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Subway Time App Gives New York City Subway Riders Added Sense Of Peace


If you’re like me and live in New York City, you know that the subway schedules can be hit or miss at times, so it’s fairly common to miss a train or two during any given day– potentially causing some major angst. Fortunately, relief is finally at hand as the MTA has announced it is giving real-time updates via public data for all of its riders. The data (which is iOS-based), is pushed through to a newly-released app called Subway Time by a third-party developer called The Holodeck, giving riders a greater sense of peace knowing how soon a particular train will be at a particular station.

The app is currently in beta at this time, so naturally the app has its fair share of gaffes and bugs, but we’re optimistic everything will be worked on and hopefully, we’ll possibly see a perfected app sooner than later. The app is available now for all of you in the New York City area, so head on down to the Play Store link and give it a whirl today.



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