Swiftkey updated with support for 184 new emojis on Android 6.0.1


Swiftkey has today pushed out a stellar little update for its incredibly popular third-party keyboard  via the Play Store. The upgrade brings compatibility for the 184 new emojis which are currently only available on devices running Android 6.0.1, together with currency input for several countries that weren’t previously supported, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Estonia and Germany. All other changes come in the form of bug fixes and stability improvements, which are aimed at improving the overall stability of the application.

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[Deal] Save up to 50% off SwiftKey keyboard themes for Black Friday

swiftkey megapackIf you picked up a cheap new phone for Black Friday, you’re probably going to want to get some new apps and things to customize your phone with, too. To help you out, SwiftKey is running a special by marking down themes for their fantastic keyboard by up to 50%, and they’ve introduced a few new bundles to get several themes for cheap prices. Read more

SwiftKey’s newest keyboard uses an “artificial neural network”


SwiftKey, one of the best replacement keyboards around, now has another keyboard for people to tap away on. But this one uses what the company calls an “artificial neural network.” SwiftKey Neural uses artificial intelligence that is actually based on the human brain. So this keyboard will make word suggestions within the context of a sentence. It has been designed to go through a massive amount of language data and understand the relationship between words.

This type of technology is normally limited to servers, but SwiftKey seems to have found a use for it on mobile devices. SwiftKey does admit that this is a huge challenge on mobile devices due to limited resources.

SwiftKey Neural is currently available through SwiftKey’s Greenhouse for devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

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SwiftKey and ‘PIXELS’ team up to bring retro game keyboard themes

SwiftKey retro game theme pack

SwiftKey is teaming up with PIXELS, the new Adam Sandler movie, to bring five new keyboard designs. The five retro gaming themes are Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Q*bert, Centipede, and Space Invaders. The best part is all the new themes are totally free! I’m sure many retro gaming fans will be excited to give them a shot, but if you don’t like them at least you aren’t out anything. Head to the SwiftKey store to try them today.

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