Ditch carrier contracts with these smartphones


Carriers are expensive, and they’re only getting worse. Two-year contracts are on their way out in favor of device payment plans, thanks to revolutionary initiatives from T-Mobile. These payment plans, however, are essentially the same thing as the two-year contract options, only more expensive.

It looks cheaper on surface level, but carriers are making up for those lower prices through additional charges, upgrade fees, and so on. That begs the question: how can you ditch your carrier and save thousands of dollars on your phone bill?

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Sprint’s Direct 2 You service arrives in St. Louis, Phoenix, Seattle, and other areas


Making it to a carrier store can be a little tough. Sprint customers in select markets actually have the luxury of the carrier’s Direct 2 You service. Direct 2 You is an on-site, all-in-one visit from a Sprint employee that includes sales, consultation, and customer service. It’s currently available in many of the nation’s major cities, but today Sprint announced Direct 2 You’s arrival in additional markets.

Hit the break to see the list of cities and surrounding metropolitan areas.

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BlackBerry ‘Venice’ allegedly coming to the Big Four U.S. carriers in November


BlackBerry’s upcoming Android-powered phone, codename Venice, is starting to unofficial make appearances on a frequent basis. Alleged images of the device, including a new one showing the curved display and physical keyboard (seen above), have been appearing online since early July. Between Tuesday night and today, Evan Blass has shared an abundance of information regarding BlackBerry’s product that is tasked with turning around the company’s misfortunes.

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Sprint is doing away with two-year contracts

sprint_logoAccording to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint will be following the lead of other carriers by eliminating two-year contracts. Like that of T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers, the carrier will begin enforcing month-to-month payments instead of signing new/return subscribers to a two-year deal. Unfortunately for buyers who like to upgrade their smartphone frequently, smartphones must be paid in full retail price which can be a bit pricey.

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Sprint now taking pre-orders with special offers on new Samsung Galaxy devices


Sprint has started accepting pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and plans to start shipping devices starting Friday, August 14th with retail outlets getting the devices on their shelves starting August 21st. To help entice buyers, Sprint says they are offering the most options for consumers and they are sweetening the deal with some special offers. Read more

FCC rejects T-Mobile wireless auction proposal


The FCC met again today to consider rules to use for an upcoming auction of 600MHz wireless spectrum after delaying the decision at a meeting a couple weeks ago. On the table was a request from T-Mobile to modify the proposed rules to help smaller carriers, T-Mobile included, obtain some of this spectrum instead of seeing all of it being bought up by big carriers like Verizon and AT&T. Unfortunately for T-Mobile and fans of the little guys, the FCC decided to move forward with the proposed reserve of only 30MHz for bidders who may be smaller and struggle with raising necessary capital. Read more