Sprint removes international data and texting fees


Sprint has launched aggressive promotions and incentives for customers on their network in recent months. The latest one takes an idea used first by T-Mobile, a company that Sprint was exploring as an acquisition candidate. Starting today, Sprint customers can take advantage of International Value Roaming. Customers get unlimited international data and texting while visiting Latin America, Europe, and Japan; however, connection speeds are “up to” 2G speeds. While 2G speeds are slow, it should work fine for checking emails and other small tasks. International calls, however, are not free and cost twenty cents per minute.

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Sprint’s Galaxy S5 Sport is receiving it’s Lollipop update


Waiting for a firmware update is something that has become part of life for Android users, and while we may grumble about how long the process takes, it’s almost always a great feeling to see your¬†smartphone get a new lick of paint (unless you are in Norway). It’s now the turn of Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport to receive some of the Lollipop goodness.

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Sprint joins in on the early order fun for the HTC One M9


Following the lead of HTC and joining fellow carrier T-Mobile, Sprint has announced they will begin taking orders for the HTC One M9 starting on Friday, March 27th. Customers will be able to use any of Sprint’s sales channels, including telesales, online and in Sprint stores, to place their order for an HTC One M9. Sprint’s press release only says the HTC One M9 “will be available for shipment” which is vague as to when customers could expect to actually have the device in hand. However, if Sprint continues to follow HTC’s lead, delivery will probably take place sometime next week. Read more

Sprint covering all costs for you to become a customer


Switching carriers is a costly decision for consumers. Between all of the fees and charges, hundreds of dollars can be spent. That is why taking advantage of a carrier’s offer to pay some of those fees is so valuable. Some carriers will handle a new customer’s early termination fee from their previous carrier but not much else beyond that. Sprint wants to really help those choosing to switch by covering both early termination fees and installment plan payments. Simply take an existing number and device to Sprint along with the final bill and the carrier will cover the costs. Sprint then hands over the credit in the form of an American Express Reward Card.

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