Google Wallet, Skype, Evernote & SwiftKey X Among Winners At 2012 Webby Awards

The prestigious 2012 Webby Award winners have been announced and a handful of Android apps came away as big winners as apps such as Skype, Evernote, SwiftKey X and Google Wallet brought home some distinguished honors. In the Experimental & Innovation Category, both Google Wallet and Evernote were nominated, with each taking home an award. The Webby Award winner for the category was Google Wallet due to its significant innovation in the world of electronic communication. The People’s Voice winner however, was SwiftKey X because well, we all recognize how innovative it is with regards to keyboard input.

Not to be outdone, Skype and Evernote walked away with major honors as well. In the Utilities & Services category, Evernote won both the Webby and People’s Voice awards, while Skype came away as the People’s Voice winner in the Best Use of Device Camera category.

source: Webby Awards 2012

Black Friday Deals & Steals: SwiftKeyX Available for 50% Off for Holiday Weekend

Don’t you all just love these deals for Black Friday – Cyber Monday every year? Here’s another reason for you all to be excited… SwiftKey X is now available for 50% off! That’s right, you’ll find SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X for half off for this holiday weekend. In case you all were looking for a reason to try or use this great keyboard alternative, now’s the time to get on the SwiftKey X bandwagon! Let’s just see how many folks take advantage of this great steal this weekend.

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Swiftkey X receives update: Heat map, blog learning, stats sharing, and more

For all you fans of keyboard replacements, today is a great day indeed. Swiftkey X has pushed out version 2.1, and with it brings some pretty awesome advancements. For those of you who haven’t tried it out yet, Swiftkey learns from your writing habits and develops its dictionary based on your personal word usage. If you frequently type a word like “triptychs” for example, Swiftkey will more than likely start predicting after typing the letters “tri”. It even goes as far as scanning verbiage in your Facebook, Gmail, sms, and Twitter accounts, compiling a sort of personal dictionary if you will. In the most recent update, Swiftkey can even learn from your personal RSS feed or blog posts, proving even more beneficial to writers like myself. I have long been a beta tester for Swiftkey (recently Swiftkey X) since its inception and haven’t looked back since. Although having tried many other keyboard apps. I always find myself coming home to Swiftkey X.

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