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Google Cloud Platform to handle Spotify’s infrastructure

Spotify new color

Any service is only as good as the infrastructure backing it. Spotify’s infrastructure has long been handled by a purchased or leased data centers, server hardware, and networking equipment to ensure its millions of customers get a quality experience. Now the company feels it’s time to switch over to a dedicated all-in-one solution, and Google is the perfect company to handle what Spotify needs. Spotify and Google have entered a partnership to move the music streaming service’s infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform.

“This is a big deal,” according to Spotify.

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Amazon to launch new music-streaming service to compete with Spotify


According to a report published by The New York Post, Amazon is currently planning a music-streaming service it hopes will rival Spotify. The company is believed to have had several meetings over the course of the past few weeks to negotiate licensing terms for an audio platform that would offer a significantly larger catalogue of content than the market’s leading providers. At this point, the project is no more than a plan on a blackboard, but if the deal is sealed with record labels within the next couple of months, we could be looking at an early-2017 launch.

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