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Sony Makes Bold Attempt To File Patent With Feedback Based Off Artificial Friction


Not content to let Samsung steal all the innovation out there in the world with its S-Pen for its Galaxy Note products, Sony has recently filed a patent in order to highlight a special haptic feedback based off the use of artificial friction for its own stylus pens. The hope is that the new technology being patented will help with control of pens when moving from various parts of a screen, giving much more flexibility and control for users. It works in a fairly straightforward way too: basically users will utilize “a rolling contact ball gripping mechanism that mimics varying physical engagement between the contact ball and a touch screen display surface by controlling the relative rotational freedom of the contact ball”. In other words— the device will give you a unique feedback based of how light or hard users press a pen against a screen. Sounds identical to what we’ve already seen before, but it’s nevertheless impressive still.

All this newfound information certainly has us wondering now. Does Sony have a new stylus pen on the way or maybe even a new tablet utilizing a stylus pen? Hopefully we get some additional details of Sony’s intentions soon, very soon.


source: USPTO
via: Engadget