CyanogenMod eclipses 5 million downloads and counting



Oh CyanogenMod, let us count the ways we love thee. If we were to actually count, 5 million and change would probably be your stopping point— but thankfully we don’t have to count because CyanogenMod has done it for us. Using the latest report from the CyanogenMod statistics feature, the total number of installs has climbed to 5,071,645. What is especially interesting is the number of official installs of 1,881,796 v.s. 3,189,849 unofficial installs. There is a slight skew there, but it makes sense if you think about it. For example, I remember my Epic 4G Touch or Sprint S II doesn’t have an officially supported CyanogenMod ROM, but there are a few unofficial ones floating around out there.

CyanogenMod has gone through many changes during its time and this number represents their dedication to their fans and the Android community. My hat is off to the CyanogenMod team, congratulations and excellent job. Not to leave out the fans, because they deserve congratulations too. This accomplishment wouldn’t be achieved if it wasn’t for their love of CyanogenMod and their dedication to the ROM. Do you use CyanogenMod as your daily driver? If so tell us what you love most about CyanogenMod in the Comments section below.

Source: CyanogenMod Stats

[Infographic] U.S. mobile phone usage statistics

With Google‘s latest boast of over 900,000 daily activations and sales of Apple’s iPhone proving to be a worthy runner up, it stands to reason that there are quite a few smartphones in circulation. The US Census Bureau for 2011 told us that there were 311,591,917 people living in the United States. Digital marketing and design company Steadyrain estimate that 232,000,000 Americans are equipped with a mobile communication device, an incredible two thirds of the population.

There’s plenty of other fascinating information covering everything from web browsing to video streaming however you don’t need to take it from me. Check out the full infographic below and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Latest comScore Shows Android is Top Dog and Samsung is King

It seems every month we’re getting different statistic reports on which mobile OS has the highest market share. A couple weeks a go, Neilsen released a report showing that Android is still top dog when it comes to Apple vs. Android, and to no surprise Android took the lead by 16%. Just yesterday, comScore released a new study that corroborates with Neilsen’s, and actually shows Android jumping up 1% a month over a 3 month average (keep in mind Nielsen’s report reflected new smartphone buyers in Dec. only) Despite the iPhone’s massive increase in sales recently, it just isn’t enough for them to gain much ground in the battle for #1.

As you can see, it’s kind of a loosing battle when you are competing against Android and iOS as they continue a trend of stealing market share from BlackBerry, Windows, and Sybian. Read more

Verizon Losing Android Market Share, AT&T on the Rise

As I say every time that I review market statistics, we’ve seen a million different ways to prove how one provider is more successful than the next. While Chitika’s statistics don’t really provide anything we haven’t already seen, they do tell us that Verizon is slowly on the decline, and AT&T is on a definite rise. Verizon holds four of the five top smartphones (Droid X, HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate, Droid), has hands-down the best service in the country, and provides excellent customer service. So, why does AT&T continue rise while Verizon loses market share? Perhaps the popularity of recent devices (like the HTC Inspire) or growing service area is the culprit, but this reviewer finds the numbers strange. If AT&T’s merge with T-Mobile is blessed, they are even set to overtake Sprint for a solid 2nd place. Here’s to hoping that with the increased user base comes more responsibility to the customer on AT&T’s part.

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Those in the South More Likely to Carry an Android Device

We’ve seen a hundred different ways to analyze smartphone statistics, but this one has us particularly interested. Mobile ad firm Jumptap comes to us with some curious stats regarding Android’s dominance in the US, and it isn’t what you’d expect.

Most agencies will tell you that Android holds a firm lead in the US market. It’s been this way for months now. What hasn’t been reported yet is where these statistics hold true. There is in fact a disparity between the north-eastern and south-western states. Nearly every north-eastern state holds more iPhone users, while nearly every south-western state holds an Android lead. Together, Android accounts for a 38 percent share, while iOS holds 33 percent – which is higher than some others have reported. These findings are based off of JumpTap’s ad network, so these numbers may not accurately represent the entire smartphone sprawl across Blackberry and WP7.

So what does this mean? Are southerners the superior race (because Android users obviously are!)? It’s hard to say, but this writer is certainly proud to be a Texan.

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AppBrain Android Stats launches

AppBrain has developed into a very nice search engine for the Android Market. Many were wondering what direction they would go once Google released their web-based market. They are still alive and has just released a new service called AppBrain Android Stats.

AppBrain is reporting that there are 148,990 apps in the market as of the time of this writing. There are 93,202 free apps and 56,408 paid apps. They even evaluate which phones have this highest market share of AppBrain users. Samsung Galaxy S wins it hands down with 14.0% and the HTC EVO 4G comes in second with 9.5%.

They also get into ratings of apps. Right now 47.7% of apps are rated lower than 3 stars.

It is good to see AppBrain is still around. I think they have some great search functions, and are a great resource if you are looking for a few new apps.

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Android sold more handsets in Q4 2010 than Nokia’s Symbian

googlesymbian q42010

For the first time in 10 years, Nokia’s symbian platform was NOT the leader in handsets sales, as Google’s Android took the top spot for Q4 of 2010! Research firm Canalys said on Monday that 32.0 million Android phones were sold, while Symbian devices sold totaled 31 million. A large amount of those sales for Android phones comes from popular models from HTC, Samsung and LG, not surprisingly either, as we saw many new models from each of those manufacturers, and will continue to see many more as they ramp up after showing off new devices for 2011 after CES.

Will Nokia be able to regain their corner of the smartphone market? That remains to be seen. They have a new CEO, Stephen Elop, who plans to announce his new direction for Nokia on Feb. 11th 2011. Android on the other hand doesn’t seem to have much to worry about as it continually climbs the popularity ladder, and will keep climbing into 2011 with Gingerbread and Honeycomb releases.

[via Reuters, intomobile]

MLB At Bat 2010 price slashed to $6.99 until September 7th

MLB At Bat 2010 is an Android application that allows you to listen live to your favorite baseball team’s games. But that’s not all. Not only can you get both sides’ radio broadcasts, in-game video highlights, and live score updates in the palm of you hand, you can also have real-time tracking of all of the fielding teams pitches. Any avid baseball fan would want this app. But there was always one problem: the price. The app was $14.99. Pretty expensive to buy if you are not a huge baseball follower. However, the price of the baseball application has been slashed by more than half of the original $14.99 price tag. The current price of the app is $6.99, but not for long, as the offer will end September 7th.

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