BreakingSports delivers everything sports in a slick and quick Material Design package


Speed is something that both sports and mobile applications require. Why not combine the two? That is what BreakingSports claims to do by packaging an in-depth, efficient sports app covered with Material Design. The app, which is available for free in the Play Store, covers all areas expected from a sports app.

It does add an abundance of options for notifications. Users can deem the importance of notifications for headlines, injuries, suspensions, lineups, rosters, scores, stats, rumors, and trends. BreakingSports will then forward notifications when necessary. This is especially handy during the ongoing NCAA Tournament. Fire up BreakingSports and users are greeted with the Material Design goodness that we have come to know and love.

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YouTube preparing to get back in the game with live streaming platform


According to a new report, Google is preparing to relaunch its live stream platform with a focus on live gaming events and sporting events. Google sort of tried this once before with their YouTube Live service when they attempted to purchase Twitch for $1 billion. That deal fell through amidst claims of “antitrust concerns.” Since then, Twitch has gone on to achieve success in the market, with the backing of Amazon, while YouTube Live became an “also ran.” Now, Google appears to be ready to give it another go based on reports that internal resources are being committed to the initiative.
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Sling TV leaves beta, now accepting sign-ups without an invitation

sling_tv_logoSling TV launched in a closed beta where users could test out the service, but only if they had an invitation. As of Sunday night, that closed beta is offer, so anyone can sign up for the service for just $20 per month with no contract or obligations.

The basic package for Sling TV includes 15 channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Family, Cartoon Network, The Food Network, and a handful of others that cover a pretty wide demographic. You can also pick up a “Sports Extra,” “Kids Extra,” or “News and Info Extra” package for $5 that bundles in a few more channels, depending on what you watch.
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Pebble officially gets ESPN app for live scores

pebble espnESPN has announced that they are officially bringing their application to the Pebble Smartwatch. The app will cover scores from many major professional games, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, plus college football and basketball. It’s just in time for football season to kick back up.

The app will be available in the Pebble store and will let you keep up with your favorite teams and sports without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Definitely a must-have for sports fans.

source: ESPN


Minnesota Vikings utilizing Google Glass in training camp


It seems that Google Glass and sports are just meant to be. Many leagues and teams have taken it upon themselves to use the unique piece of technology to provide a dynamic look at the action. The latest organization to do so is the Minnesota Vikings. The team will supplement video content to its official site, allowing fans to view what is going on in training camp.

With this new form of content, fans know whether or not the players are exceeding expectations. Are we looking at a new way to analyze fantasy sports? We shall see.

Source: @Dave_Schwartz
Via: Android Central

120 Sports takes its online network to Android with new app


Sports fans cannot get enough sports. On television, there are more networks than ever before popping up and so many are turning to mobile devices to deliver content. There is a new online-only sports network called 120 Sports that takes this approach. And today the Android app was launched in the Play Store. The app is free and so is the actual service. There is no cable authentication or subscription necessary to view 120 Sports.

120 Sports delivers ten hours of live programming each day covering various sports. Notably, though, 120 Sports does not have rights to highlights involving the NFL; however, they are in discussions with the league to work out a deal. Every other major sport and league is covered by 120 Sports. Former ESPN anchor Michael Kim is actually one of the faces for 120 Sports, so they are not going in blind with this network. When not covering sports with live programming, the app continues to serve news and highlights to keep fans connected.

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NASCAR pushing for viewer engagement during races with second screen experience


You may not be watching NASCAR races on television, but there are millions of people that do. The sport that has quietly remained relevant in recent years and is working on a way to keep viewers as engaged as possible, even if they cannot attend a race. Speaking with VentureBeat, the sport’s managing director of digital platforms Colin Smith expressed his feeling that television cannot give viewers everything needed at once. Smith explains that viewers’ traffic on race days are 65% rooted from mobile devices.

With the new NASCAR app, the sport is ready to immerse viewers into a total experience. With the app, users can get dynamic views of tracks and drivers. But if they are a fan of a particular driver, they can focus on that person. So no matter what the television broadcast does, users of the app can have a tailored view of the race and a custom feed of news.

Source: VentureBeat

Reminder: Cast the Super Bowl to your TV using Chromecast


Alright cable cutters, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means either you are heading to a friends house or staying put and searching for a way to watch the big game. Luckily for you, FOX is streaming the game online  free for everyone through FOX Sports Go. Normally, the service is limited to around six television providers. But for today only, that restriction is gone.

While the FOX Sports Go app has yet to make its way to the Play Store, you won’t be limited to watching on your laptop. Thanks to Google’s little $35 dongle Chromecast, you can cast the game straight to your television. Magical, right?

Let us know in the comments who you are picking to raise the Lombardi Trophy. Good luck with your picks!

Source: FOX Sports (livestream link)

MLB Franchise MVP now available in the Play Store


Major League Baseball has released a new app into the Play Store that puts you behind the plate to become the best player in the league. MLB Franchise MVP allows you to choose from more than 120 teams from Class A, Double-A, Triple A, and Major League baseball. Every position on the field is yours to take, ranking up along the way to enhance your skills. This is a free-to-play game; therefore, you don’t have to spend anything, but you’ll move along quicker once you spend a few bucks.

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