New Ad By Samsung Reveals Sept 9th Launch Date For Sprint US Galaxy S II?

Without a doubt, the news on everyone’s mind has got be when in the world Samsung will release a Galaxy S II variant in the US?  Well, as tidbits and morsels of information continue to surface, it appears we’re closer now than ever.  And first up on the list of carriers to launch the device?  You guessed it, Sprint.  And as Talk Android makes a presence at Samsung’s Galaxy S II event in New York on Aug 29th, we only hope to confirm it.  So, how are we tying this one to Sprint?  Thanks to a fan over at Phandroid, they were able to note that the location in the weather widget happens to be Sprint’s HQ location in Kansas City.  Well done 007.  Furthermore, the date set on the widget clock is Sept 9th, an already rumored release date for Sprint’s version of the GSII, aka the Epic Touch 4G/Within.  Stay tuned as we report our findings at Sammy’s New York event on the 29th.  If you’ve been patiently waiting for Samsung’s flagship device to hit US shelves, the wait is almost over.  Hit the break to check out a photo of the ad itself and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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White HTC EVO 3D to Be Landing at RadioShack

Back in the old days, when the original HTC EVO 4G released for Sprint, Best Buy released a surprise in the form of a white variant of the venerable titan. The color did well, especially when it was released at other Sprint dealers, and it offered an alternative to the arguably masculine dark grey and black. Now it seems as though RadioShack is looking to emulate big blue, as they’ve announced a white version of the new HTC EVO 3D. Set to be released next month (September for those not keeping track), RadioShack’s white EVO 3D goes a step beyond the white EVO 4G in that the entire body is white, as opposed to merely the rear housing and battery door. The black bezel around the screen is still black, however.  There’s no word as to how long it will remain exclusive to the Shack and no mention of price (expect the same $200, I would imagine), but these details tend to get ironed out as launch day approaches. So who’s looking to get one of these? Let us know in the comments and feel free to jump in after the break to see a larger image.

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Sprint now offering day, week, or month data packages for HTC EVO View, No long-term contract

Sprint wins the flexibility award for today. They just started offering À la carte 3G/4G data packages for the HTC EVO View with NO long-term contracts. I know there are a lot of you that only need carrier data at certain times because you mostly have access to WiFi. This is an awesome addition and hopefully other carriers will follow.

You now have the following choices without the hassle of a commitment:

  • Day: $14.99 for 150 MB of on-network usage in a 24-hour period (includes 50 MB off-network roaming usage)
  • Week: $29.99 for 500 MB of on-network usage in a 7-day period (includes 100 MB off-network roaming usage)
  • Month: $49.99 for 1.5 GB of usage in a 30-day period (includes 150 MB off-network roaming usage)

Once you hit the data limit for the time frame you have, you data will be cut off.

If you have a Mobile Broadband device, than you will be happy to know that in the near future you will have access to these same deals.

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Review: Sprint Samsung Conquer 4G [video]

We had a chance to get our hands on a new Samsung Conquer 4G on Sprint, and we would like to share it with you. The phone is considered an entry level device, although we here at TalkAndroid are giving it the thumbs up to be called mid-range. With a 1GHz CPU and the overall snappiness of the device, this phone deserves a little more “oomph” than “entry level”. The overall feel of the phone is good, and the fact that it comes with stock Vanilla Android as the UI excites the heck out of this writer.

If you’re wanting the full rundown of the device, hit the break for both the unboxing and review videos, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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Sprint may acquire Clearwire

Sprint has begun taking measures that may lead to its eventual acquisition of Clearwire. Currently, Sprint is the majority shareholder of Clearwire, however it needs to buy out shares owned by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Brighthouse in order to have complete control over Clearwire’s WiMax network. So far Sprint has been discussing the matter with Comcast to provide funding to Clearwire so that it can speed progress of upgrading its network to LTE. Clearwire shut down service back in February to work on upgrading its network but progress has been slow. Sprint knows that LTE will be a necessary upgrade for Clearwire to remain competitive. So far no further comment has been made by Sprint, Comcast or Clearwire, but we will keep you posted.

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Sprint Could be the First Carrier to See the Galaxy S II

A source out of SprintFeed tells us that Sprint could be the first US carrier to launch the Galaxy S II, dubbing it the Epic Touch 4G. Disregarding the odd name, the Epic Touch 4G is shaping up to be a very respectable phone, capable of holding its own against other superphones. We’re excited to see it launch on the 9th, and initial previews for the device seem to be positive. Here’s hoping Samsung has some good news for us on the 29th at their launch event.

[via SprintFeed]

EVO 3D Unlock Bootloader Tool Available on HTCDev Website (Next Up T-Mobile Sensation 4G?)

Following the Sensation 4G in Europe, now owners of the EVO 3D on Sprint can join the party and unlock their bootloaders via the HTCDev website tool. You can head over to the HTCDev site and get started by the source link below. Remember, running this tool will void your warranty, so proceed with caution. It also appears the HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile is listed on the site too, however, it’s grayed out.  Keep checking back with us and we’ll let you know when it’s live! HTC deserves a big applause for this so let’s give it up for them. Hit us up in the comments and let us know if you’re excited!

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Pre-order your Samsung Conquer 4G at Radio Shack for $19.99

We were expecting a $100 price tag on the Samsung Conquer 4G, but Radio Shack has come in with a sweet deal. If you sign a new 2-year contract with Sprint, you can grab it for $19.99. Existing Sprint customers wanting to upgrade will need to throw down $79.99. The official launch is this Sunday, August 21st.

We know this is not a high end phone, but this phone is more than enough for a lot of people. Honestly, the specs are not bad for the price. It comes with 1GHz processor, 3.5-inch (480 x 320) screen, Android 2.3 and 4G connectivity.

Make sure to check out our unboxing video and stay tuned for our full review.

Who is grabbing one?

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HTC EVO 3D maintenance update now live

It wasn’t supposed to be until August 23rd, but today Sprint released the maintenance update for the HTC EVO 3D. This is version 2.08.651.2, and the enhancements and fixes include:


  • Making additional preloaded apps un-installable by user.
  • Updates to applications: Spiderman, Watch, Qik


  • Device Lockscreen stuck in “half-state”
  • Ability to transfer all contacts over Bluetooth
  • Birthday one day off between contacts and Facebook when synced
  • Random GPS coordinates issue – stuck in Taiwan
  • Lockscreen displays 3-digit temperature correctly
  • Spiderman demo lockup

Make sure to hit Menu/Settings/About Phone/System Updates to grab the update.

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RadioShack Ready for Sunday’s arrival of the Samsung Conquer 4G

It looks like Radio Shack is getting ready for Sunday’s launch of the Samsung Conquer 4G.

The Conquer will arrive sporting a 1Ghz processor, 3.5″ screen, Dual Cameras (1.3MP front/3.2MP rear), and Android 2.3. While this is not top-end performance in comparison to some of the latest dual-core smartphones, the price being offered on a 2 year contract, $69.00, makes it a very affordable option for someone looking for a 4G phone.

We recently had the chance to unbox a Conquer 4G and will have a review coming up as well. Additional information on the phone is also available from the original announcement by Samsung and Sprint.

Photo courtesy of our friends at Android Central

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