Uber and Spotify join forces to improve your ride with music


Uber and Spotify have announced a new partnership to help make Uber rides even better. If you have a Spotify premium account and your Uber ride is enabled with Spotify music through their vehicle’s sound system, you can select the music to stream during your ride or even remotely control selections during the ride. The fun starts when you request an Uber ride. Look for a music bar in the Uber app when you get matched with an Uber ride. If present, you can tap on the music bar and choose a song or playlist from your Spotify account. When your ride starts, the music will start up on its own.
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Rdio slashes family plan prices in wake of Spotify’s new family pricing


Rdio announced yesterday that it would be cutting the pricing of its Family Plans in the wake of Spotify’s new family plan pricing. While Rdio has always had family plans, the company is dropping prices and they now start at $14.99 per month. For those who don’t know. Spotify started at $14.99 per month for two users. With yesterday’s announcement Rdio is following suit.

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Spotify announces new family plans starting at $14.99 a month


Good news for those of you sharing your Spotify subscription with your family, the popular streaming service has finally launched a discounted plan for families. This means no more of your weird son’s dubstep playlists mixed in with your Marvin Gaye collections. The plan allows you to have up to five people on the same account, while keeping playlists, libraries and recommendations completely separate.¬†
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Everyone in Canada has access to Spotify as invite-only testing period ends


Canadians, today is your lucky day. The wildly popular music streaming service Spotify has arrived in your country. After an invite-only testing period to work out any potential issues, Spotify is available to each and every person in Canada. A subscription costs $10 CAD to access the more than twenty million songs in Spotify’s catalog. Not your thing? At no cost, you can use Spotify as a radio-like tool or a hub for your existing music library.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Spotify brings service to Amazon Fire TV


One of the most requested apps from Chromecast owners wanting to stream music via their device has been Spotify. Inexplicably, Spotify has not jumped on the Chromecast bandwagon. However, Spotify announced today that they are jumping on Amazon Fire TV via their Spotify Connect service. Users do need a Spotify Premium subscription in order to access and use Spotify Connect. Using Spotify Connect and the Spotify app on their phone, users can stream music to their TV and continue to use their smartphone or tablet for other purposes. Users can even move out of WiFi range and the Spotify music will continue to play on the Amazon Fire TV.

Do you think this move will help Amazon or Spotify gain new users?

source: Spotify

Spotify for Brands will introduce video ads for free users


There are more than 30 million users that use Spotify for free without much in their way, but that is about to change with new video advertisements. The service’s marketing platform, Spotify for Brands, is implementing two different kinds of video ads from popular brands. The two video ads are Sponsored Session and Video Takeover. A Sponsored Session allows a brand to have a presence on a thirty-minute block of uninterrupted listening if the user chooses to watch a video. Video Takeover consumes a user’s desktop with brand content in the form of an ad break.

Hit the break for a video to see how the ads will work.

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Using Google Search for music can now redirect you to compatible apps


Figuring out what apps have your favorite artists and tunes just got a whole lot easier. Performing a search with Google Search regarding a particular artist will return results that can redirect you to music streaming apps that are already installed on your device. The list are apps that contain songs with that particular artist. Currently, the function works in the United States with Rdio, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Play, TuneIn, and YouTube.

Source: Inside Search (Official Google Search blog)

YouTube plans to launch paid music streaming service by end of summer


Video killed the radio star, and YouTube killed the video star. (Wait, you guys don’t still watch MTV, do you?)

All of us have watched a music video on YouTube before. Some of us even use YouTube as our primary music service. It’s free, after all, and has pretty much every song you’d ever want to hear.

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You can now save all your Spotify tracks for offline playback with just one tap


If you’re a Spotify user, you might be happy to know that you can now save all your tracks (up to 3,333 ¬†songs) for offline playback. Android users already have the capability after receiving the mandatory security update we told you about last week. iOS users will need to download the update via the App Store.

This new feature includes an “Available Offline” toggle within the Songs tab. Just tap it, and all your saved songs will be downloaded to your device, and you will be able to listen to them without a data connection. There does appear to be a limit of 3,333 songs, but I think that should be enough. If you never tried Spotify, then hit the break for download links.

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Spotify notifies everyone that one user’s account was breached


Music streaming service Spotify has 10 million paid users, but only one of them has a reason to be a little unhappy today. The company sent out a notice that alerts everyone there has been a security breach in which a single user was effected. Just because the hack is not involving a ton of people, Spotify is still taking extensive measures. Interestingly enough, the single user’s password or financial information was not touched.

All users, over the course of the coming days, will be required to update the Spotify application. This is merely for Android users that downloaded Spotify from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Users on other platforms do not have to take any sort of action. In the meantime, Spotify says it will continue to strengthen its security.

Source: Spotify