Sprint Offers Clearwire $2.1 Billion To Become Truly Part Of The Sprint Family


We already know that Sprint & Clearwire has quite the relationship, but Sprint fully intends from not just owning some of Clearwire, but it wants to acquire what’s left of the available Clearwire share. Reuters reports that Sprint (by way of Softbank) wants full control of Clearwire’s network and subsequent spectrum by making a full $2.1 billion offer. If the deal is approved (and all indications point to its approval), the entire value of Clearwire would be worth somewhere in the area of $4.2 billion— though we won’t see the deal formally approved until at least sometime in the March or April of the upcoming year.

Talk about Sprint wanting to put a ring on it. Sheesh.We’ll be on the lookout for any further developments on this big news.

source: Reuters

Verizon May Expand its Unlimited Prepaid Plan to a Larger Market

Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo tells us at a presentation in Boston of their new $50 unlimited prepaid offering, citing its profitability even though it is only currently in a small test market.

“The trial has gone very, very well for us,” he said. “It didn’t cannibalize the base and we actually evaluated our prepaid business and took some share.”

What Shammo is referencing, of course, is the new plan called ‘Unleashed’, which is currently being tested in small markets around Florida and California. The plan is in direct competition with Sprint Nextel and MetroPCS. Verizon’s prepaid share has been fairly low, even losing 3.4% in the course of a year. By contrast, Nextel and MetroPCS saw increases of 5.% and 19%, respectively.

Verizon hopes to restore their prepaid share with this plan, and it certainly seems that they are on their way to doing just that.

[via wsj]