Deezer to File for IPO, Spotify Doesn’t Care

Deezer Logo

Do you use Deezer? The music streaming has its fans, six million of them paying subscribers. But it’s also French, so it might go on strike at any moment and ruin your vacation, leaving you stranded in Ibiza forever.

With any luck, however, those strikes will be averted if all goes according to plan with Deezer announcing an IPO on the Paris Stock Exchange. Though Deezer is doing moderately well, it can only fight so hard with limited capital against juggernauts like Spotify and Apple Music, both of which boast many times more subscribers (though it remains to be seen how Apple music’s numbers level out after free trial periods end). It’d be nice if Google actually threw something behind Google Play Music to make it a fierce competitor in the space, but that’s another article.

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JustWatch app now available on Android


In a world full of streaming and online video services, figuring out which service any particular title may be available on and for how much is becoming increasingly complicated. This is where JustWatch has jumped in by providing a custom search engine just focusing on a variety of online video streaming services for movies and TV shows. After launching earlier this year via a browser interface for the desktop, JustWatch has now released a dedicated Android app for users on the move. Read more

Spotify gains control of music at Starbucks thanks to multi-year partnership


It used to be that when you went to Starbucks, you could pick up a card that gave you a free iTunes download, but it seems that will be coming to and end soon, which is no bad thing if you are an Android user. This is because Starbucks and Spotify have just entered into a multi-year agreement that will see the music subscription service become an integral part of the Starbucks experience. This partnership will see the 7,000 Starbucks locations in the U.S. linked with the approximate 60 million (global) Spotify subscribers, creating a ‘first of its kind ecosystem’.

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MixRadio leaves beta, announces new partnership with HTC

mixradio bannerAfter being purchased by LINE from Microsoft and Nokia, MixRadio has ditched its beta tag and hit Google’s App Store. The music streaming service tries to offer a more personalized approach to your music by learning what you like and playing things it thinks you’ll like. Other apps have tried to do this with mixed success, so it’ll be interesting to see if MixRadio can pull it off.

The app has also announced a partnership with HTC that will curate music news to BlinkFeed on HTC devices. As the service learns what music you like, it will display relevant info and news about artists and genres you like in your news feed. It’s a pretty nifty use of BlinkFeed that hopefully works as well as it sounds. Read more

CBS, FOX, HGTV, and others update their apps to support Chromecast


Chromecast owners have six new apps to consume content from starting today. CBS, FOX, FX, HGTV, Pluto TV, and Haystack TV all have update their respective apps to support Chromecast. Streaming content from some these networks, such as CBS, will cost money while others simply require television provider authentication. This all means that Chromecast owners have even more content to be devoured.

Want to watch Empire? Louie? Or what about Property Brothers? There are now apps with Chromecast support for that.

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