TalkAndroid reviews the HTC Thunderbolt by Verizon, compares to HTC Evo 4G

Well, folks, we’ve been graced with the opportunity to take an HTC Thunderbolt by Verizon into our arms and cradle it, and we must admit… we just don’t want to let us go. Fortunately for you, we won’t be discussing our phone envy, but rather giving you an in-depth review of the Thunderbolt. We also ran it through some comparisons with Sprint’s HTC Evo, and the result were pretty astounding. Hit the break to check out the video, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Nexus S 4G To Launch April 18th On Sprint?

It appears, via a source over at Android Central, that Sprint’s branded Nexus S 4G could possibly launch on or around somewhere between April 18th and possibly April 24th.  The difference between this device and the original Nexus S released by Google, is of course, the Wimax radio installed for Sprint’s 4G technology.  The folks over at AC happened to receive a tip regarding the launch and the tipster states that this is “sort of a soft training launch” and believes that we could see the device shortly after, possibly by the April 24th date mentioned.  Only time will tell folks, and we’ll be keeping a close eye out for the release.  So head back over to Talk Android if you’re a Sprint fan and have been looking to sync your teeth into Google’s latest Gingerbread sensation.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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How’s the Evo 4G look close to a year later?

With how fast Android has been advancing, anti-Android pundits like to point out that your device will be outdated merely a week or two after you buy it. What does that say about your device in 10 months? Does that make it archaic? The HTC Evo 4g was released to the public on June 4th, 2010. This was in the middle of possibly the most heated stage of the “Android vs iPhone” war. The iPhone 4 was just around the corner, Android was starting to really pick up steam, and the Evo 4G was marked with the typical “iPhone killer” (stupid phrase) even with the expected iPhone 4 coming out just later that month. The device received rave reviews, numerous awards (including a rather prestigious award from Popular Mechanics), and few criticisms. It set the standard for devices with large screens and brought about a new wave in how people view smart phones. Suddenly the standard 3.5 inch screen that the iPhone taught the world was the norm wasn’t as appealing. 4+ inch screens became the new black with the Evo leading the way (Yes, Verizon supporters, the Droid X was released in response to the Evo). Of course, all new technology is amazing when it’s initially released. The shelf life and its use months later, however, are what set the device apart from the pack.
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Sprint wants us to know they don’t support AT&T T-Mobile merger – officially


Many may see the points that Sprint is raising with the problems that the mobile industry may face if the US has a mobile carrier as large as AT&T and T-Mobile may become after they merge. It’s starting to look like a political campaign where the mud-slinging is just about to get ugly. To start it off right, Sprint has issued a press Release about the opposition they intend to hold in regards to their competitions’ merger plans. Who’s surprised by this…anyone…anyone?

Of course they are against it! They could get swallowed up by a big massive mobile whale never to sell another WiMAX device again. But, Sprint isn’t concerned over those little details, they want you to know how this may affect the consumers….right…the consumers. It’s ok Sprint, we know it’s a big deal, but more for you than us.

Check out the full press release below.

Is the HTC Flyer coming to T-Mobile US?

The above picture is a re-branding of the T-Mobile YouTube Channel that shows that the HTC Flyer will come to T-Mobile. It has already been announced that the Flyer will come to Sprint this summer as the EVO View 4G.

Poketnow recently saw some promotional materials marketing the HTC Flyer with T-Mobile. The promotional materials do not show if it will be with T-Mobile UK or US, but the image above confirms that it will most likely be headed to the US since it is the only division with a YouTube channel. Along with the launch of the Flyer, we can expect to see a marketing campaign giving away one or more trips to Europe.

The HTC Flyer and EVO View 4G feature a 1024 X  600 7-inch screen, a 1.5 GHz processor, Gingerbread (Android 2.3), Sense, and HTC’s Scribe Technology. An optional capacitive stylus will be available for purchase to utilize the features of Scribe.

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Get an early reservation for Kyocera Echo dual-screen Android – Sprint

kyocera echo reserve

Those who have been saving their bank for the new dual-screened Kyocera Echo to launch on April 17th, may wan to heed Sprint’s words now that the have put up the early reservation page. You can head over to Sprint’s page and pre-order at the price of $199.99 on a 2 year contract. You can also play a little game while you’re there to test out how fast your hands and thumbs are going to have to be when you double your multitasking pleasure with this badboy.

Check out the video promo for it and tell us if you’re impressed, I know I am.

YouTube Preview Image

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HTC Evo 3D: Official Promotional Video


Now on you can find a fresh promo video from the YouTube channel ‘sprintnow’. I’ve been pretty excited about this new device. The video starts off giving you a few great close up shots of the phone and its features. Then proceeds throw in some special effects to hold your attention. Check the video. It’s a great little spot that’ll wet your appetite for the soon to arrive HTC Evo 3D!

Quoted from the sprintnow YouTube Channel:

Once you try the EVO 3D, the nation’s first 3D phone with QHD screen, you’re going to want one. It lets you shoot, watch and share 3D video. No 3D glasses required. It also comes with a bunch of other awesome EVO features, like dual cameras and the ability to connect at 4G speed with unlimited 4G data. Only from Sprint.

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Sprint to drop the mail-in rebate process?

I can speak from experience, that if this rings true, and Sprint does officially drop the mail-in rebate, I will be thrilled. As will many others I’m sure. The process is long and annoying.

About 2 months ago, I bought the wife an HTC Evo Shift, and my son an LG Optimus S, both including a mail-in rebate which totaled around $200. So to make a long story short. I ‘snail mail’ the rebate to Sprint….wait….wait….nothing. A month goes by. I check the status a few times, I come to find out it gets declined. Why? I call and talk to the customer rep, and they feed me some line that we (the customer) needed to have the devices for 30 days before I can even submit the form for the rebate. As of today, we are still waiting on the rebate to show up in our mailbox. I’m going to keep the faith, and trust Sprint will get it to me in a semi-timely manner. So this information on possible cancellation of the mail-in rebate is more than welcome. And I like the sound of ‘INSTANT’ rebate!

Click the source for more on the story…….

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Hands on with the Sprint Nexus S 4G

The Sprint Nexus S 4G was made official yesterday and BGR was able to get some photos of it. You won’t notice much of a difference as compared to the T-Mobile Nexus S. The only difference is the WiMAX radio. It will also come with Gingerbread and Near Field Communications.  Given that “pure” Android phones, free of custom UIs and carrier-installed software, are becoming fewer and farther between, the flagship Nexus line has been very popular amongst developers. It’s good to see it landing on Sprint, especially given the new relationship between T-Mobile and AT&t.

Pre-orders for the Nexus S 4G started yesterday at Best Buy. The price will be $199 and it will be available in the spring.

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