+ posts and Evernote notes and archives in order to create better predictions based on how you type. It’s not a new feature, but it’s a nice refinement of one of Swiftkey’s best features.

On top of the new personalization options, there are also tweaks and optimizations for the emoji system implemented in the last beta update. If you’re using the current beta, hit the link below to download the new version before your old version expires on the 20th.

source: Swiftkey

SwiftKey Easter egg brings snowflakes to your device’s screen


SwiftKey certainly likes their holiday Easter eggs (remember SwiftKey Tilt?) and Christmas is no exception. They’ve already released a Winter theme for the keyboard to get everyone in a festive mood, but apparently there’s a neat little Easter egg built into that update, too.

If you type “hohoho” anywhere with the keyboard, then long-press it in the word suggestion bar, snowflakes will begin falling across your screen. They’ll keep falling as long as the keyboard is up, so if you’re typing a very long text or email, this can give the experience a little more Christmas spirit. Cool little Easter egg, right?

SwiftKey update includes new winter theme, updated install process

swiftkey_winterSwiftKey’s newest update isn’t a huge one in terms of functionality, but it keeps up with the season by adding a new winter theme. The new theme, which you can see above, coats your keyboard in a frosty blue and covers them with snow. A gust of wind trails your finger as you swipe past your desired letters, which then show up as large snowflakes while you type.

In addition to the new theme, the update also brings a new installer, which now automatically downloads language packs. A number of bug fixes are also included. Head past the break for a download link.

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SwiftKey 4.5 Beta brings Emoji and dedicated number row


SwiftyKey just added  two very big features to the best Android replacement keyboard. SwiftKey 4.5 Beta just got released bring Emoji and an optional dedicated number row.

The stock Android keyboard brought Emoji about a month ago, so it’s not surprising that SwiftKey would “swifty” added their own take. You can chose from more than 500 emoji from within five categories: people, objects, nature, places, and symbols. There is also emoji word match, which will present you with emoji predictions based on words that you are typing as well as your past usage.

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Layouts For Living Now Available For Download To New And Existing SwiftKey Users (Video)


Personally, of the many options of keyboards one can have on the Android platform, SwiftKey is my absolutely favorite due to its uncanny accuracy and its ability to learn your various typing styles. So it’s my pleasure to announce that the much awaited “Layouts for Living” by SwiftKey is now available. The 4.3 update is available for download on the Play Store and the Amazon Appstore for those ready to dive in. The new layouts aim to assist with a more comfortable and seamless typing experience no matter what device you’re on. Whether it be a smartphone, tablet or any MID in between, Swiftkey has individually tailored the user experience.  And if you’re an existing customer, the app is available to you free as an update, so just head on back to the Play Store and retrieve it.

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SwiftKey Beta update merges the phone and tablet, brings new layouts


SwiftKey continues to solidify itself as the best replacement keyboard for Android. The Beta version has just been updated to and offers two really cool enhancements. The first is that no longer will you need to download a separate version for you tablet and phone. Both are unified in one app. The second, and even cooler, is the fact that you can undock the keyboard and resize it. You can also choose from one of three keyboard modes….

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SwiftKey Cloud now out of Beta and part of SwiftKey 4.2, on sale for a limited time


A little less than a month ago, the developers of probably the best third party keyboard launched SwiftKey Cloud. I guess the testing went smoothly since it’s now officially out of Beta and part of their latest update to 4.2. This is a free update to all existing users, but if you haven’t tried SwiftKey yet, now is your chance since it’s on sale for $1.99 (regularly $3.99).

SwiftKey Cloud will backup your personal language profile in the cloud so you will not only have access to it with new devices, it will be available across all your devices. This includes both the phone and tablet versions. Go grab the update or give SwiftKey a try. Download links and video after the break.

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