Shazam helping free Rdio and Spotify users grow their playlists


Shazam has announced some new features that will work in connection with Rdio and Spotify and will be especially useful for users of those services who opt for free accounts. Before settling on a free account with Rdio, Shazam is working with Rdio to offer a free 48-hour long trial of Rdio Unlimited if a user signs up via the Shazam app. The Unlimited trial gives users the ability to playback full tracks from Rdio from within Shazam.

Users of Spotify and Rdio who also use Shazam to identify songs will find they can add tracks to their playlists with a few taps. Shazam can be setup to automatically add tracks to a “My Shazam Tracks” playlist or they can choose specific playlists.

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Spotify’s Discover Weekly now recommends new music based on your habits

Spotify new colorSpotify’s Discover Weekly will now recommend users new music to listen to based on their listening habits. The way it works is by building a two hour playlist based on not only your previous listening habits, but also other people’s. Every Monday the playlist will update bringing you all new tracks each week. The more music you listen to the better and better the new choice of music will be. You will also still be able to save songs you like or share them with friends.

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Facebook denies reports of a music streaming service plans


Earlier this month, we came across reports claiming that Facebook was planning to launch a digital music-streaming service to take on the existing players in this domain such as, Spotify and Apple Music. However, in a statement issued to The Verge, the social networking giant has squashed such reports, saying that it isn’t building a music streaming service. Read more

Spotify’s pricing not sitting still after Apple Music announcement


The biggest announcement to come out of Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote was the debut of Apple Music, a new music streaming service with various elements that will be available on Android. The pricing, considering what Apple Music offers, is very good. A single person can use Apple Music for $9.99 per month while $14.99 per month supports up to six people. Spotify and some of the other services facing Apple, though, do not even compare when it comes to the family plan price.

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Spotify announces major updates, additions to service


At a press event today, Spotify announced some major changes to their service built on the data they have amassed from 25 billion hours of listeners using the service over the past seven years. Besides new content that is being added in the form of video clips and podcasts, Spotify is planning to move away from the concept of genres and toward playlists focused more on moods, time of day, and listening history.  Read more