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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update leaked

Over the weekend XDA forum member freeza posted information about a leaked build of Sprint’s pending Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S III devices. The leaked ROM includes Samsung’s custom TouchWiz interface. Unfortunately, it also includes a few items not quite working right like the stock browser, Google Now and some issues with the device’s gyroscope sensor. Nevertheless, it is clear that build JRO03L is close to complete, which means we may see it rolling out to users soon.

If you are not willing to wait for Sprint to make it available and you can live with the issues, you can hit the source link to pull down the leaked file or one of the custom ROMs the XDA community has already generated. Trying out any of these is subject to the usual warnings about messing up your device.

For those content to wait for the update via Sprint, hopefully this leak may help create some pressure for Samsung and Sprint to accelerate their schedule a bit.

source: XDA Developer Forum

ZTE V55 Tablet clears FCC, Could be headed to Sprint

Back in July we revealed  the ZTE V55 tablet was scheduled for Q1 2012 for Sprint, but it could come sooner as it just cleared the FCC. This one was first shown at CTIA last spring, and it will have a 10.1-inch display, 1.2GHz processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and is compatible with Sprint’s 3G network. Back in July we were thinking the V55 would come with 4G WiMAX support, but unfortunately this won’t be the case. Expect this one to be budget-friendly.

Hopefully this baby will land in time for the holidays. We will keep you posted.

[via fcc]

[Leak] Motorola PAX is an XPRT on steroids for Sprint

About a month ago we showed you a leaked photo of a Motorola phone for Sprint that had portrait QWERTY keyboard and looked a lot like the XPRT.

More photos have surfaced, and it appears that it will be a suped up version of the XPRT codednamed, “Pax.” This one features a dual-core processor, while the current XPRT uses a single-core 1GHz TI OMAP3. It is also expected to have support for Sprint’s new CDMA 1X Advanced push-to-talk system that will replace IDEN over the next couple of years. We have no other info, but stayed tuned to TalkAndroid, and enjoy a couple of more photos after the break.

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Samsung Nexus S 4G passes through the FCC

It looks like the Sprint Samsung Nexus S 4G should be out soon because it just passed through the FCC. The FCC ID is A3LSPHD720 and the model number is SPH-D720. It has both CDMA and WiMax radios. We are pretty sure this will end up being the Nexus S 4G.

It has been rumored to become available around April 18th, but one thing we know for sure is it will be out this spring. It is spring now so stay tuned.

[via FCC]

EVO 4G Breaks Sprint Launch Day Records

Were you one of the thousands upon thousands of Sprint-faithful customers who lined up in the early hours on June 4th to be one of the first people at your local sprint store to purchase your precious EVO 4g? Well if you were, you helped break the Palm Pre’s record for fastest selling Sprint phone on launch day. You may now pat yourself on the back. To read the rest of how proud of itself Sprint is, check out their press release.

Of course one person’s gain, is another’s peril. The incredible launch-day-success of the EVO has subsequently led to shortages in 22,000 sales locations across the country. So if you decided to sleep in on June 4th, odds are pretty good that you missed out, and quite possibly are still waiting for your EVO. As you would expect, Sprint and HTC are doing everything they can to get these technological bundles-of-joy into stores… Even doing daily deliveries.

So bravo Sprint, bravo… You’ve got yourself a winner. Now it’ll be interesting to see how many start popping up with dead pixels.

Did you grab your EVO on launch day? Have you had any problems with it? Let us know in the forums.