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Sprint finally appears ready to kill off 2-year contracts


Sprint has been on the fence for quite a bit of time whether or not to kill 2-year contracts. Other U.S. carriers have for the most part decided which direction to head in, whether that be keeping 2-year contracts, or going away with them totally in favor of monthly installment payments. A new report out of Android Central is making us believe that Sprint has come to a final conclusion, killing 2-year contracts for good.

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The Big Apple now enjoys Sprint’s LTE Plus network


Sprint announced today the latest addition to their LTE Plus network and it is a big one. The carrier officially launched LTE Plus in the New York metropolitan area which includes all five boroughs. Sprint claims that they now provide the fastest LTE download speeds in New York according to Nielsen Mobile Performance. New York joins 190 other markets where Sprint has already deployed LTE Plus. Read more

Where to get the HTC 10 in the U.S.


Finally, the HTC 10 is official and approaching a release around the world. The phone set on putting the company back on track is actually already up for pre-order and should ship early next month. Depending where exactly you are and the carrier/retailer you get it from, the HTC 10 will be offered in three colors — Carbon Grey, Glacial Silver, and Topaz Gold.

Let’s see where you can get the HTC 10 in the United States.

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Sprint scraps the BlackBerry Priv


If you’re a Sprint customer waiting for the BlackBerry Priv to be added to the carrier’s lineup, bad news is here. Sprint, in addition to BlackBerry’s CEO, confirmed that it will not be selling the phone to customers… at all. This comes after plans were set for Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to join AT&T as carriers offering BlackBerry’s flagship in 2016. Those carriers are all selling the Priv in the United States, but Sprint has backed out after keeping its customers waiting for months.

Hit the break for details.

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Sprint raises $2.2 billion in cell tower leaseback deal


Sprint announced today a deal involving a combination of “several bankruptcy remote entities” going by the collective name of Network LeaseCo to raise $2.2 billion in capital funding. Once the transaction is completed, Sprint will have access to $2.2 billion in capital to help with their balance sheet liquidity to be repaid in several staggered, unequal payments to be completed by January 2018. Read more