Star Wars Rebels: Recon hits the Play Store


Nothing can stop the Star Wars franchise at this point. From television to apparel to movies and video games, George Lucas’ beloved child can be seen around the world. Star Wars Rebels is an ongoing television series airing on Disney XD. To supplement the television series, Disney has released a mobile game titled Star Wars Rebels: Recon. This action-platformer tasks players with fighting against (suprise!) the Empire.

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Knights of the Old Republic now available for Android


A long time ago it took a decently powerful desktop computer to run a major RPG title like Knights of the Old Republic from the Star Wars universe. Fast forward a few years that computing power can now be found in devices that fit in the palm of your hand. To prove that point, Aspyr Media, Inc. has released the full Knights of the Old Republic game for Android devices.
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Amazon Appstore having “May the Fourth Be With You” Sale


Google is having a Star Wars sale, and Amazon has responded with their own. From now until May 10, the Amazon Appstore will be offering deals on all types of Star Wars related content. In addition, Star Wars oriented Free App of the Day will be featured on Sunday, May the 4th.

The current deals going on include Star Wars Pinball 3 free with 50% off in-app purchases, 50% off in-app purchases for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, and Angry Birds Star Wars Premium HD (Kindle Tablet Edition) at $0.99.

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Google Play having “May the Fourth Be With You” sale on Star Wars content

star_wars_google_playMay 4th is a holiday for Star Wars fans everywhere, due to the punny “May the fourth be with you” phrase, and Google is taking advantage of that by offering deals. Named simply the “May the Fourth Be With You” sale, you can find all kinds of Star Wars games, apps, and books, discounted, or even free beginning today.

These deals will presumably run until May 4th, but it’s not clear whether the deals will change as it gets closer to the 4th. You can check out what’s available via the link below.

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Angry Birds Star Wars gets final update with 30 new levels

Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio is finally updating Angry Birds Star Wars to include its final 30 levels and a finale to the saga in the game. There are 15 levels on an Imperial Star Destroyer and 15 levels on the Death Star, all of which build up to boss fights against Lard Vader and the Emperor. We’ll also finally see Lard Vader unmasked at the conclusion.

Unfortunately, Rovio’s first Star Wars crossover had to come to an end sometime, but it looks like they’re going to make this ending almost as epic as the original Star Wars trilogy. The update (and original game) is free to download below.

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‘Tiny Death Star’ 8-bit Star Wars game released to Google Play

Star Wars Game

If you’re into Nimblebit’s “Tiny Towers” game, then you’ll certainly love it with a taste of everyone’s favorite sci-fi franchise.

The “Tiny Death Star” game, made by the folks over at Nimblebit in the same vein as their hit, “Tiny Towers,” challenges players to build a Death Star (which surprisingly has convenience stores and restaurants built in) in order to raise enough revenue to complete the Death Star and take over the galaxy. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s a comical spin-off of the Star Wars series, and promises to be highly addictive. NPCs will come in and out of the Death Star even while you’re not playing (real time component built in) and purchase merchandise from your virtual shops, and buy apartments, etc.

The game also builds in random mini-games in which you’ll have to search for spies or tend to bounty hunters, adding to the Star Wars theme of the game. Hit the break for a video, screens, and a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Feel the power of the pork side in new Angry Birds Star Wars II game


You may have thought it was only natural that one would play an Angry Birds Star Wars character on the light side of the Force. Rovio shows us in their latest title that it was not always that way though, as Angry Birds Star Wars II follows along with the events from the prequel movies and gives players the opportunity to feel the power of the Pork Side. That’s right, players can now select characters like Darth Maul, Darth Vader, General Grievous, or Emperor Palpatine as they battle to become a Sith Master.
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Rovio Tweets A Sneak Peek At Coming Angry Birds Star Wars Content

Using the hash tags #ComingSoon and #EscapeFromHoth, Rovio tweeted an image (above) of a sling-shot equipped millennium falcon. Putting two and two together, it looks like Rovio is planning an update to Angry Birds Star Wars. No details as of yet, but at the very least Android gamers can expect more time-wasting pig-slaughtering levels. Perhaps, as the image suggests, the rebellion will shift to an underground environment, but that’s just speculation. All we know for sure is Rovio is planning something.

Via: Droid Gamers
Source: Rovio Twitter

Planet Hoth to be added to Angry Birds Star Wars in tomorrow’s update [Video]

Now that you have had a great deal of time to play it, how have you guys liked Angry Birds Star Wars? Was it what you expected? Either way, Rovio isn’t stopping and plans on updating the game even further. For tomorrow’s update, Rovio has brought forth Planet Hoth, and I’m sure this will make Star Wars fans happy. You can check out the mini teaser below and a download link after the break!

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