Karma is cutting back the speeds on its unlimited Neverstop plans

Karma-Go-packagingKarma recently introduced a new set of unlimited data plans, called Neverstop. These plans had download speeds capped at 5Mbps, but that wasn’t enough to deter some people from using the unlimited internet to run their home networks. Now Karma is investigating how they can slow the speeds down a bit more to keep people from abusing the unlimited plans to suck up hundreds of gigabytes of data. Read more

Sprint is next to end two-year contracts


The downfall of two-year contracts began when T-Mobile did away with them a few years ago. Verizon and AT&T then joined in by nixing those nasty long-term commitments as we entered 2016. And now Sprint will be apparently being following the same path.

Sprint customers purchasing tablets can still sign two-year contracts, though, while phones are no longer being subsidized. The Wall Street Journal actually reported back in August that this decision was coming.

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BlackBerry CEO confirms Priv for Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint


BlackBerry’s Priv was launched as a device resurrect the brand and make it mainstream once again. The issue is that the Priv can only be bought from a limited number of places, which is actually a massive issue in the United States. Two months after BlackBerry started selling the Priv, AT&T is still the sole carrier in the United States offering the handset. It actually turns out, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, that AT&T had an exclusive deal with BlackBerry to be the exclusive U.S. seller of the Priv for sixty days. BlackBerry was also required to not comment on carrier availability. Now, with the deal expiring, BlackBerry is ready to send its flagship to Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

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