Nexus 4 stock alert app now available on the Play Store

Still fuming over that Nexus 4 launch debacle? Well, what’s done is done, however this little gem may be of some assistance. While it remains to be seen if it actually works since no new stock has come available; it’s sure worth a try if you’ve got about 38 extra MB of data to spare each week. The app claims to regularly check the Google Play Store link for any changes and alert you if it becomes available, much like a Chrome extension only in app form.

I’ve been running the app for about 4 days now and there’s constantly an icon sitting in the notification bar, and it should turn into a yellowish star if the stock status changes along with an audible alert. It appears that it checks the site every 30 minutes based on the time stamp in the app itself. It also remains to be see which version it’s checking on, if not both of them. Chances are we’ll be made aware ahead of time the next time the Nexus 4 will be available, but it’s worth a try going forward and you really never know what will or will not be announced ahead of time.  It sure would’ve been nice to get that notification at 11:40 am for those of waiting to log in at Noon on November 13th.

Warning:  As mentioned above: This app will use up about 38MB of data each week, or 150MB per month. Proceed with caution regarding data overages.

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