iHeartRadio launches their own personalized station option for listeners


iHeartRadio has joined the ranks of other streaming music services in making a customized station or playlist available to users based on what the user enjoys listening to. The “My Favorites Radio” station is powered by all of the songs a user has favorited during the past few years. Owen Grover, senior vice president with iHeartRadio, says the platform has been tracking user input “for four years, and we have an extraordinary amount of actionable data.” That data is combined with iHeartRadio’s programming expertise to produce customized radio stations for listeners. Read more

New study predicts the rise of music streaming services


Juniper Research recently completed a new study that projects revenues from ad-based music streaming services will exceed $1 billion by 2017. According to researcher Joe Crabtree, “With convenience, accessibility and curation having become the defining elements of the music landscape, the potential of the streaming industry will revolve around the levels of which providers can convert free customers to paying customers.” Read more

Google planning to launch subscription-based music service to compete with Spotify


Google is planning to introduce a new subscription-based streaming music service to compete with Spotify and other similar services. The feature will be integrated into Google Play and could be introduced as early as this morning at Google I/O, Google’s annual developer-centric conference.

The service has been in development for some time now, and when launched will put Google at an advantage over competitors like Apple and Amazon, who have yet to launch an integrated streaming music service to their platform. And with the lackluster sales the Play Music Store has accrued, this could be the jump-start to help them catch up with iTunes, the largest retailer of music in the United States. Read more

Spotify update adds new features, trousers option


One of our top music streaming apps, Spotify, released an update today that adds some very useful new features and fixes some others that make the app much more user friendly. Headlining the changes is the ability to filter and sort playlists and tracks. This will help users find just the tune they are looking for that much faster. Spotify also fixed a couple features related to your listening history. First, when returning to the playlist view the app will take you back to the same position you were in when you left that view. Second, if you leave the app entirely, when you log back in you will go right back to what you were listening to. Spotify also addressed an issue with special characters in usernames. As for the trousers option, that is a fictitious addition in this version which states the “app looks great in trousers.”

If you want to try out Spotify, hit one of the download links below. Just note that while the app is free, full functionality requires a Spotify Premium subscription.

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doubleTwist updated to v2.0, adds streaming Magic Radio


doubleTwist released a new version of their Android app today that adds a streaming music service named Magic Radio. The new v2.0.0 adds a personalized, streaming music service with access to over 13 million songs. According to doubleTwist, the doubleTwist Player app will examine your music library to create new, infinite playlists from the streaming service. Users can also create their own streaming playlist based on songs in their library or from scratch. Magic Radio is a $3.99 per month service that does not use ads so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted. However, in adding the new Magic Radio service to the app, it appears doubleTwist has removed the Internet Radio feature judging by reviews left in the Google Play Store. If that was an option you enjoyed and used, you may want to hold off on updating until we see whether doubleTwist has a change of heart and adds it back in. Read more

Slacker Radio releases major version update to 4.0


Streaming radio app Slacker Radio has released a major update taking them up to version 4.0. No details are provided regarding any under the hood improvements, but the user interface has received a major overhaul. Incorporating elements of the Holo design guidelines, the new interface utilizes a blue and white theme that matches up with an overhaul of their web site. Read more

Is Beats Audio Preparing to Release A New Streaming Music Service?

As if creating the most popular and arguably the best sounding personal audio equipment wasn’t good enough, Beats Audio co-founder Jimmy Lovine revealed to Bloomberg Businessweek that the company is looking to attack the streaming music market next. Lovine told BB that “subscription music online is culturally inadequate” and “it’s not satisfying right now.” He feels that a new streaming service done in the proper manner could provide something far beyond the downloading experience that iTunes currently provides. Make no mistake, he is not looking to compete with Apple and even says the company’s music service is “very, very good.” Lovine merely wants to create a streaming service that attracts hundreds of millions of subscribers, making the business model more viable and more successful than the services we currently have available.

As it stands right now, Lovine isn’t saying what will be different with this theoretical service but something must be in the works as he tells BB, “I can’t show the magic trick, but right now the services are utilities. We only see things in a complete thought.” As far as the previous rumor of a MOG buyout goes, we have heard stories that the deal is complete but we have yet to hear any confirmation from either company. Who knows, maybe HTC’s next flagship phone will not only have Beats Audio integration, it could have some sort of Beats streaming music player as well.

source: Bloomberg Businessweek
via: Electronista

MetroPCS will offer Rhapsody Unlimited Music for Android phones

If you are a big music fan, you might want to look at MetroPCS. They are offering a new plan called Rhapsody Unlimited Music for Android phones which features unlimited talk, text, web, multimedia streaming and downloading access, and of course, music. You will have access to the 12 million songs that are in the Rhapsody library which you can stream or download for listening without a connection.

All of this will cost $60 per month which is not bad, but with $50 to $55 unlimited plans offered elsewhere, the Rhapsody part of the equation does not feel like that much of a bonus. It’s is not a bad deal if you happen to be a fan of Rhapsody.

[via metropcs]

mSpot for Android available – Radio Spotter beta music in the cloud

mSpot has updated their Android app to version, which brings the new ‘Radio Spotter’ beta music functionailty, allowing you to match songs in your device to similar music, something like Pandora or last.fm does. This is a little more tuned to your Android device through the mSpot App, which is free by the way. You get 5GB of online storage for Free, and are welcome to upgrade to 40GB for $3.99 per month for larger collections.

The mSpot app will provide you internet radio stations, streaming capabilities for all your devices including android, web-based TV, computers and tablets. You can choose to stream music, save it to storage, or even cache music in case you’re on the go where you may not have network connectivity. Lyrics databases are available to make sure you sing along correctly, equalizer and lock screen widget as well, making this a pretty sweet offering for a free cloud streaming app.


Press Release and video walkthrough below.

Google Streaming music service on the horizon, Aquires Pushlife


If you check out the Pushlife site right now, you’ll come across a blank space. The Toronto-based company, Pushlife, Inc. earlier posted that they “are pleased to announce that we’ve been aquired by Google”. The company that was founded in 2008, was purchased for $25 million by Google. Pushlife was an app that would enable your Android phone to play, share, organize, and buy music easily. This information just adds more to what we’ve been seeing and hearing with leaks and rumors of Google streaming service.

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