LG’s awkward slap-bracelet stylus leaks

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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My little sister used to have tons of little slap bracelets around the house which she used on her hair to create different hairstyles. It seems as though LG thought that the same technology could be used to create a convenient way to make sure you never lose your stylus. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s pretty awkward and even bizarre.

I prefer the sleekness of a stylus that can be inserted into the top of a device, but hey, maybe they’re on to something.

We’re not sure whether this is something LG intends to really sell on the market or just give out as “party favors” at trade shows, but we’ll know soon enough. Hit the break for another photo.

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NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 tablet to go on sale starting November 19th

by Jeff Causey on
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Buyers looking for an NVIDIA powered tablet will be able to buy a Tegra Note 7 tablet beginning November 19th for $199 with pre-orders starting today. The Tegra Note 7 was announced this past September as a partnership between NVIDIA and EVGA to bring an in-house branded tablet device sporting a stylus to market. At the $199 price point, the Tegra Note 7 is slightly less expensive than some other competitors like the Nexus 7 (2013) or the Kindle Fire HDX. However, users do give up some screen resolution as the Tegra Note 7 is only capable of a 1280×800 resolution. Perhaps taking a cue from Google, NVIDIA is shipping the Tegra Note 7 with a “pure” version of Android Jelly Bean. The Tegra Note 7 comes with a stylus that NVIDIA indicates has different “tips” that expand the functionality. You can check out how the stylus works after the break in a couple videos released by NVIDIA in conjunction with the announced availability of the device. » Read the rest

Stylus ES22 accessory announced for Sony Xperia Z Ultra

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Sony Xperia With Stylus

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a new accessory— the Stylus ES22, which can be extended to the size of a full writing utensil, and is built-in with a 1.5mm ultra-thin point. A case and a cord also come with the stylus. Pricing and availability information is not yet available, but should be soon.

Hit the break for a more up-close look at the stylus.

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Pantech to release the Vega Note, a stylus-wielding phablet, on October 10th

by Jared Peters on
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I’m honestly surprised it took this long, but Pantech is releasing a device that finally mimics what’s arguably the best feature of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line; the unique stylus. The Pantech Vega Note is an unoriginally named phablet that’s sporting a stylus that stores itself inside the device body, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Note. The Vega Note has an exceptionally large 5.9-inch 1080p screen, 2 GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 800 CPU. It also has LTE-Advanced support, for those of you that live in a market where that’s a concern.

Aside from the basic specs and “stylus support,” there’s really no word on software features. If the stylus is just a plain input device like your finger, it might not be much of a selling point, but if Pantech loads this thing up with stylus features (like Samsung does with their S-Pen) they could really create some competition in the phablet space. It’ll be out soon on October 10th for an undisclosed amount of cash, but with a screen like that and the specs underneath it, don’t expect it to be cheap.

What do you guys think? Is the stylus a gimmicky feature, or should more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon?

source: RBMen Blogspot

NVIDIA Tegra TAB passes through FCC revealing a few more details

by Jared Peters on
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Remember that NVIDIA tablet we’ve been keeping an eye on? It recently passed through the FCC, and showed off some specs and designs while it was there. It also came with a semi-official name: the NVIDIA Tegra TAB. Caps lock. It’s also supposedly going to come with a slightly tweaked version of the Tegra 4, a 1280 x 800 7-inch screen, and what might be some version of stock Android, either 4.1, 4.2, or 4.3.

The pictures for the device show some high-end features for a tablet, like front-facing speakers, HDMI output, and the stylus slot. However, on those leaked photos, some things like the SD card slot and rear-camera are listed as being “Premium Model only.” You may see this tablet hit shelves in two flavors, one that offers a less-features but affordable Tegra 4 experience, and one that offers an all-out, high end experience.

No word on pricing or date yet, but with all of these recent leaks, I’m assuming an official announcement can’t be too far behind.

source: FCC

via: Engadget

Sony Xperia ZU image leaks ahead of tomorrow’s unveiling

by Jeff Causey on
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As the clock winds down to Sony’s expected announcement on their take on a “phablet” device, a new image has leaked showing a “stylus” in action on the device. The image was posted on the Chinese portion of ePrice and shows a user drawing with a pencil on what appears to be a sticky note on top of the screen of the new Sony device. According to some sources, there is a rumor floating around that the Xperia ZU, or Z Ultra, will be able to accept input using a pencil or possibly even a ballpoint pen as opposed to a dedicated stylus device like one finds on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This latest image would certainly seem to support that concept.

We should have more on Sony’s announcements scheduled for June 25th, so check back here at TalkAndroid to see what they may be up to.

source: ePrice
via: UnwiredView

Samsung buys up 5% of Wacom to back up the stylus fad

by Jared Peters on
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Personally, I think the stylus is awesome. Fortunately for those of you that agree with me, Samsung thinks so, too. And considering the amount of marketing power Samsung has invested in their Note brand, it’s pretty easy to see why they just bought 5% of Wacom, the manufacturer of the Note’s S-Pen. That 5% turned out to be around 58 million dollars, which is pocket change for Samsung, but it’s clear that Samsung is intending to evolve the stylus into a pretty large part of their smartphone and tablet lineup. Hit the source below to read up on Wacom’s side of the story.

source: Wacom

New Galaxy Note Ad Focuses On Pen [Video]

by Ed Caggiani on
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Samsung Mobile USA released a video on YouTube today of the Galaxy Note which focuses on it’s S Pen functionality (don’t call it a stylus). This ad does a better job at showing what the Galaxy Note can do than Samsung’s earlier Superbowl commercial. The ad states that the Galaxy Note is “the best of a smartphone… and the best of a tablet…” and that “it has a pen with a brain.” Riveting stuff.

Check out the video below and see what this 5.3″ beast can do with its magical stylus pen!

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AT&T LTE Samsung Galaxy Note Hands-On At CES 2012 [Video]

by Axl Logan on
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The Samsung Galaxy Note, one of the most talked about devices overseas has finally made its way into the heart of the US as promised.  Running on AT&T’s LTE netowrk, Talk Android happened to get a quick hands-on with the device at CES 2012 and its impressive 5.3-inch capacitive touch display and new innovative smart stylus “S-Pen”, a pressure sensitive pen which offers a plethora of interactivity.  In addition, the sdk has been made available for it and we should see some pretty cool apps and games which are able to take advantage of the technology.  Check out the quick look and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Atmel Wants To Change How You Interact With Your Device Using Their New maXStylus (Video)

by Joe Sirianni on
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Looks like Google is helping Styli all over the world make a come back.  We’ve seen a number of tablets like the HTC Flyer and its Scribe technology become a hit and even mobile handsets are jumping on the trend such as the recent Samsung Galaxy Note.  And thanks to the new developer features found in Android 4.0, users are about to get a whole new experience when it comes to interfacing with their devices.  Atmel is introducing their contribution to the Stylus wars with their new MaxStylus technology accompanied with what they’re calling “multiSense Functionality”, which allows you the ability to use the stylus and your fingers to perform multiple operations like selection and zooming in or out.

Atmel, who is already well know for their capacitive touch technology is looking to create the perfect companion for your smartphone and tablet.  Thanks to Android 4.0′s developer API’s, all sorts of operations can be performed, like tilt and distance axes along with pressure sensitivity and motion event properties.  And you can find several different tool types such as for use with the stylus, finger, mouse and eraser.  Pretty impressive eh?  Check out the video demo below of the stylus in action along with the new multiSense capabilities and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   » Read the rest