Various stress tests show the durability of Samsung phones [Video]

Just how durable is that $600 Samsung phone in your pocket? The cheap feeling plastic may be more durable than you think. While Samsung builds some fantastic devices, build materials are not one of their specialties. A video put out by Samsung Tomorrow TV declares that the light, seemingly fragile plastics used are actually stronger than we give them credit for. From button stress tests to wash and rain tests to bend tests to your more standard drop tests, the plastic holds up remarkably well. Hit the break for the video. Read more

KDDI’s new app reads your brainwaves, Could prove your innocence [Video]

Our Android phones can pretty much do everything we want it do, but I am sure many of you have found yourself with a tough day at work and wondered how bad your stress level is. Here comes KDDI with just what you are looking for, and experimental app that can measure your brain waves.

It is a wireless headband that clips into your earlobe that measures neural activity and pulse. You play one of three games for 30 seconds and then it will display a chart that graphs concentration and meditation, which is also known as “focused state” and “relaxed state” You can also get results without playing a game, but instead, think about something emotional for 30 seconds.

Forget stress, I am thinking lie detectors. So when your asked, “Where were you last night?” be prepared to pop on this bad boy to prove your innocence or lack thereof. Don’t worry, it is not on sale yet as it is just a concept, but we will be sure to warn you if it ever comes to market.

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