OnLive is alive and back again with a new subscription plan to stream your Steam games anywhere

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OnLive shut down its business a few years ago and sold out to Lauder Partners in 2012 for just $4.8 million. The company released a statement back in August 2012 regarding the change of ownership stressing that this matter would not affect the development and production of Onlive.

Now, a few years later, Onlive is back with full potential offering customers two new services, the PlayPack and CloudLift plan. PlayPack charges customers a mere $9.99 monthly subscription fee that will give them access to Onlive’s collection of 250 titles in the cloud via mobile devices.

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VH1 launches Android app with full show streaming, music videos, and watching companion

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vh1VH1 is joining many of their network competitors and launching an Android app, after the iOS version of the app was launched in October of last year. Once you sign in with your cable provider’s credentials, you can stream full episodes of many of VH1′s hit shows. In addition to streaming, the app allows will provide special content for  users, like the re-release of their movie “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.”

In addition, the app doubles as a viewing companion, which makes your device a second screen for information while the show is running on your TV. You can chat with friends, cast members and other people around the world from inside the app while you watch on your TV.

Check out a download link and screenshots past the break.

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Chromecast’s best competitor is finally here— but will it survive?

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It may not come with the same branding and reputation that Google’s Chromecast does, but Airtame certainly has plenty to boast about.

Airtame, the result of an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign, received $1,268,148, going way (way, way, way) over its initial $160,000 goal. Yeah, a lot of people believe in this product.

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Hulu Plus for Android updated to include slide-out navigation and persistent resume bar

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Hulu_Plus_UpdateHulu Plus is the latest Android app to change its look to be more consistent with Google’s design standards. The update includes a slide-out navigation panel that allows for easy access to sections like TV, Movies, Kids, Originals, Latino & British, and a redesigned layout for shows that have multiple seasons. Also, there’s a persistent resume bar, which works well with Chromecast, to allow resuming playback across all devices.

You can find a download link after the break.

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New Chromecast app developed allowing for streaming of local media

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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As expected, the recently released Chromecast was taken apart, put back together, rooted, hacked, and investigated deeply by tons of developers this past week, as the device became available to the public in limited quantities.

It looks like some good has already come out of it, as Koushik Dutta has already built an application that will allow users to stream local media from their phones straight to their TVs via Chromecast.

He made the announcement yesterday on his G+ page.

Wrote my first Chromecast app. Send anything in your gallery to your TV via the standard share button. Images and movies (at full framerate). It works like magic.

Also looking at sending music and playlists.

He later reveals that he is looking into working on a desktop application or Chrome extension which will allow for the same streaming of local media, but on the computer.

This definitely makes Chromecast even more useful for a ton of people, however the application cannot yet be distributed to the public because of Google’s policy with its Beta SDK, which states that written permission from Google is required before releasing the app. If Google sends it through to the Play Store, this will be good news for everyone.

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Sonos app updated, feature added allowing for music playback from Android devices

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The Sonos Hi-Fi wireless music system has been gaining a lot of respect from both the audiophile and music-newbie communities alike— its sheer power and easy syncing abilities make it one of the best sound system products on the market.

Now, they’re adding even more functionality to their Sonos app for Android, as you can now play music and podcasts straight from your library on your device. The previous version required users to download all of their music to their computers and media servers— streaming all the music stored on your phone or tablet is now possible.

If you’ve got a Sonos player, go grab the update now— it’s live in the Google Play Store. And if you don’t have Sonos, then what are you waiting for? Go get it!

Check out more information below, a link to download the update, and a link to get your own Sonos player.

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Stream Playlists Of Videos, Pictures And Music To DLNA Devices With Eye-C Taglists

by Joe Sirianni on
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Eye-C Taglists has made its way to the Android platform and offers users an endless stream of music, photos and TV in a personalized channel customized just for you.

Download Eye-C Taglists for free, and your timeline becomes your own personal TV channel, music player, or photo gallery. At any point, just push play, and the feed comes to life – on your phone, TV, Apple TV (even from an Android phone), PC and more. Add a hashtag (#tag) to any video, song or picture to build a taglist – a playlist that combines items from multiple sources – YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, or even your personal music library (see below for tech specs). More sources are coming every month, so play tags – it’s easy and free.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1 – Find videos, pictures and music you think are interesting in YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, and now SoundCloud.
Step 2 – Play your picks on your mobile phone, connected TV, Apple TV or other Airplay and DLNA devices.
Step 3 – Play content individually or as taglists. These lists can come from your friends, or they can come from users tagging a video with a certain term, like #startaparty.
Step 4 – Easily add another video, song, or picture to that list, by tagging it #startaparty – and watch your playlist change and grow as people interact with it.

So if you’ve been looking for an app to supply an endless stream of content from multiple users and platforms like YouTube, Picasa, Facebook and your own personal music playstist, Eye-C Taglists can deliver.  The application will work on most Android devices but can also play on hansets supporting DLNA (wireless push content).  You can download the application from our popular apps database where you’ll also find a QR Code available or you can download it from the Android Market.  The application is free and will work on devices manufactured by “Pioneer, Denon, Yamaha, Sony and more, connected TVs from Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, set top boxes including WD (Western Digital) and Popcorn Hour, as well as Xbox 360 (with Windows Media Player)” You can check out the full press release after the break.   » Read the rest

Seagate GoFlex Media App is Now Available from the Android Market (Video)

by Joe Sirianni on
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It’s finally here!  Back in May Seagate introduced their portable WiFi enabled hard drive capable of transferring large files to and from your Android device while on the go.  The device is capable of storing up to 500 GB’s of data and can be accessed absolutely anywhere and at anytime from your Android smartphone.  The days of waiting to get home to transfer content from your portable USB enabled hard drive are a thing of the past.  The device contains its own battery capable of holding a charge for up to 25 hours and will run you about $200.  All we were waiting for was a complimentary Android application to easily access our content while on the go.  The wait is finally over.  Seagate has finally announced the application’s arrival and you can download it now on the Android Market.  Hit the break for a video demo and excerpt from Seagates presser and don’t forget to let us know what you think about the device in the comments below.   » Read the rest

Blu-ray digital download movies coming to Android from 20th Century Fox

by Jesse Bauer on
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With services like Netflix and Hulu making their way to Android devices, even if its only a small amount so far, it’s no wonder that other distributors are looking to make mobile apps for their services. 20th Century Fox may be the next in line to bring movies to the small screen, by releasing an app that allows you to download a digital copy to your device from Blu-Ray titles it offers.

Those who take advantage of the service should be warned that downloading an entire movie, never mind a Blu-Ray title will use up a significant amount of bandwidth, and thus, recommended it be done over Wi-Fi, not 3G or 4G connections (unless of course you pay for unlimited use, or a large amount of bandwidth). When Fox launches this app, let’s hope they are learning from Netflix and Hulu’s limits, and launch the app for compatibility to any Android device over Android 2.2 at the very least.

[via slashgear]

Jamendo Player For Android, Available For Download In The Market (Video)

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Jamendo Player is one of the latest players to hit the market and offers a few nice extras as well.  The app is dubbed the largest Creative Commons-licensed music catalog around and offers content discovery from works of independent artists all over the world.  Search for any and all content related to your favorite artist and create a playlists for continuous playback as well.  The player has a nice, clean and crisp UI offering you an extreme interactive experience.  Best thing about the app is, it’s all free, legal & unlimited!, says  Hit the break to check out some screen shots and a video of the app in action.  The video is of version 1.0 but you can get a basic feel for the UI and how interactive the application really is just as well.   » Read the rest