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Google To Possibly Open Retail Store At Its European Headquarters In Dublin



Looks like Google is about to dive in to the retail business, perhaps going toe-to-toe with Apple. According to Bloomberg, Google recently made a filing and will possibly open its first stand-alone retail store at its European headquarters in Dublin. In case you’re unfamiliar, Google’s European headquarters in Dublin is the largest Google location outside of the U.S. The store would be located in Dublin’s Montevetro office block and include about 123 square meters (1,323 square feet) of space with an added mezzanine floor extension. It has already purchased the Montevetro space for 100 million euros (roughly $132 million) and once the renovation is complete, Google will have well over 3,000 employees in the Dublin area. Bloomberg adds “the planning application, prepared by consultants John Spain Associates for Google Ireland Inc., was approved by the Dublin City Council on Jan. 23.” Among the noteworthy features of the planning highlights a staff swimming pool in an area designed for use as a restaurant.

A full-fledged retail store is certainly not too surprising too. For starters, Bloomberg highlights Google already “has a store for its merchandise at its headquarters in California, which isn’t open to the public but also offers its merchandise at” Also, Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility is set to be complete in the near-future, which in part will help compete with Apple Store offerings— setting the stage for many exclusive devices, accessories or just anything Google to be displayed and glorified. Oh and don’t forget– Google has a major role in Androidland in Austrailia, in case you might have forgotten.

source: Bloomberg

HTC launching retail stores

HTC, one of the primary sources for your daily Android phone fixes, may be launching additional retail stores. The Taiwan-based company already has one retail store in Prague, but some more would definitely be nice. The stores will most likely have HTC’s simplistic, white touches, … and probably look very cool in general. Check out more photos of HTC’s retail stores after the break.

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