CTIA – Day 1 Keynote with FCC Chairman

by Mitch Wright on
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Alright folks, CTIA has officially been kicked off!

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, as CTIA Chairman of the Board, opened up the show.  He congratulated the efforts of everyone involved in the relief efforts of the Japan disaster and spoke on the explosion of the smartphone market, particularly Android phones. He also spoke on the importance of not being distracted while driving and announced a Sprint initiative to install software on Sprint Android phones that will lock down phones while driving. Hesse did a pretty good job as chairman spokesperson of being unbiased towards his own company, only mentioning Sprint or Sprint programs a few times.

Today’s keynote featured FCC chairman Julius Genachowski as a guest-speaker. Genachowski talked about the US’ new leadership in the wireless industry, the importance of expanding wireless spectrum and access to high-speed data access, and bringing next generation enhancements to America’s existing 911 system (texting, picture and video sharing/uploading). One thing he made a point of not discussing was the pending buyout of T-Mobile by AT&T.

Also, present were the CEOs from AT&T and Verizon (Ralph de la Vega and Dan Meade, respectively), with T-Mobile’s Philipp Humm notably absent. Along with Hesse, de la Vega and Meade were grilled on-stage by CNBC’s Jim Cramer. During the questioning, the US’ competitive wireless position in the world, the recent AT&T and T-Mobile buyout, and 4G were all mentioned. There was also some friendly jabbing back and forth between the CEOs, much to the amusement of the spectators.

So far, no announcements but stay tuned, the day is young! If you’re interested in checking out the full keynote, hit the link below.

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HTC EVO 3D and EVO View 4G Unofficially Unveiled On Sprint’s Website

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I have to give credit to Sprint. Despite the hype surrounding its pending releases, there was not one blurry camera photo to reveal any sort of appearance of their upcoming devices. Not one picture leak, nothing, nada. That said, I have to give even more credit to those absolutely lovely people over at Engadget for discovering the pre-registration pages of the Evo 3D and Evo View 4G on Sprint’s own website. No further information is given beyond the device name and voluptuous full-frontal pictures, but we can make some guesstimates based on previously released information. One thing that is noticeable is the darker chassis of the Evo View 4G tablet, a change that I for one prefer. Any other details regarding these two beautiful devices and anything else up Sprint’s sleeve will have to come straight from the company themselves over the next couple of days at CTIA. Are you folks as excited as I am? Let it all out in the comments section!

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Best Buy Says: Sprint’s Samsung Nexus S 4G Presales are on!

by Adam Johnson on
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Like it says! I’m sure you’re hard up for this newest Samsung device, Gingerbread, 4G WiMAX on The Sprint network, right? Well, if you’ve raised your hand, head on over to your local Best Buy, or point your browser to bestbuy.com.

Now, I was just over at the Best Buy site, and didn’t see any mention yet of the Nexus S 4G. So your best bet this very moment may be to get off the couch and drive on over to your nearest store, and see what you can do about getting your hands on this latest addition to the Android family.

Check out the source for more on this…….

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Sprint Epic 4G Froyo update details leaked

by Robert Nazarian on
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We reported earlier that the Sprint Epic 4G will be receiving an update this week that will bring Froyo 2.2 and enable Sprint ID. The following is the actual text that will be on the Sprint website shortly.

  • A software update to EC05 (Froyo with Sprint ID) will be available beginning Monday, 3/21/11 for the Samsung EPIC 4G via Google OTA.
    • OTA Duration time dependent on current device usage: 10-20 minutes, with installation time of 6-8 minutes.
  • Customers will become eligible for the upgrade across a 4-day period based on their status with the Google servers.
  • Enhancements:
    • Upgrade of the Google OS from Éclair to Froyo (2.2.1)
    • Add Sprint ID functionality
    • Ability to install applications to external storage
    • Improved Bluetooth device support
    • Bluetooth Voice Dialing
    • Flash Player 10.1
    • GPS Enhancements
    • Improved OS performance
  • Fixes
    • Email PIN based authentication
    • User friendly tethering for 3G and 4G

The update begins today and should be completed by March 24.

