Samsung Galaxy Note Heading To Sprint?

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been a bit of a buzz lately in the mobile market and as AT&T is all set to score the device in the US, it looks like Sprint may be sticking their hand in mobile cookie jar too.  The folks over at SprintFeed state they have a proven source that claims the device is in route to the Now Network.  No release date was noted of course, however, it’s possible we could receive that information as early as CES next week.  The Sprint version of the device supposedly has the same specs as the AT&T version however, it’s possible there could be a WiMax radio on board.  We’ll be keeping an eye out so as to confirm that however.

Once the device is officially released, we’ll have to see how well it does in the US.  It’s still unclear whether the tablet/phone aka the Phablet, is a welcomed device in the mobile market.  We’d think it would be considering the announcement of one million Note’s being served and counting.  Personally speaking?  I would be all over that device like a fat kid on cake if given the opportunity.  Hit the break to check out some of the previous YouTube video’s and hands-on’s we’ve covered over the past several months and get your drool on right.    Read more

Sprint to Begin Selling White Samsung Epic 4G Touch in January 2012

A recent leak obtained by the folks over at SprintFeed shows that Sprint will start carrying a white version of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch beginning January 8, 2012. The device specs will be the same as the black model aside from a new paint job. SprintFeed was also able to confirm that the white variant will be available at all Sprint locations and will not be exclusive to any specific retailer.

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Select Sprint Premier Account Holders will Receive Early Upgrades Through December 31

Some of you lucky Sprint customers may already know this, but Sprint has decided to extend their holiday cheer by offering early upgrades to select premium account holders. The above leaked corporate memo details the silent internal promotion and explains that some customers may be eligible for an early upgrade as long as they are a high value customer.

The deal only lasts until December 31st and can only be accessed within a corporate Sprint store. If you are a Sprint customer in good standing, now is your chance to take advantage of one of the great new devices that are available today. Just head in to your local corporate Sprint store (not authorized retailer) and ask if you qualify for the Upgrade Glee targeted offer. By the looks of the memo, you might have to pay for the device and will receive a mail in rebate. Either way, it’s got to be nice to upgrade your cellphone earlier than you had anticipated. :-D

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T-Mobile Will Continue To Innovate And Sprint Speaks Out About The Former Acquisition

So, whether you wanted it to or not, the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition is over for now and T-Mobile will continue to be the small scrappy guy everyone loves, with a huge Android portfolio, innovative technology and small competitive price planning.  In the aftermath, it appears that Deutsche Telekom has made out on the deal thanks to the break-up agreement that was set in place.  DT will most likely use the earnings to pay off any excess debt.  So, what does this mean for U.S’s Magenta?  Both AT&T and T-Mobile have settled on a 7-year roaming agreement allowing T-Mo customers to freely roam on AT&T’s UMTS network.  Apparently, T-Mobile has been working on a few devices capable of running several of these frequencies.

And according to DT, the deal will expand Magenta’s coverage by about 50 million subscribers (230 to 280 million).  Hey, at this point, T-Mo will take what they can get.  Here’s what T-Mobile’s Chief Operations Officer, Jim Alling had to say when the company released an official statement  on their blog:   Read more

Sprint’s Nexus S 4G gets Android 4.0.3 ROM Ported from T-Mobile’s Nexus S OTA

Android Central forum member beezy has whipped up an Ice Cream Sandwich treat for you folks on Sprint with a Nexus S 4G. The Android 4.0.3 OTA for T-mobile’s Nexus S has been ported to Sprint’s Nexus 4G. You won’t see any wimax (4G), but 3G data, camera, WiFi, and bluetooth are confirmed working. You’ll need to be rooted and you can flash this ROM via Clockwork. You will also need to head over to the AC forums and be registered to download the file and you can do so from the source link below. Happy flashing, but do so at your own risk.

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Sprint Says No More To Carrier IQ


It looks like Sprint is going to be the first to jump ship from Carrier IQ. Android Central is reporting that they have contacted Sprint in regards to the Carrier IQ ordeal, and it seems as if Sprint will be the first company to stop collecting data through Carrier IQ. This comes on the heels of a report on that Sprint was ordering all OEMs to strip CIQ from all their devices.

Instead of stripping it from all there devices, Sprint is no longer going to collect the data. Read on past the break for Sprint’s own words about the decision.
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Senator Al Franken Still Has Concerns over Carrier IQ


Senator Al Franken has received letters from from Carrier IQ as well as; AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, and HTC. All explaining how carrier IQ works and their involvement in it’s use. With all of theses responses it still leaves the Senator with some questions and concerns. As it should you too. Here is a quote from the Senator’s press release;

“I appreciate the responses I received, but I’m still very troubled by what’s going on, people have a fundamental right to control their private information. After reading the companies’ responses, I’m still concerned that this right is not being respected. The average user of any device equipped with Carrier IQ software has no way of knowing that this software is running, what information it is getting, and who it is giving it to-and that’s a problem.  It appears that Carrier IQ has been receiving the contents of a number of text messages-even though they had told the public that they did not.  I’m also bothered by the software’s ability to capture the contents of our online searches-even when users wish to encrypt them.  So there are still many questions to be answered here and things that need to be fixed.” said Sen. Franken.

This is just a little snip-it but, if you want to read all he had to say, as well as what Carrier IQ, AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, and HTC’s use of Carrier IQ and the phones it is installed on. Click on the links below to read their letters to the Senator. Motorola and T-Mobile have until December 20th to respond.

Senator Al Franken’s Press release;

Also responses from;
·         Carrier IQ: letter and attachment.
·         AT&T
·         Sprint
·         Samsung
·         HTC





ZTE Tablet Passes Through FCC Trials

Do you remember the ZTE Tablet we told you about back in September? If not,  read this and catch up. OK, now that we are all up to speed, it looks as if ZTE has come through with making it a reality. The V66 just passed through the FCC, and has the 4G LTE stamp on the back, meaning it is heading for Verizon. Sprint will be getting the V55, so this must be Verizon’s version of the same tablet. There isn’t too much more information to give about it’s journey through the FCC, but we will be keeping our eye on ZTE as they make their way into the U.S. market. Who is ready to have 4-cores? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Sprint Begins Rolling Out Samsung Epic 4G Update to Fix Signal Loss Issues

A couple weeks back we told you that Samsung had promised that a patch was in the works to fix the Epic 4G Touch signal loss problem and today is the day it finally is released. For those of you who have been power cycling your Epic 4G Touch to regain signal, here’s hoping this patch solves your annoying problem. Also, if you are experiencing a 4G hotspot signal loss when in a phone call, this update should address that as well.

The update will roll-out in random selection and could take up to 10 days to reach all devices.  You should see a message in your notification bar when your device is within the selected batch to receive the update. If you are antsy and want to see if you can force the update, press Menu–> Settings–> About–> System Update. From there, if you device is ready to receive the EK02 update, you should see an update option, if not, you’re just going to have to wait it out. To see the short but official changelog, hit the source link below. There you will also find a discussion link in case you have any further question or concerns.

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