Eco-friendly Samsung Replenish, available in Raspberry Pink July 24th from Sprint

As of today the Samsung Replenish is available in Onyx Black and Arctic Blue. Now for all you who like a more flashy look to your Android device, on July 24th you’ll be able to pick up the eco-friendly phone in a brightly colored, Raspberry Pink.

This Samsung model, branded by Sprint was initially created to promote commitment to environmental awareness, in part by being made out of 80 percent recycled material. This touch QWERTY device, offers the first (sold separately) solar charging battery cover. You can pick this up at the different retailers and Sprint for $50 w/new 2yr contract.

Note: I attempted to upgrade one of my 5 lines to the original Onyx Black Replenish, since of course this Raspberry version is not yet out. I am able to upgrade one of my additional lines if I choose to for the price of zero dollars. So If you’re due for an upgrade, and are savvy about the environment, this might be for you.

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Sprint Seeks to Abolish the Notion of Bloatware Completely

U.S. manufacturers, in all forms of the market (phones, notebooks, etc.), have long plagued us with bloatware that, put simply, we don’t want. The cell phone market has been the worst. Not only are the apps often buggy and slow, but you can’t even remove them (without root, anyway). The amount of users that actually complain about this has been relatively small, but they speak for the community. Sprint has listened, and responded by scaling back the amount of apps altogether, providing users with the option to remove what’s left if they should choose. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as is usually the case when manufacturers listen to their users.

This comes as a welcome change in light of the other big three, which have been known to bundle their phones with Bing and even Yahoo!

In an interview with Engadget from last year, Sprint’s VP of Product Development Fared Adib put it simply, “Ben, we’ve got to get rid of these preloaded apps on our devices. A lot of customers don’t want this.” I couldn’t agree more.

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More News On The HTC Kingdom. Oh, And It’s Still Heading To Sprint.

News about HTC’s Kingdom has been floating around for months.  We discussed the device heavily back in May and June, respectively here and here.  We’ve even mistaken it to be the HTC Evo 3D at one point.  Well, it looks like more news is on the rise and our friends over at Pocketnow have scooped up a pic of the device sporting Sprint branding and could possibly be dubbed the HTC Hero 4G.  In addition, cases/skins for the Kingdom have been spotted over at Qubits’ site along with skins for the HTC Bliss.  Hit the break to check out the gel skins and to find more info on the specs of the device.  
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Sprint Samsung Replenish to get a bug fix update July 18

According to the above leaked document, it looks like the Samsung Replenish will be getting a small update tomorrow, but it won’t be Gingerbread. This update will, however, take care of some bugs which is more important in my opinion.

Some of the changes include enhancements to the LED, a fix that sounds the roaming alert before roaming is activated, and a fix for the issue of the ##RTN# attribute resetting to all zeros.

This update is Baseband version: S:M580.06 x.EF27 and the Build number is FROYO,EF27.

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Wirefly and Walmart Offering The Photon 4G At A Discount. Also Taking Pre-Orders

Motorola‘s highly anticipated Photon 4G set to be available on July 31st is being offered at a compelling discount.  The device can be pre-ordered now at either Wirefly or Walmart.  You can expect somewhere between a $20-$40 discount on the dual-core WiMax device while supplies last.  Hit the break for the source  links and to check out the full line of specs on the device.  Will you be getting one?

Update:  Amazon has also announced, via their website, that the device is available for pre-order for $179.99 as well.

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Motorola Photon 4G launching with Sprint on July 31st – $199 with a two year

About a month ago, we got word that Motorola would be launching a new Android smartphone with Sprint called the Motorola Photon 4G. This device is not to be taken lightly, as it packs some of the best specs you can get in a handheld. We were all informed of the specs, but not of the actual launch date and price. Today that info is ready for all, as Sprint will be selling the Photon 4G for $199.99 on a new two year contract, and it’ll be readily available on July 31st 2011.

The Photon 4G has Android 2.3 Gingerbread running a 1GHz tegra 2 dual-core  processor, 1 GB RAM, a 4.3 inch qHD display, 16GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash, and a VGA frontside camera. Sprint will also have their Sprint ID feature available on the Motorola Photon 4G.

For more information on the Motorola Photon 4G, check out the video from Sprint and Motorola on the development of Sprint’s first 4G smartphone.

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TalkAndroid Exclusive: Interview With xda Developer Extraordinaire and Team Synergy Member, Incubus26jc

xda is home to a lot of great developers. One of the more famous, Incubus, has agreed to have a sit down with TA to discuss his past, his work on Synergy, and his future. He is one of the defacto great developers in the Droid Incredible community, and to top it all off he’s a really great guy! Developers aren’t known for being men/women of many words, but rather letting their work speak for them. If you’ve ever wanted to delve a little deeper into the mind of a great dev here’s your chance. Interview after the break.
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Motorola Titanium branded by Sprint, Coming July 24th

What do you want to know about the Motorola Titanium other than the Sprint release date? How about the price at $149.99. And as the ad states, its Sturdy + QWERTY. This phone has been designed to be rugged and durable, meeting “Militarty Specs” as the Motorola fact sheet will point out. Also you find the Nextel Direct Connect feature of course. Unfortunately still running on Android 2.1 Eclair the Titanium is sporting WiFi, 3.1″ multi-touch touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, memory expandable to 32 GB.

So if you work in a position at might put your phone at risk and you need it to last, this phone is probably the only one you’ll  find that’ll do the job.

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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab receiving Android 2.3 Gingerbread update now


At last, the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is receiving the Android 2.3 update that many other Galaxy Tab owners began receiving over a month ago. Needless to say, the update is OTA, but a good Wi-Fi connection is preferred when downloading and updating to ensure a smooth install and delivery.

The update will take the current EB28 version and update it to EF17. If you don’t see a notification for it, simply head into ‘settings’ and ‘About my Galaxy Tab’, then check for updates. The update brings better battery performance, fixes issues for VPN, and Bluetooth HID support.

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Software Update: Sprint’s Nexus S 4G, set for July 11

Here we go guys and gals. The Sprint branded Nexus S 4G will be receiving an update OTA starting July 11th. This update will fix a few issues, that some of you lucky Nexus S owners may be experiencing. See the specifics below:

  • Enables the NFC Secure Element
  • 4G Settings Widget
  • TTY Support
  • NI Push Support
  • Improved WiFi Connectivity, Speakerphone audio quality, 4G throughput and signal acquisition.
  • Tuned signal strength indicators.

As all over-the-air Android updates, you should be automatically notified. So sit tight and let the update roll in somewhere between Jully 11th and 13th. How about let us know today what issues you’ve been having with this “Pure Google” phone in the comments. And once the updates are pushed out, come on back and tell whats been improved.

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