[via androidcentral]

Sprint ID comes to Sprint Epic 4G and Galaxy Tab this week

by Robert Nazarian on
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Starting today Sprint Epic 4G and Galaxy Tab owners will receive an over-the-air (OTA) update that will enable Sprint ID. The Epic 4G will also receive Android 2.2 Froyo.

After you have received the update you will see the Sprint ID icon in your applications menu. You will be able to download ID Packs which include apps, widgets, ringtones, wallpapers, shortcuts and more. These can be tailored to your specific interests, business needs or favorite brands.

According to the press release:

“Sprint ID launched in October 2010 on three devices – LG Optimus S™, Sanyo Zio™ and Samsung Transform™ – with 16 consumer lifestyle ID packs targeting specific interests including Home Base, Health & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Socially Connected, Business Pro, Golf Enthusiast, Auto Enthusiast, The Big Apple and Entertainment, as well as branded ID packs from Yahoo!, WHERE and Lo2Yo by LatCel. Since launch, brands that have deployed Sprint ID packs include MTV, ESPN and HSN. Select ID packs will be available for download onto Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Epic 4G.”

“Customers with Sprint ID-capable devices can download up to five ID packs onto their phone and easily switch back and forth between them or swap them out for new ones. Sprint customers currently are downloading an average of two ID packs per device. Sprint ID packs are free to download with an Everything Data plan.”

The OTA updates should be completed by March 24th. For more information about Sprint ID please visit Sprint ID. To see the full press release hit the source link.

[via sprint newsroom]

Sprint Phones Get Deep Google Voice Integration

by Brian Rubin on
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In all the hubbub that surrounded the recent announcement that Sprint would be getting the Nexus S 4G is another important — heck, I think more important — announcement…that Google Voice would become integrated into all Sprint phones, not just the Nexus S 4G. This is pretty big news, as now all Sprint customers will gain access to Google Voice’s awesome feature set.
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Google: Nexus S 4G bound for Sprint This Spring

by Adam Johnson on
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Is Sprint gearing up to launch their own Nexus S? Two weeks ago, to the day we posted that story about the the possibility of a Nexus device coming to Sprint. It looks like it has been confirmed. Google just announce by way of their Google Mobile Blog that Sprint will be getting the Nexus S 4G:

Recently, we introduced Nexus S from Google, the first phone to run Android 2.3, Gingerbread. In addition to the UMTS-capable Nexus S, today we’re introducing Nexus S 4G from Google, available for Sprint. Nexus S 4G is part of the Nexus line of devices which provide a pure Google experience and run the latest and greatest Android releases and Google mobile apps.

I first came across the news via Twitter.


Hit the break for the Sprint press release.

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Sprint’s CTIA Announcement: HTC EVO 3D, EVO View 4G and Morotola Xoom on Tap

by Brian Rubin on
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BGR is reporting that Sprint has announced some fun stuff out of CTIA, including the specs for the HTC EVO 3D smartphone, the EVO View 4G tablet, and the fact that they’ll be getting the Motorola Xoom tablet on their network. These specs come from pretty reliable sources, but BGR reminds us that they could be revised. That being said, let’s dive in, shall we? » Read the rest

Sprint’s Official-ish CTIA Announcements Leaked

by Mitch Wright on
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Fellow Sprint subscribers who have been waiting with bated breath for Monday…breathe. Hopefully. Those beautiful people over at BGR have been given what is apparently the entire list of Sprint’s announcements on Monday. Some of this has already been previously rumored, but now we have a bit more clarification, as well as some new information. 4 words: socks will be blown. Off. Socks will be blown off. 5 words then. More after the break! » Read the rest

Sprint-branded Motorola XOOM image leaked

by Robert Nazarian on
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We have been hearing rumors that the Motorola XOOM would be coming to Sprint. It looks like Sprint Users forum member rofl has posted an image. Currently the only cellular version of the XOOM is available on Verizon. We expect that the Sprint version will have the same specs as the current model. The only item that is not clear is if the Sprint version will be WiMAX-enabled or WiMAX upgradeable. The Verizon version is only available as 3G and will be upgraded to 4G at no cost.

Apparently Rofl is pretty reliable. Late last year he leaked images of the Sprint’s MiFi 4082 and HTC’s EVO Shift 4G.

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