Two-year contracts are back at Sprint


Sprint’s stance on two-year contracts has been confusing for the last six months. It was back in August that the carrier was rumored to be doing away with two-year contracts, but it wasn’t until last month when Sprint officially (and quietly) ended offering them to customers.

Less than two months after dropping them, Sprint is once again offering two-year contracts.

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Carriers, retailers to start selling the Samsung Galaxy S7 on March 11


Finally, Samsung has officially introduced the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge to the world. Now millions of people are wondering when and where they can get Samsung’s new flagship. So carriers and retailers have moved quickly to share availability details in hope of converting buzz to sales. Everyone from the biggest carriers to retailers like Best Buy and Walmart plan to offer the phones to customers in-store and online next month.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will be up for pre-order on February 23 before actually being sold starting March 11.

Hit the break for details.

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Carriers and retailers sign on to offer the LG G5


Various products were launched by LG earlier today at the company’s MWC 2016 event. Announcements included the LG G5, LG Cam Plus and LG Hi-Fi Plus modules, LG 360 VR and LG 360 Cam, and Rolling Bot. So a lot of shiny new things are coming from LG later this year that you want to get your hands on. Although the company didn’t explicitly state pricing and release dates, carriers and retailers have already started saying when you should be able to buy any of the aforementioned devices.

Hit the break to see what carriers and retailers are saying about availability for LG’s new devices.

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Sprint launches new Better Choice Plans


Sprint announced today a bit of an overhaul of their data plans as part of an effort to lure consumers to their network by simplifying things. Building on their Simple Choice branding efforts, Sprint has dubbed their new offerings “Better Choice Plans.” The big selling point that Sprint is trying to make with the new offerings is that they offer double the data available from Verizon for the same price. Read more