Sprint gets aggressive in targeting AT&T, Verizon customers with half price deal


Perhaps feeling the pressure to step up their efforts to maintain their customer base, Sprint has announced a new deal to lure customers switching to Sprint from Verizon or AT&T. Sprint’s latest effort offers to cut user bills in half compared to the other carriers. For example, if a user has a monthly bill for $140 per month with 10 GB of data shared between 4 lines, Sprint will setup a plan on their network for $70 per month for the same 4 lines and 10 GB of data. Talk and text will be unlimited on the new plans.

Sprint is opening the new deal starting this Friday when users can either upload a copy of their current monthly bill from Verizon or AT&T or take one by their local Sprint store to find out how much they can save. Users will have to buy new devices on Sprint and turn in their old devices as well as port over their existing numbers to qualify. As part of the special, Sprint is also offering to buy out existing contracts up to $350 per line via issuance of a Visa Prepaid Card that buyers can use to pay off their early termination fees. For a limited time, Sprint is also waiving the $36 per line activation fee.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this special offer and to check out the fine print, hit the source link.

source: Sprint

Samsung upgrades Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini with new “Black Edition” versions


Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 line is getting a bit dated when measured in smartphone years and the Galaxy S5 is slated to be announced later this month, that isn’t stopping Samsung from trying to keep buyers interested in the devices. Their latest move is the release of new Black Edition versions of Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 mini. The Black Edition is intended to create a “premium design” choice for consumers. Physically, Samsung is changing the back cover and bezel to a leather-like high quality textured material similar to that found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or some of their recent tablet devices. Samsung is also packaging up these versions in special packaging and they will come with black accessories like the power adapter, data cable and headphones. 
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Verizon offering 250MB plan for only $45


If you were thinking about making a switch to Verizon and don’t need much data on your plan, the carrier is running a special limited time offer that may interest you. For only $45 per month Verizon is offering a plan that includes 250MB of data to go with unlimited talk and text. According to reports, Verizon is also offering an option to bump the data limit up to 1GB for $60 per month. For comparison, a Share Everything plan from Verizon with 250MB of data would run $60 per month, $40 for the basic line access per device and then $20 for the data package, while a 1GB data plan ends up at $90 per month total. For the 250MB plan, data overages will result in a charge of $15 per 250MB block of additional data. For the 1GB plan, the overage fee is $15 per 500MB block.

It should be noted that these plans are intended for single line customers, so consumers looking for a cheaper solution for a family plan will not benefit. At least for now, as this could be Verizon’s way of starting to test plans with lower fees in response to moves by the competition.

source: Droid Life

Verizon offering DROID RAZR M holiday special for $50

The Motorola DROID RAZR M may not be a top tier device, but it is certainly a capable Android smartphone. As we found in our review, the RAZR M offers a lot of bang for the buck when purchased from Verizon for $99. That equation has improved significantly for the holidays as Verizon is now offering the handset for only $49.99 with a two-year contract. This is a good opportunity to get your hands on a relatively decent Android smartphone without breaking the bank. Hit the break to view Verizon’s promo video that includes the offer.
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Android Market hits 10 BILLION Downloads, Offers Many $0.10 Apps Over the Next 10 Days

It looks like the Android Market has achieved 10 billion downloads and wants to celebrate with us by offering a slew of popular apps for only $0.10! By the looks of the banner ad, these will change every day for the next 10 days and that’s a smokin’ deal so I recommend you snatch a few of these up! Today’s offerings include one of my all-time favorites, Swiftkey X, if you don’t have it already I would start there, otherwise there is bound to be something in this list that strikes your fancy! Keep checking back with us daily and we will let you know what deals can be had over the next 9 days. Thanks Android Market and congrats!!

Here is the full list:

  • Sound Hound
  • Swifkey X
  • SketchBook Mobile
  • Paper Camera
  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
  • Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro
  • Field Runners HD
  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  • Great Little War Game
  • Color & Draw for kids: phone ed

To get any or all of these $0.10 downloads, head on over to the Android Market.




R2-D2 DROID 2 Dummy Units Begin Rolling Out

While the special edition R2-D2 DROID 2 units aren’t going to be rolling out until the end of the month, it looks like some of the dummy units have already begun to slip into stores. Judging by these shots, it looks like there’s going to be some custom packaging to go along with it.

I could sit here and bore you with speculation, but it would probably be better if you saw the shots for yourself. Remember, this new little beep-beep-booping bundle of Motorola joy will only be coming to select stores when it is released September 30th. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Images Courtesy of BGR

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Droid R2-D2 Contest Details


Today Verizon amped up the hype machine on the upcoming Special Edition Droid R2-D2. This highly anticipated piece of hardware will be available exclusively online on September 30th but for eight lucky and hard working sleuths it will come free. Verizon has launched a viral contest today that will gradually leak “lost schematics” for the phone as fans decipher clues given through Twitter (@DroidLanding). There are eight schematics to be uncovered which are currently inactive links on the Droid R2-D2 website.

  1. Device Gallery
  2. Apps + Widgets
  3. Wallpapers
  4. Exclusive Video
  5. Boot-Up Sequence
  6. R2-D2 Soundboard
  7. Home Screens
  8. Enhancescan App

The first clue has already been given through Twitter, Attack Pattern Alpha. After putting the URL for that page in the C-3P0 tweet translator on the Droid R2-D2 website you will be redirected to the Picasa web gallery of Luka Kurtz, where you will find pictures of Luke and Porkins in their X-Wings. Unfortunately this is as far as the hunt has gone to this point and no lost schematics have been uncovered yet. What do you guys think of this? Will you be getting involved or sitting this one out? Let us know in the comments.