How to block a number on your Android device


Need to block a phone number on your Android device but aren’t sure how? Good There are plenty of ways to block a phone number on Android, though it can be different for different types of devices. For instance, blocking a number on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ can be different than doing it on the Moto X Pure Edition. Either way, if you need a way to block a number, you have options whether it be through your phone’s own settings or in a more roundabout way with third-party apps. Blocking a number can be important for a lot of reasons, so we’ve made sure to provide steps and options that work for everybody.

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FCC fines Sprint $1.2 million for 911 failure


Sprint finds itself on the receiving end of a fine levied by the FCC due to problems with the processing of 911 calls placed by people with hearing difficulties. According to the FCC, from March 2014 to September 2014 Sprint failed to properly handle calls made using the Captioned Telephone Service. That service is designed to provide closed captions for emergency calls. In addition to blocking calls from users trying to make use of the service, Sprint continued to collect a subsidy from the FCC that the company was supposed to be using to ensure the service was available. The FCC provides a subsidy to carriers so they do not have to bear the cost of providing this particular 911 service. Read more

The CDMA network variant of the Nextbit Robin is now supported by Sprint


As mentioned last week, Nexbit was exploring Robin support for both Verizon and Sprint as the Robin was originally made for GSM networks only. In response, Nextbit quickly confirmed that a Verizon version was coming, without mentioning its plans for Sprint. Today however, Nextbit finally added Sprint support for the Robin, making it compatible with all four major U.S carriers Read more

Sprint’s LG G4 gets updated with a handful of minor changes


Sprint has launched an update to the LG G4, but it’s nothing major. This update brings just a few minor changes, including the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements. Here’s the changelog by way of Sprint:

  • Factory Reset Protection Updates
  • UI and Network enhancements
  • 3rd Party App Updates

This update will bring your device’s software version to LS991ZV6. As per the norm, the update will make its way to Sprint users over the next couple of weeks. However, you can check for it manually in the device’s Settings menu.

source: Sprint

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 goes on sale through Sprint on September 3rd


Sprint has announced they will start selling their 4G LTE capable version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 on Thursday, September 3rd. The tablet will be available online, through Telesales, or in Sprint retail locations. Buyers can opt for one of three payment methods for the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 including the Sprint Easy Pay program with payments as low as $27 per month with zero down, on a two-year service agreement for $548, or full-retail with no contract for $648. Along with the up-front cost of the device, buyers will have to select a Sprint data plan starting at $10 per month for 100MB of data and going up or add the device to a Sprint Family Share Pack for a $10 per month access charge.

source: Sprint