Sprint teams up with Amazon to offer a free Prime membership with qualifying Samsung smartphone purchases


Sprint has revealed that it’s teamed up with Amazon to bring all customers who take out a two-year contract on a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5 for $10 per month or $17 per month respectively a free 365-day Amazon Prime membership, along with free express shipping — so they can get their hands on their shiny new smartphone within a couple of days of placing an order.

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Sprint to announce layoffs by Jan 30 in bid save $2 billion in costs


By now you are probably aware that Sprint is planning on laying off a number of workers in the next month or two in its bid to return to profitability for the first time in 11 years. While Sprint’s parent company, SoftBank, will continue to invest in the struggling US carrier, Sprint has been told to find ways to save on its expenditure, to the tune of $2 billion. Read more

Sprint’s new “Starter Unlimited” plan is not the unlimited you want


The problem with Sprint’s new Starter Unlimited Data Plan is that it’s not actually unlimited. The carrier will give customers 1GB of data on its 4G LTE network for $20 per month before knocking data speeds. Sprint’s madness doesn’t stop there, though, because the data speeds when exceeding 1GB are from its aged 2G network, a technology that debuted more than two decades ago. Then customers have to get Sprint’s unlimited talk and text services for an additional $20. So the total price for the total ripoff Starter Unlimited Data Plan is $40 per month.

What in the world would cause you to choose this plan?

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With job cuts on the horizon, Sprint will reduce severance pay by half after Jan 30, 2016


At the beginning of this month, Sprint announced its plans to achieve around $2.5 billion in savings by cutting costs, with a round of job losses looming large on the horizon being just one of the measures. It seems that Sprint is becoming creative in the way it cuts costs, though, if its latest move is anything to go by. As if it isn’t bad enough just losing a job, if an employee receives notification of the job loss after January 30th, he or she will only receive half the severance pay they would have if notified before that date.

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Sprint facing yet another fine, this one involving extra charges for lower-credit consumers


Sprint may be a large corporation with decades of experience in the business market, but that does not mean everything works like a well-oiled machine. The carrier has recently been hit with several actions that can be traced to sloppy attention to detail or, as the cynic may contend, an intentional effort to cut corners. The latest hit comes from the Federal Trade Commission which has proposed $2.95 million in civil penalties related to failure to give proper notices when customers were charged extra due to low credit scores. This comes in the same week that Sprint lost an appeal in the state of New York regarding a $300 million fine for not collecting taxes. Read more