Walkman update allows users to view songs in a playlist on Android Wear


The Walkman application received a new update today that moves the build from 8.5.A.2.10 to 8.5.A.3.2. While there are visual improvements to the app, the key part of the update is the ability for Android Wear users to view songs within a synced playlist and start playback from any song in a playlist. Some users are reporting seeing other things as well.

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Spotify adding new Touch Preview feature to service


If you enjoy Spotify and use it regularly, you may be glad to know that the company is planning to roll out a new feature called Touch Preview to help you discover new music. The Touch Preview feature provides a way to listen to a short sample of a song simply by pressing on the album art icon. In a video that Spotify released to show how the new feature works, you can see that the preview clips should play almost instantaneously as a user moves their touch from one album cover to another when viewing the grid for a playlist. Read more

Shazam re-launches itself with new features and user experience


Stalwart music discovery service Shazam announced today that they are re-launching their platform to provide a “more immersive music discovery and uninterrupted listening” experience for users. According to Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker, “we want Shazam to continue to serve as a destination for music fans, increasingly becoming the center of their music world.” The new platform comes with updated apps and a refreshed, new shazam.com web site. Read more

Spotify Offers A Special Holiday Treat – Three Months of Spotify Premium for 99 Cents


Unless you’re aching to have Taylor Swift write your name in that blank space, Spotify has offered up a pretty sweet deal for first-time users. Now through December 31st, new users of Spotify Premium can enjoy three months of ad-free music and higher bitrates for the very low price of 99 cents. Total. That’s a $29 savings.

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Uber and Spotify join forces to improve your ride with music


Uber and Spotify have announced a new partnership to help make Uber rides even better. If you have a Spotify premium account and your Uber ride is enabled with Spotify music through their vehicle’s sound system, you can select the music to stream during your ride or even remotely control selections during the ride. The fun starts when you request an Uber ride. Look for a music bar in the Uber app when you get matched with an Uber ride. If present, you can tap on the music bar and choose a song or playlist from your Spotify account. When your ride starts, the music will start up on its own. Read more

Rdio slashes family plan prices in wake of Spotify’s new family pricing


Rdio announced yesterday that it would be cutting the pricing of its Family Plans in the wake of Spotify’s new family plan pricing. While Rdio has always had family plans, the company is dropping prices and they now start at $14.99 per month. For those who don’t know. Spotify started at $14.99 per month for two users. With yesterday’s announcement Rdio is following suit.

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