Sprint to release purple Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Sprint_PurpleSome hugely important news coming from Sprint today— they will be offering a purple variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 come August 16. Obviously the phone will still have the same specs as it does on any other carrier, in every other color— 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2 on-board. Any of you planning on grabbing the “Purple Mirage” version of the Galaxy S 4? Check out the official presser from Sprint after the break.

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Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile show growth while Sprint declines


Strategy Analytics released their top U.S. Carrier Metrics for the 2nd quarter, and there really isn’t anything surprising. Verizon Wireless continues to lead the way followed by AT&T. Sprint still holds the 3rd spot, but if they don’t watch it, T-Mobile might knock them out pretty soon. Verizon finished the quarter with 118.194 million subscribers and grew 1.18% over the 1st quarter. AT&T and T-Mobile grew 1.36% and 3.30% respectively. With Sprint’s decrease of 3.59% (1.84 million subscribers), there is now about a 9 million subscriber gap between them and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile seems to be making the right moves with their UnCarrier and Jump plans, so I suspect T-Mobile will eventually move into the third spot. The question is when?

source: FierceWireless

Dish Network still wants in on wireless carrier market according to CEO Ergen


During a recent conference call to discuss the Dish Network’s disappointing second-quarter financial results, CEO Charles Ergen dropped some hints that the company is still interested in becoming a player in the wireless carrier market. During the second quarter, Dish saw its subscriber base shrink by about 78,000 subscriptions as it continued to try to compete in the changing landscape of video content. Combined with increasing programming costs, the company experienced a loss during the second quarter. In an effort to reverse course, Dish would like to capitalize on an asset it continues to hold, unused wireless spectrum. Finding a partner to make that a reality has been a challenge though as the recently company lost out to Softbank in a bid to acquire Sprint earlier this year.

Ergen seems to think there is still an opportunity for Dish and Sprint to do something together that would benefit both companies. While acknowledging that Dish “gave our best shot to get it” referring to the Sprint acquisition attempt, Ergen still thinks some kind of partnership might be “an interesting fit.” What would not be as interesting would be an attempt to acquire T-Mobile, a move Ergen says “may be a challenge we wouldn’t feel comfortable taking on.” That position is quite a bit different from earlier this year when Dish sought out a possible deal with T-Mobile.

source: Bloomberg

Moto X release date – Aug. 23rd for big four carriers – revealed in Motorola marketing interview


While we normally focus on technological advances that companies are bringing to market, any sizable organization is going to attract attention related to other disciplines needed for a successful business. Motorola recently granted an interview with AdAge about their marketing plan for the Moto X and in the course of that interview, let loose details about the release for the new device on the major U.S. carriers. We had already seen evidence that Verizon would have the device starting August 23rd. According to the AdAge interview, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T will also have the Moto X available for sale on their shelves the same day.
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LG may roll out LG G2 on August 8th in South Korea


As the smartphone market prepares for the release of another flagship device, this time LG’s G2 smartphone, we have another example of how manufacturers are compressing the time between announcement and availability. LG will be holding an event in New York City tomorrow to unveil the new LG G2. Reports from Korean-based MK News indicate the new device will be in stores in that country on August 8th, only one day after the official reveal. That is consistent with previous rumors about the release schedule that put Korean availability soon after the phone was announced by LG.

According to reports, LG is planning to make the device available on 100 carriers worldwide within two to three months of the official release. This will supposedly include four major carriers in the U.S. – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

TalkAndroid will be on the ground at the LG event tomorrow, so be sure to check back for all the details about LG’s new flagship device.

source: Unwired View

Sprint to offer Moto X “this summer” with lifetime guarantee offer


Sprint was one of the carriers announced as a source for the Moto X yesterday during Motorola’s unveiling of the device and today Sprint has shared some details about what they are offering. Unfortunately, Sprint did not provide an exact date of availability, leaving things at sometime “this summer.”  At least according to their initial announcement, Sprint will only be offering the 16GB model for $199.99 with a new two-year agreement or an eligible upgrade for existing customers. While other carriers like AT&T might be pushing the device itself and some of its customization options, Sprint is focusing much more on the service plans available. For Moto X buyers, Sprint is offering an Unlimited Guarantee that promises customers will have access to unlimited talk, text and data for the life of the line of the service. To take advantage of the offer, consumers do have to select My Way or May All-in plans starting at $80 per month.

You can read the full announcement after the break.
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Sprint expands 4G LTE to 41 more cities



Sprint announced today that they have expanded coverage of their 4G LTE service to 41 more locations, including big names like Philadelphia, PA; Brooklyn, NY;  Nashville, TN; Jacksonville, FL; Oakland, CA; and Portland, OR. The addition of these 41 locations brings the total number of markets covered to 151. Sprint expects to be able to reach 200 million customers with 4G LTE by the end of the year.

You can see the whole list of new cities through the source link below.

Source: Sprint Newsroom

Sprint HTC One variant expected to see update today, HD Voice support included, bug fixes


Sprint’s HTC One variant is expected to see an update today, as was confirmed by Sprint’s website. The update is 1.31.651.2 and includes an “HD Voice enhancement,” and allows Sprint’s ringtones to show up in the ringtones list. Some bug fixes are expected to be included as well. Check to see if you have the update and let us know how it went.

Source: Sprint Community Forums

Sprint makes Unlimited My Way and All-In plans official


Just yesterday we caught wind of Sprint’s newest revamp to their cell phone plans, and barely a day later, Sprint has made those plans official. They’re offering both “Unlimited My Way” plans and “All-In” plans. The Unlimited plans will give you unlimited talk, text, and data for $80 per month, while the All-In plans are a bit more at $110 but include 5 GB of tethering per month. Customers will be able to add up to 10 lines on these plans with decreasing prices for more lines added onto each account.

Sprint is also offering an “unlimited for life” guarantee with these plans, which may indicate that the carrier has some plans to remove their unlimited data offerings at some point in the future. Nothing official on that, but that type of guarantee is going to get a little bit of speculation.

source: Sprint