Sprint offers new “Framily” plan, allows friends and family to join in one on account

by Jared Peters on
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Sprint has announced a new set of plans for customers, titled “Framily” plans. That horrible mash-up of a word combines friends and family on one account, which will allow up to 10 customers to share a bill on one account, with some discounts.

These new plans look slightly similar to Sprint’s All-In plans; the more lines on the account, the bigger the discount you get for your service. A single-line account with unlimited talk and text will run $55 a month, and you’ll have the option to get 3 GB of data for an extra $10 a month or unlimited data for $20. Sprint’s slowly edging towards data caps on their plans, but at least they’re offering unlimited data for those willing to pay for it. Now, if there are two lines on the account, each phone only costs $50 a month for unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data, and that goes down $5 for each phone added up until the 7th line. Lines 7 through 10 will all cost $25 bucks for the talk, text, and 1 GB of data, which is a pretty substantial discount if you can manage to get more than 7 people on one plan. Plus, you still get the advantage of being able to individually purchase the bigger data packages per line. » Read the rest

Sprint rolls out Spark in six additional markets

by Aditya Thawardas on
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sprint_sparkSprint announced that their Spark program is coming back to six new cities, bringing the total to eleven markets. Spark uses Sprint’s multiple frequencies together to provide very fast mobile data service, and also improves coverage in congested areas by hopping across frequencies. The full list of cities is now:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Tampa, Fla.

Source: Sprint Newsroom

Press image of the LG G Flex for AT&T, T-Mobile leaks

by Justin Herrick on
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evleaks_LG_G_Flex_leak_ATT_TMobileA few weeks ago, the LG G Flex leaked in an image in which it carried Sprint’s name. Now, courtesy of @evleaks once again, the G Flex has been caught with AT&T and T-Mobile branding. The Sprint variant’s model number is LS995 while these new ones are D950 and D959. As you can tell, the difference comes when you look at the status bar. AT&T’s name is located there, as is its 4G LTE icon. T-Mobile’s name appears near the bottom while also giving a unique 4G LTE icon.

Another area worth noting is the dates displayed on the two different handsets. On the left, for AT&T, March 17 is the date listed. For T-Mobile, February 12 is labeled. That could be a release date for those respective carriers. Who knows, maybe there is a chance LG unveils the United States variants next week at CES in Las Vegas? » Read the rest

HTC EVO 4G LTE to see Android 4.3 update in mid-February

by Jared Peters on
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Looks like HTC hasn’t forgotten about their EVO LTE on Sprint. According to a tweet from Jason Mackenzie of HTC, the 4G Sprint device can expect to see an Android 4.3 update sometime around mid-February. The update should also include Sense 5, which means BlinkFeed and a handful of other visual improvements.

HTC originally planned to upgrade the EVO 4G LTE to Android 4.3 by the end of 2013, so they obviously missed the deadline by a few months. But considering how open they’re trying to be with delays and scheduling, it’s hard to be too mad at them.

source: Twitter

John Legere, dressed as Santa Claus, gives the other carriers coal for Christmas

by Justin Herrick on
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To send you off into the final weekend before Christmas, T-Mobile has posted a Vine that shows what AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are going to get for Christmas. One by one, the jolliest man in the world gives the aforementioned group coal! After he finishes dropping the coal into their stockings, he reveals himself. T-Mobile CEO John Legere pulls down his Santa beard and gives not a “ho ho ho,” but an evil “ha ha ha.” Now if only we knew what Uncarrier 4 is all about.

Hit the break for the Vine. » Read the rest

[Deal] Moto X $150 off coupon is back, 50% off on-contract and accessories too

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Who knew Matt Lauer and the people over at The Today Show could bring such an awesome deal back. Over on the morning show’s site, they have a way for people to purchase the Moto X with $150 off the full retail price through Moto Maker. But that $150 off code isn’t all they are offering. If you prefer to go on-contract, you get a 50% off coupon meaning that the Sprint or AT&T model will cost $99 and the Verizon model $29.99.

The deals don’t stop here. Accessories also get a 50% off dip. To avoid the massive rush that occurred the last time around, a form is required to receive a code. Unfortunately, bamboo backs are not eligible. Hit the break for instructions. » Read the rest

Sprint not alone in wanting to buy T-Mobile, Dish eyeing bid next year

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It wouldn’t be that easy for Sprint to buy T-Mobile, right? According to Reuters, Dish Network may want in on the bidding war for the nation’s self-proclaimed ‘uncarrier’. Dish reportedly wants to expand its reach beyond the pay TV industry. They are so serious about buying T-Mobile that they spoke with its parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG. » Read the rest

Leak shows Sprint’s LG G Flex

by Justin Herrick on
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With the LG G Flex having a release date in Asian markets, many wondered when it would head west to the United States. Earlier today, Twitter’s @evleaks tweeted an image of the G Flex for Sprint. Only the front of the device was leaked, giving way to minimal Sprint branding. On the lockscreen sits the carrier’s name and their LTE icon sits in the status bar. In case you were wondering, the model number for this device is LS995 — the same as November leak. If there’s any indication for a release date, it would be February 7 or sometime around then as that is the date displayed. Stay tuned for more information regarding the G Flex’s United States arrival. » Read the rest

Sprint to buy out T-Mobile? Regulators could stop deal short

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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In a move that would leave the United States mobile carrier market dominated by three carriers rather than four, Sprint could be soon buying out T-Mobile to set up a merger for the ages.

The company still hasn’t decided on the action it will take, but Sprint could post a bid in the first half of 2014, and the deal could be worth more than $20 billion.

» Read the rest