Square Enix drops Final Fantasy VI on the Play Store for $15.99

final fantasy VI

Square Enix has released their classic RPG, Final Fantasy VI, onto the Play Store. It’ll cost you $15.99 which is definitely more than the latest version of Angry Birds, but it’s packed with a lot more content, too.

Square has reworked the graphics to give them a more modern feel, and the controls have been altered to work on touchscreen devices. Overall, if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy games, this one’s definitely worth the price of admission. Hit the link below for the download.
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Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy II, Demons’ Score released in Google Play Store by Square Enix

Just in time for everyone starting a long holiday break looking for something to do on their tablet or smartphone, Square Enix released a trio of titles to the Google Play Store today. The first title is Final Fantasy II, a port of the original FF II from 1988. The game revolves around four war heroes caught between an empire and a rebel resistance. The game features a proficiency system for developing a character versus the more typical level up structure. Final Fantasy II is available for $7.00 and will run on Android 2.2 or higher.
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DeNA and Square Enix Partner to Bring FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE Mobile Game to Players in United States and Canada

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade has had quite a bit of success in Japan, with over 3 million registered users. It’s a social game that’s advertised as being easy to play for players new to the Final Fantasy universe, as well as appealing to veterans of the franchise. On the heels of this success, DeNA and Square Enix have announced today that they will be bringing the game to North American shores in the near future. It’s also the first free-to-play Final Fantasy social game to be released in English.

Players cooperate and explore a world based on Final Fantasy in airships, and join with other players to form airborne brigades and fight bosses. Each player gains experience and levels up through these boss fights and quests. The enemies and items all come from the familiar Final Fantasy universe. Simple, but it’s bound to have quite a bit of depth with Final Fantasy behind it. Users can go ahead and preregister now to be alerted when the game becomes available to download. Hit the press release below to find out more.
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Square Enix teases Android games line-up for Gamecom

With Gamescom, Europe’s foremost gaming event set to open, Square Enix has released information about the games from their portfolio that will be available for demo action. The most buzzworthy is Final Fantasy Dimensions which was the first Final Fantasy game developed for mobile platforms. Final Fantasy Dimensions features 2D pixel art, job-driven character growth, and the ability to inherit the jobs of your companions.
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Square Enix To Release Demon’s Score Using Unreal Engine 3

Another announcement from the Tokyo Game Show is that Square Enix is creating a new game called Demon’s Score that will use the Unreal Engine 3 (Enix is a licensee of the engine). There is some confusion whether Epic Games, creator of the award winning Unreal series, will actually be involved or not. So for now all we have is the screenshot above to drool over, but I’m liking what Square Enix is up to. Stay tuned for details as this game is set to release next year.

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Square Enix Focuses on Smartphone Game Development with Hippos Lab

If you’re any kind of gamer, you know who Square Enix is. Even if you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game in your life (I’ve only dabbled in a couple my own self), you might know their other titles like the Tactics Ogre, Just Cause 2 (one of my faves), Star Ocean and much more. Square Enix has also dabbled in smart phone gaming, releasing several versions of Final Fantasy and Song Summoner for the iOS.

Well, in a recent release from Square Enix, they’ve announced the formation of Hippos Lab, which will create “high quality original content” for smartphone platforms. Hopefully this means more than just the iOS. Sadly we have little more than that at the moment, besides knowing that their first title will be “ready soon”. Given the popularity of Square Enix games, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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