Square Enix rereleases Tomb Raider I for Android devices


The Tomb Raider franchise holds a very special place in the hearts of gamers around the world. Since its first release almost twenty years ago, millions of gamers have spent hours playing as Lara Croft. The game that started it all can now be played on Android devices as Square Enix, its publisher, has rereleased Tomb Raider I. Everything about the original, even its blocky graphics, returns in the version available right now in the Play Store. Tomb Raider I for Android also includes two extra chapters and support for MOGA and Logitech accessories.

The game costs $0.99 and requires 320MB of memory to install.

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Square Enix drops Final Fantasy VI on the Play Store for $15.99

final fantasy VI

Square Enix has released their classic RPG, Final Fantasy VI, onto the Play Store. It’ll cost you $15.99 which is definitely more than the latest version of Angry Birds, but it’s packed with a lot more content, too.

Square has reworked the graphics to give them a more modern feel, and the controls have been altered to work on touchscreen devices. Overall, if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy games, this one’s definitely worth the price of admission. Hit the link below for the download. Read more

Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy II, Demons’ Score released in Google Play Store by Square Enix

Just in time for everyone starting a long holiday break looking for something to do on their tablet or smartphone, Square Enix released a trio of titles to the Google Play Store today. The first title is Final Fantasy II, a port of the original FF II from 1988. The game revolves around four war heroes caught between an empire and a rebel resistance. The game features a proficiency system for developing a character versus the more typical level up structure. Final Fantasy II is available for $7.00 and will run on Android 2.2 or higher. Read more