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Another Day, Another Dose Of Sharp Android & iOS Criticism From Steve Ballmer


Microsoft head man Steve Ballmer is at it yet again by touting his Windows Phone platform, while offering sharp criticism of both the Android and iOS platforms at the same time. According to TechCrunch, Ballmer took some time to highlight the difference of apps between his Windows Phone platform and the competition, albeit in a fiery manner. He argues that the Android ecosystem is “wild”, “uncontrolled” and susceptible to malware. It doesn’t stop there as he highlights Apple’s iOS ecosystem is “high-priced” and “highly controlled”. We get the sense that those in the audience listening to him may have been somewhat uncomfortable and/or offended by his latest comments.

Naturally he doesn’t highlight the successes of both platforms despite their perceived “flaws”, but such is life I suppose. Ballmer is known for creating controversy and expressing bold opinions, but it may appear that he is jumping the gun just a little bit. Let’s see how Windows Phone sales do during Q4 and if Ballmer will continue to stir up controversy then.

source: Tech Crunch


Rumors of merger between Adobe and Microsoft begin after CEOs hold secret meeting

Recently, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer made the trek out to San Francisco to hold a secret meeting with Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe. Many things were discussed, but the main talking point was Apple, and how Microsoft and Adobe could work together to try and take them down a peg or two.

This report, from the New York Times, mentions that Microsoft had originally contacted Adobe several years ago over the possibilities of a merger, but that nothing moved past formal talks. Lips are sealed on both sides of the table, but sources from each camp have confirmed that the meeting did in fact take place, and that Apple was a key topic of discussion.

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